The Hardest Class In The Game

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  1. Type best tank at T7

  2. It’s extra hard when friendly TDs shoot you cus they think your spotting badly. Cus it’s ofc better with a dead light then a passive one.

  3. Replicable is indeed the word.

  4. Tank Models Are Neat

    Bruh, the only way that playin a light tank is hard is if your team is full of muppets. Which they 9/10 all are.

  5. Your like qb but your better and you commentate while you are in game and not a freking replay

    Great vid!

  6. *Buldog report:*

    He played the field holding bravely against the “Leo who is not paying attention” and spot damaging and finishing IS.
    Earlier he assisted you together with the commet against those “abnoctious” mediums who played aggressive.

    He only left those houses in the center line of the map after commet spotted ISU and he finished his 3rd kill, then he rushed for the arty camp and he put more shoots in arties then you :p
    You saved his balls finishing the first arty btw.

    He basically mirrored you on the other side, passive scouting and harassing. He spend more hp but both of you carried the team, and the team needed 2 like you to win with none of you to spare.

    Gg wp x2

  7. You only Die when you get killed

    Lemmingrush”the game is decided in the middle
    Me 9 teammates die in the first 3 mins on average.

  8. @LemmingRush I took your advice and rewatched to keep an eye on the Bulldog. lol, it’s crazy to watch really. He basically shadows you on the West side of the map, in terms of his actions and reactions. He first goes to the lil town, realizes his team needs help with the T54, comes back to assist in kiling him at the same time you do. He then circles back up and around back to his original spot in the town, taking good lines along with vision and range. He spots the Leo that you spotted from earlier all the way up to the 1 line in the lil town, and he kills him nearly the same time you kill the KV3. He then sees the IS that has moved into the town as well on his other flank. He kills him nearly same time you kill T25AT. He then kills the ISU nearly same time you kill 416. And is right there killing the arty at the end. lol good shit. You, the Bulldog, and Comet played as if in a platoon. It’s great when pub matches have multiple players with real time awareness.

    • I rewatched the match too and I agree with what you have said, I also think that without the actions of each other all three may have had a much worse match.

    • It is even more great when nobody actually looks at the damn minimap xD. Even when its pinged

  9. Also when are you going to be streaming again

  10. What? Arty is the hardest class. You need 1000´s of games to get good at arty.

  11. Stuck in the Middle with you


  12. Could anyone tell me what mod he is using that shows him the wn8 and everything after the battle?

  13. looked at bulldog. he was sniping all the time. using his teams spotting. so he was just lucky they all wanted to die for him

  14. great video as always, ty

  15. You and M41 Bulldog killed all 3 thanks at the same time.

    Maybe you found your soulmate!? 😉

  16. Nice job

  17. Being bottom tier light is better than being top tier light.  Very true….  Also, the title of this video should have been called “the importance of map awareness”.

  18. Wouldn’t taking at least like 3 HE rounds make sense in this tank especially because the Type 62 gets the same 300 dmg HE shells as the T-34-85 ?

  19. Do you think the new wheeled vehicles will wreck the game LR? Super fast, great camo, aim bot mod, shitty view range. But these things are gonna yolo into tanks a speed. Arty, other lights, lower tier camping meds etc are stuffed. I enjoy lights but these things will break the game…m41 camped 3 squares had four targets most of the game never under pressure on that flank…easy for him

  20. “Its very slim. It’s never gonna go in.” Most of the time with the slim ones if you give it a chance it will go in.

  21. Replicable


  22. 7 Minutes plus a stream recording wont save you deer eating hockey playerman! Give us more vids.

  23. Lt=hit, spot, evoid losing hp

  24. Antony Barn Stormer

    lemming can you do more stuff on positions in maps to get early damage pls

  25. Dont forget to tick your crew training box LemmingR 😀

  26. Epic gamer

  27. I love my T71 DA, it’s the most fun I have had in a light tank, I would highly recommend it.

  28. How to play tier 7 lights Lemming style:
    -Pretend you’re a tier 9 heavy tank and just kill everyone XD

  29. Lemming you should really see top tier light tanks in console and what they usually do… In fact any other tank class in console it is really discussing what they do

    Trust me its disappointing

  30. I mean, that’s an avg game for me on the Type 62, but I know many players suck in it. If you know your tank class, no class is harder tbh, I’m a light main and I find heavy to be the hardest. I just love to out spot everyone and be able to give the edge for my team by sitting in bushes or flanking.

  31. Funny, my most loved classes are lights and heavys 😀

  32. Great to watch and hear you play. I like your content and always enjoy it.

  33. That was awesome, had some great lessons. Thanks LR

  34. top tier LT in 3-5-7 can play like a medium and be the dmg dealer, especially if the map is right

  35. I would use a few HE shots, they have a decent pen and are always do 300 dmg to other lights and WT series. With the short reload they are sooo worth it.

  36. Great play. You make it look way too easy. Evil laugh though!!

  37. I love your vids but need to tell you: you’re sometimes talking too much and usually you talk bullshit in those situations.
    You can’t tell me that you’re going to have higher WR in any class easier if you’re bottom tier… FFS, in low tiers you’re going to have good scores because all tier 5 lights can challenge tier 5 heavies, tier 6 can kill tier 6 heavies without issues and while you have camo like tier 8 and 9 tanks, your opponents are usually blind as bats. That’s the reason lights on lower tiers are so useful.
    Up to tier 9 lights can dominate battlefield but it’s harder to make influence on battle with tier 9 light because you’ll do shit to Maus and Type 5 Heavy or Russian mediums.

    Otherwise, nice videos but sometimes try to hold your words. Regardless of knowledge, if someone speaks too much sooner or later he will tell some stupidity.
    Don’t spoil your nice videos. 🙂
    And try to feature some tier 9 tanks, that’s my favorite tier for now and i love to see them in action. Maybe new T55A or AMX 30 proto or E50, Leo PTA, Cent 7/1, T54E1. All are funny.

    Anyway, great game. Love those Chinese lights. 😀

  38. I disagree with light tanks being the hardest class. As demonstrated at 6:28 arty is the hardest class as they are completely defenseless against a light tank rushing them. It’s very hard for them to turn the tank and also aim with only one hand.

  39. The more difficult it is the more fun it will be once you learned it, the easier it is the more boring it will get. Like if u understand this.

  40. Ambasssador of Death

    your audio’s clipping dawg

  41. I often play the same area next to the bridge, just got to be careful of being to close the the water tower. They can proxy spot you from in the river. The m41 had the spot getting the players rushing down the A line you can spot the and have great shots by the bridge as well. And I like how you worked the city and the other side of the hill, I always think a TD will be camping the bridge on the city side. WOT can be predictable at times. Unless you’re playing against bots or muppets.

  42. TD’s are the hardest to play you have to camp exactly on the redline to get 10K damage games in your tier 8 TD ofcourse with camo net + Binocs & Full HE ammo

  43. Dude youre videos are great. Honest, effective, and straight to the point. Wish youd stream more. Keep it up man.

  44. The bulldog was just up and down E F G – 2 in the town most of the game, looks like he was staying safe taking shots. Finished off the IS

  45. E3 has a great spot for LTs from the west spawn

  46. It is not that LTs are the most challanging per se, it is more with the fact that they are the most crew and food heavy class in the game. To do LT properly you need at least 3 skill crew and food on top, without it the enemy LT will make your game a pure nightmare if he is ahead in those… Playing med or heavy with 1 skill or no skills at all and no food is a-okey, playing tier 8+ med this way is a good way to uninstall the game…

  47. I’m really struggling with LT’s, wish to see more videos about LT strategy if possible.
    LemmingRush, have you tried to play on the SEA server?
    Would you consider trying and giving feedback about the playstyles on that server?

  48. Amazing game, great study material.

  49. Illbegoodinthefuture

    I love watching how good players manage to turn a losing match into a winning one…without complaining about being a bottom tier light. 🙂

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