^^| The hardest class to play in World of Tanks…

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Dinner was nice.


  1. Dont try this at home, this is the most difficult class to play. Dinner was nice btw. 🙂

  2. circon that had to be the hardest game you’ve ever played.

  3. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    Circon isn’t relocating, SHOCKING!!

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    gotta love those livestream comments says Stop Kemping Bush

  5. Nothing makes me madder in this game than when you’re doing 70kph in a light tank, having a fantastic game, and then just randomly explode.
    Arty preventing camping by ensuring the only place you are safe is behind a house doing nothing

  6. Circon playing arty?!?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

  7. When you need to eat, or do chores……..


  8. The biggest indictment against artillery is how Circon can do so much with it while he’s eating dinner.

    Fuck SerB.

  9. Okay of all the things I expected, this was not one of them. 😀
    10/10 “nice meme”, as SirCircon would say.

  10. I would miss most of those shots

  11. The clicks are real :p

  12. Basileus Kopernikus

    It’s an absolute miracle no one had to come in to wipe away all the sweat from his face and forehead.
    I think some high calorie shakes would have been nice. That looked exhausting on so many different levels.

  13. report this player eating during game XD

  14. Way to Nerf those campers dude!!

  15. Proper arty play; masticating furiously between shots…

  16. you should move between shots tho

  17. Do one with a 75% crew. That will show the fun gameplay most WoT players enjoy.

  18. shout-out to the idiot in the is-7 who tried to ram the Jageru at 126 health and did no damage and died lmao

  19. Arty encourages dynamic play!

  20. RNG hates me when I play my arty.

    i have failed you, old friend

  22. Stop camping Löwe! L2P

  23. you play arty pathetic

  24. Arty has taught me left handed masturbation.

  25. Please, you at least have to click with arty. Just go passive scout and sit in a bush for half the game not moving at all or clicking anything.

  26. fatso… dontcha think its kinda gross eating whilst playing games?…. iiiyaarkks… buaah disgusting… hahaha u call urself an e “sportsman” i bet… xD the 10feetbdash… from yer seat to the kitchen n back in… like 5mins?… awesome

  27. What’s that saying? Arty, helping really bad players kill really good players lol. Lets face facts, a freaking retarded monkey can have success playing arty because it takes zero skill. I love it when arty players complain about how inaccurate arty is, but even with a freaking miss, arty still usually does a good amount of damage and it’s not like a miss is going to mean that you are going to die.

  28. This is a SPICY meme

  29. You think you are so good? Try playing it with your left hand!

  30. Mockery and crockery, circonflex was circumspect, parody on parade.

  31. …..Gee I wonder why Armored Warfare removed arty from PVP…..

  32. The Pro-Level Strats involved in this arty gameplay… The hand eye coordination… The frantic keyboard and mouse movements… It’s too much. information overload for a normal person.

  33. Well, at least you weren’t showing off by cooking breakfast while playing.

  34. Runolist Velebitski

    I dare you to use 75% crew + no consumables + no equipment + no premium shells

  35. HellJumper Studios

    Wow circon you must practice so much. You make artillery look easy to play. Lol

  36. if the enemy had a competent arty player u would have been dead after ur first shot…

  37. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    your pretty shit at arty.

  38. wow the look of disappointment

  39. Circon’s channel turning into a food tasting channel now? Where did it all go wrong?

  40. why is it that your shots actual land where they are aimed and mine end up on the border of the reticle regardless of how aimed the shot is.

  41. why you guys have to hate on artillery? is just a class that prevents camping and requires much skill.


  42. the game play was so dynamic that I only fell asleep twice… oh wait or was it three times… anyway good game everyone

  43. Rigged !

  44. it took me 5 seconds to realise what tank he was playing

  45. Would love to see more arty and in particular more than one video a day. I love watching you.

  46. Artillery IS difficult if not sometimes the most. Try doing artillery all the time, or try doing the artillery missions. Good luck getting games like this all the time.

  47. Eating during stream? annoying ….. i stopped watching

  48. :)) good class to play when you need a break from the game action and have a snack 😉
    I saw you playing so I know what you can do in a game!

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