The HEAVIEST LIGHT TANK in the game!

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Source: Circonflexes

I love playing scout tanks!



  1. I just booted up WoT Console for the first time in half a year or so. The game is virtually unrecognisable. It’s bewildering how they managed to ruin the game like they did. I’ll stick to watching Circon from now on, I guess. I’m retiring from the game, with a heavy heart. Here’s hoping the PC version doesn’t end up the same way…

    • Well, the console version wasn’t particularly different to the PC version for many years, but in the past few months they’ve completely changed the console version. It feels so tacky and cheap now. The graphics used to look better than PC for quite a while, but now they look cartoony and the tanks look like plastic. The UI is completely ruined, in that the mini map is confusing, I can’t see how much damage or spotting I’ve done at times, and I just feel completely lost playing any map that I was previously used to. They’ve messed up how commanders work, messed up the tech trees… I just don’t understand it. Why they couldn’t have just mirrored the PC version I’ll never know.

      I know that World of Tanks is a free to play game, but it REALLY looks and feels like one now, if that makes sense? It doesn’t help that Wargaming is trying to sell me microtransactions after every single battle now, quite literally, which they didn’t used to do! It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • @Kmg24 I hear WG Re going to rework the commander system in WoT PC too, sounds s bit like warships.

    • Theyre pushing for modern tanks, cant wait to see all the new imaginary bullshit.

    • Can try my game in case you ever switch to pc and dont want that rng crap again

    • Yup. They’ve killed the game on console. I havent played console WoT since that awful update and I won’t consider going back until they undo what theyve done. I won’t be holding my beath.

  2. T95 stronk scout tank

  3. Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  4. Seeing the T95 played correctly brings tears to my eyes.

  5. Damage blocked by armor 0

    • yeah noobs tend to fire HE a lot for some reason. i even saw an HE centurion at tier 8. ( i had armor and he couldn’t pen me with gold) (true story)

  6. Scout T95 best T95.

  7. I remember one time on Westfield I managed to spot a bunch of TDs on the southern part of the map in my ST-I. I got like 4K spotting and I felt like a true scout tank then.

  8. The blind shot on the clicker 😂

  9. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Watching the plebs follow his lead on the 1-2 line felt like oneone drilled a hole in a bathtub and all poured out in that direction. The Power of the “W”!

  10. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Rumor has it that WG Buffed the T-95 Speed and added Equip 2.0 with Turbo JUST BECAUSE they saw Circon was approacing his T9 gunmarks and had to do stuff to keep him from killing himself and his family sueing them in return.

  11. Glorious Zoom Turtle to kick of 2021 >>>

  12. South WestSellerss

    I’m sub to you but fuck nos why your game play is shit and content is fucking shit compèred to quickbaby

  13. I miss the days when Circon used to post videos like this almost daily. 🙁

  14. 0 dmg blocked… LUL

  15. I once managed to get a scout medal with my Ferdi on old Province with binos from the base!

    BTW, nice map rotation: Malinovka right after Prokhorovka!

  16. Wow Circon……..Hahhahahah….

  17. mmhmmm…. and tell me, who the hell else would of gotten away with this? I tried this and I would be dead on the first spot.

  18. Oh, so that’s what happens when Russians steal a T95, interesting.

  19. The title is a lie.. the heavies light tank is the scout maus

  20. ez marking LUL

  21. Circon you just win, no explaining to strategy no analysis just pure win..your aim skill is something you and Orza has best aim skills in this game

  22. if you had not pushed that flank, nobody else would have!

  23. Intended purpose.

  24. The classic 1/2 line piledrive on Prokhorovka, you love to see it

  25. Circon’s Scout T95 theme music is the main theme of Pacific Rim.

  26. New bright future of WoT. T95 and JPZE100 doing drag race.

  27. This isn’t the maus.
    Clickbaited smh

  28. The audacity of that enemy team…

  29. I was in this exact situation except on the opposite team in my LT-432 in the bush. T95 must have made it within less than 100m of me and somehow never spotted me and I probably gave him 6 or 7k bounced damage. My asshole has never been tighter.

  30. Could we get a directors cut with the shades lol

  31. i gotta correct you circ, you are best streamer on twitch tv.

  32. We love stream highlights post more pls will watch+like

  33. T-95 is such a hilarious tank to play. Love mine.

  34. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Phuque U – University of Hard Knocks

  35. Interesting Russian crew in an American Armoured Vehicle?

  36. It really is perfect at its designed role as a break through tank.

  37. Reminds me of the time I got Patrol Duty in my TOG

  38. the track playing, meteor binge, harris heller.. yaw

  39. Memes his way to 5.8k spotting..

    Me : maybe… I should uninstall

  40. That was brilliant with the Russian accent as well. Made my day and laughed a lot. Keep up the good work if that’s what you call this.

  41. Hilarious, great show.

  42. This is what WOT needs. Videos of TDs not hiding so for in the back that if something gets spotted they will never have a shot.

  43. This is what happened when the entire enemy lights and mediums have no idea on how to do area control and spotting. No one tried to do ridge spotting, no one tried to counter spot Circon. Meanwhile Circon has allies who actually follows him on proper distance and shoot stuffs properly (even though it’s a very simple concept it’s still comendable)

  44. My thoughts during this game:

    T95 on Prokhorovka with three arty. This should be a quick game.

    Wait, he’s not is he? That mad bastard, he’s going to try it.

    That Grille had a good game.

    Blind shot on arty, that never works…. I stand corrected.

    They sent both scouts to the one spot on this map. What a brilliant idea /s

    Oh shit, they have an E 100… never mind.

    Dear God, it looks like his entire team is following him down this flank, including arty.


    Well I was right, it was a quick game, just not the way I thought it would be.

  45. This is truly an awesome scout tank on the right maps lol

  46. This is exactly what I do in my T95, RUSH B COMRADE, LIGHT TANKS IZ WEAK

  47. Why are we russian accenting on a us td? 😂😂

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