The Heaviest Tank is Finally Mine! 馃敟 | World of Tanks Maus Gameplay

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Today special day, a bit historical we can say, because I am going to play with a tank which I waited close to 10 years to get. Not because it was impossible to get The MAUS, but because of one or another reason it just kept getting pushed forward and here we are now… Close to 10 Years later.

You know what they say… Better late than never!

What next?

Enjoy show!


  1. I think saying “better late than never” is quite appropriate here. 馃槈
    Love you guys, stay awesome!

    • Which camo is that?

    • Man it sure took u a lot to get it, it was my first tier 10, but now I have all tech tree x tanks and it’s getting boring.

    • I just got a Jaggerachoo. Now i am trying to spread 800kg bratwrusts as fast as possible. But that is rare…I feel weird in the Jagerachoo

    • Will you make ”Super mobile Jagpizda” video when bond turbo will come?
      So – Improved Compressor, bounty rotation mechanism, 105-octane Gasoline and the new directive –
      That would be funny. 11.46hp/t instead of 8.9hp/t and 36/-16 km/h instead of 30/-12 km/h

    • Hell yes to the Maus, hell no to the Improved Turbocharger. That is something we just do not need in the game, now or ever. In fact, the regular turbocharger shouldn’t even be in the game. It already speeds up an already fast game by an unacceptable margin, the improved version will be even worse.

  2. Jakub Ruci艅ski

    I stay at TIER 8 VK and i love it! Meaby some day i grind a MAUS. I dont like tier 10 becouse almost everyone shooting gold ammo…..

  3. social3ngin33rin

    OMG!!! Cobra Commander inside the Maus!!! Perfection 馃檪
    Armor/bounce meta exists only to “encourage” players to spam gold, or lose; change my mine lol 馃槢

  4. Maxim Ionut-Alexandru

    Cut the 馃挬

  5. congratz

  6. Rodrigo Irigoyen

    That commanders voice is a bit irritating 馃槀
    Great video Dez!!!

  7. When you said heaviest, I imagined you using a Maus build with Improved Hardening, Super Heavy Spall Liner, and Improved Equipment Loadout.

    The ultimate tanking tank.

  8. Do not like mouse unless i shoot a lot of gold.
    I think tier for tier the M谩uschen is the bether tank.

    And the VK.100 01 P is my favorit in this line.
    Did over 1400 rounds in it and second master decal.

    By the way, i do agea with the equipment.
    Harding, rammer ,fan

  9. My 212A his best crew member… Is the driver xD

    Put Turbo on and run from enemy Maus to anoy the shiee out of him

  10. Dez, your Test server modified Maus is the version I like to use the most. The extra speed and HE protection is worth it.

  11. 10 year??! Oh man it toke 2 week to get tier 8 for me how 10 year!?

  12. Only need 40k more XP and using x5 with booster, gonna get it in maybe 2-4 games

  13. I was a couple thousand XP away from this…griding the VK75.02…when WG changed the lines….馃槕

  14. So chunky

  15. Awesome Dez, I just got the Jagerachoo. Not having the best out of it…

  16. Wow glad I didn’t get that commander, that would drive me insane

  17. I still haven鈥檛 gone down that line and I鈥檝e played for 7 years, guess I should start

  18. Hey ! Wargaming morons:)
    Why rather than making auto loaders with 6 shots and only 3 good ones = why not making auto loaders of 3 shots and 3 shots really good ?;)

  19. Maus was designed to ford rivers underwater using electric power by cable from another Maus. They knew it was going to be too heavy for bridges.

  20. Gold spammers that’s what you will find in battles… maybe if they buff armor next to gun… idk 50:50 chance to pene with 300mm gold ammo… it will be more funny tank… Cause it take like 1-5 min to get in your position and then you died in 1 min cause of gold spammers who’s shooting to your turret with heats… If the tank is slow (20km/h) give him armor and not weak spots like maus has.. Change the weak spot of Maus or buff little bit front turret armor… or give him better engine to 30 km/h then the tank will be more usefull in WoT meta… unpene front armor Obj 279r, Chief in hulldown and others 馃挋

  21. For 10 ys finally i get my jgpze100 its so satifiying all those bots and trolling are fading away all the pain from ebr and Lts its gone my journey is completed.

  22. Nothing like watching you and habe a sore jaw because of getting hit by a golf ball

  23. I went with the E100 as my first tier X. I should have gone with the Maus. I鈥檝e never brought myself to work down that line again…don鈥檛 know that I would ever play the Maus though having most of the other tier X heavies.

  24. Welcome to the club Sir Dez…..M.I.G. – H.T.Y………M.A.U.S. ……The Mighty Maus club

  25. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Love my Maus. I had it for 9yrs.. I bring it out once in awhile but congratulations 鉂わ笍.

  26. I got my 1st tier10 tanks without prem days in 10years also. hehehehe

  27. I got mine last month. It鈥檚 awesome, but that LFP is disgusting. I鈥檝e gotten one-shot by several shots into it at the same time…..

  28. B谈U谈S谈T谈Y谈 P谈R谈I谈S谈C谈I谈L谈L谈A谈

    ah yes the best tank in wot THE MAUS

  29. Would you use super heavy spall liner in the survivability slot and drop the rammer? So that you could use 2 repair kits and chocolate

  30. Had mine unlocked for a while, waiting for an on track so I can get it at a discount.

    Also Cobra Commander has the best voice lines in the game.

  31. Have you tried turbo ,bounty IRM and bounty vents???

  32. I don’t have a Maus, but I sure plan on getting one. But I have a question. What the % thing that is above the minimap while in a battle?

  33. It was my first tier 10 and when I finished i got the Kpf.PZ.VII. <3

  34. I wish to immortalize the laughing Spanish guy by replacing the ricochet voice with his laugh.

  35. I drove Maus once, it was on test server, i got blind one shoted by deathstar, never had the will to try it again after that, i always remember that moment of dissapointement

  36. S酶ren Pedersen

    It was my first Tier 10 tank and I still love it. Pling pling pling is the sound of happiness.

  37. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Ah yes the MAUS, hope you get the Type 5 which is the Rival of the Maus!

  38. well, enjoy it, i sure as hell have not been able to:) just can’t stand the “speed” of it. i don’t mind the arty, i don’t mind the gold spam, just the speed. but on some maps, in some positions, sometimes (if enemies are there:) it work wonders.

  39. Maus rocks! Cool camo as well!

  40. Just researched the E100 but 6M.. hmm.. the Jg100 steels the credits to play.

  41. Maus is fun for a couple of games, but its not meta, and it can get really annoying to get penned in the turret frontally and a giant gold shells and arty magnet in general. Definitely dont recommend this tank other than for the memes

  42. superheavy spal liner is better in my opinion.

  43. the mighty Maus 馃悂馃悁

  44. alexakisg4 ellas

    2 games no arty…where are the 3 arta games

  45. congratz with your new tank..fill them with holez

  46. Ryokajimo Sensei

    Still driving the Mauschen will give you permanent mental scars

  47. Geerlig Lecluse

    Magnets can normally attract only 4 different kinds of iron. Mighty Maus is the only magnet able to attract pure gold and sheer HEAT. Good luck with this thing if you have it in your garage………….

  48. You are lacking a mind in this tank nerfed that much, making it a 10 year dead cat

  49. Lol, I unlocked it via blueprints, tier 8 free to unlock, tier 9 almost free and maus 100% free

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