The Heavy Scout – VK 45.03 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Taking the VK 43.03 for a spin!


  1. Goooooooo fasteeeeeeeerrrrrr Jawohl

  2. no………. I live for my STUG DERP! It keeps me from suicidal tendencies.

  3. Circon fast. Do u recommend this tank?

  4. All tanks up to tier 6 would benefit from HP buff imo.

    • Buff the HP of every tank across the board by 50%, nerf the pen and alpha damage of every arty across the board by 50%. Boom just solved it.

    • Vidmantas Klimaitis

      +MKRocker94 So… Make arty do no damage and just stun, when you can get unstunned by a medkit.. it would literally make arty unplayable and useless. Also, 4500hp Maus and other bullshit heavies with god armor like the japaneese would be unkillable… You know nothing of balance and I suggest you shut the fuck up.

  5. *PointyDick’dJedi*

  6. If lower tier derps get removed, plz remove KV-2 then too

  7. You mean 45.03 馃槈

  8. It’s not op but not worse than other t7 heavies either. Got mine on a 30% discount and enjoying it so far.

  9. Here we see Circon play the newest Tier 7 reward tank for the next mission marathon, the VK43.03

  10. KV-3… Armor is meh… Rare lower tiers that might have problem to pen you can just tap the 2 key and suddenly they have enough skill to pen you every time.
    But the main problem is its gun. Good alpha, but long reload, horrible aiming time and awful accuracy. Pen? Well, you struggle against your own tier, tier 8 will be problematic to pen, tier 9… Forget it, even with gold. Hell, even some tier 8 are impenetrable for you with the 2 key tapped.

    • It is the same gun as on the IS what you complaining for?

    • +madogthefirst Haven’t played IS, but on this thing, if characteristics are the same (sometimes they aren’t) it is awful

    • +Ivan Stepanovic you just haven’t yet sent enough dissidents to the gulag yet to please stalin, only then will his mighty hand reach up from the deepest depths of hell and guide your shells to victory.

    • +madogthefirst Yes, heard the story, but dunno how it actually works…
      BTW, I had series of good games in KV-3 and reached 84,76%… And then it started…


      Used to love kv3 like 4 months but i feel ive been doing worse then before recently in it and sold it, KV4 is HORRIBLE still dont have top gun and Armor is shit because gold and everyone pens turret top, starting from KV4 , is 4 Line is retarded because in sti you still need to unlock the decent gun(except if you played is3) and for some reason you Can equip Kv3 122mm on is IS4, the Line needs a rework

  11. I can say I like Mine… The Gun us it’s Strength not the Armor, but compared to the Tiger I, they’re NEARLY Identical… Armor Sloping in the 45.03 helps it alot, but I like Both tanks….

  12. Not the most entertaining game ever, but still better than playing arty when you eat…

    • lately I feel like he has the need to post games on youtube but the quality of them are kinda bad. Not really entertaining

  13. I really want the CSR blueprints so the TVP VTU will pass faster.

  14. Conversation about hardware triggers me so much. Nice game tho.

  15. I feel like the Tog II. would be good with like 2600 hp. Until then it is just ok I guess

  16. Didn’t they change the lower tiers up quite a bit in the blitz version of wot? I vaguely remember when I tried it that the lower tiers were nowhere near as BRRRRT or 1 shot derp madness cause the HP pools being much better.

    • Yeah Blitz has always had much improved low-tier balance from a combo of higher HP pools/much smaller HP differences between tiers and much lower DPMs in the lower tiers. Overall it made the tier progression feel much more natural, it didn’t feel like a completely different game before/after tier V. Unfortunately Blitz also removed almost all tanks below tier V and a bunch of Vs and VIs as well in order to speed up progression… Blitz has its own issues like tier X prems being sold in random crates, but at least there’s no arty and overall balance is much better. It’s worth checking out again if you’re interested.

  17. The m4 45 needs to be buff to tiger 1 stats

  18. I traded my VK 45.03 once I got the Tiger II ( I regret it now ). This is a Tiger II one tier lower with slightly less front turret armor ( but lower tier makes up for it ) and a way more accurate gun.

  19. I just talked about this on my channel (Bread noughts) playing the m6, its just not a heavy tank it can’t bounce shit and it can take maybe three shots from any ove soviet tank.

  20. dude we cant see half of the battle results because you put your recommendations there

  21. Hey hey hey, according to Claus’s fanbase you’re cheating bruh. Nice meme

  22. everyone knows the t95 is the heavy scout

  23. why is the quality so bad even with 1080p ? youtube compression?

  24. No, don’t remove the 105’s from my sherman and jumbo! It’s my only defence against top tier heavies. Yes, against a tier IV marder it’s annoying, but in my experience that happens so rarely it’s not an issue. Also, I feel the 76mm isn’t good enough to make especially the jumbo competitive.

  25. The blueprints are designed so you don’t ever get anything you need.

  26. I’d say leave the guns alone, just double the HP of ALL tanks tier 1-10.

  27. That was more like yolo down the mid. Didnt see any accumulated spotting damage. False advertising. But very good game none the less

  28. I was the 666th like…..Hail Satan!!!!

  29. I cant watch WOt anymore…sorry, I quit playing, the historical wiki and changes in common knowledge is so absebt, they might as well make this a space tank game..

  30. your videos fucking suck, put more effort into it not just replays from your stream. you dont deserve these subs.

  31. Catur trisnanto Aji

    This tank Is fun..i grab radley once using this tank..

  32. Circon, you say get rid of 105 mm at t4&5, but I say that it’s a nice leveller when you’re always getting hit with “special” ammo at low tiers.. Great work on the content BTW ??

  33. Choosing a good heavy is easy.
    If it starts with ” VK” its shit, if it starts with “KV” its good.

  34. at least they decapped themselves, most people would have been “no fun for you!” and capped it out

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