The Heavy Tank King

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Source: Spookston

The M4A3E2 (76), also known as the 76 Jumbo, is not only of the most vehicles in the US tech tree, it's one of the most fun vehicles in period.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Heavy Tank King


  1. Hope you guys are having a good Sunday 🙂 How do you feel about the amount of edits in this video, by the way?

  2. Its funny how Spookston does so well not because the Jumbo is that good but because German mains see a Sherman and expect to click the UFP and win.

  3. Alexander Anderson

    Spooskston, while this channel is mostly dedicated to War Thunder and armored history, have you ever thought about adding some Halo playthrough content? Perhaps at 300K subs you do a Halo game night or live stream playing some Halo.

  4. love his vids but one thing annoys me …his thumbnails…as if tiger (1/2) are hard to destroy . they are slow, big and have easy to hit weakspots. only theyre guns/ammonitions are deadly

  5. hey, could you play strv9040 BILL? but i dont think you would like it

  6. 猎猎粉蛆的妈

    can you play lepord 1,spookston

  7. 猎猎粉蛆的妈

    i want to see spookston play lepord 1

  8. 猎猎粉蛆的妈

    can you please play lepord 1?

  9. 猎猎粉蛆的妈

    can you play leopard 1,spookston?

  10. Day 5 of asking Spookston to play the M3 Stuart against tanks fielded in the 1970s, in honor of it’s time in service in the Brazillian army (1942-1978) (this gotta work sooner or later right)

  11. hey could you please do the BTR-80A?

  12. 45th day asking for a T-55A video

  13. Hey man i feel sad can you do a vid about the panther ausf a d f g 2 any any of the one pls?

  14. Day 1 of asking spookston to make a video on the Pz IV H

  15. play the m6a1 pls

  16. Can you please play Berada 501

  17. you should play the Chieftain (any variant)
    attempt #6

  18. it would be pretty cool if you played all the russian t-34’s from oldest model to newest.

    (day 19)

  19. Ah my favourite tank to NOT verse

  20. Play the PGZ09

  21. The “come over and kiss me on mah hot mouth” just completely killed me.

  22. wiggling the turret should double the reload time

  23. Blantantlyaccidental

    drink every time spopston said cupola

  24. The greatest invention of the Wehrmacht. The cupola that kills your turret instantly. Really helped win the war

  25. Day 4 of asking for the CCVL

  26. lordbingbong slayer from mh4u

    Spooky boi got that soothing voice. Ever consider a podcast?

  27. You should play the Crusader AA Mk1! (attempt 80)

  28. Дима Веселов

    >can frontally pen nearly anything from its br with no problem if you don’t just shoot “somewhere at that direction” even if the enemy is angled
    >Has the mobility and reaction time better than a lot of medium tanks
    >Frontal armour is impenetrable for anything other than soviet 122mm, the only weak spot being the mg port that can be easily concealed, doesn’t work if the tank is angled and even straight on screws your shot 50% of the time because volumetrics

    Indeed a great example of snail’s awesome balancing decisions

  29. Algirdas Radzevicius

    Tenth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  30. I don’t know why, but I always loved Jumbo, even though I couldn’t play it before the recent br changes. I love Shermans in general, but for some reason Jumbo just seems to click in all the right places for me, even though it technically shouldn’t on paper. It’s slow, it’s armor isn’t anything impressive at that BR, it’s gun is pretty good but there is a Sherman at 4.7 with the same gun, it has stabilizer but nearly every Sherman has that… And yet I can’t help but feel happy chemicals flooding my brain whenever I play it and do somewhat decent.

  31. song at 3:26 ?? pls

  32. “not anymore” understatement of the century

  33. Mfers when Spookston shoots them: 🤔👨‍🦯

    Me simply existing across the map: 👹☠️

  34. 4:24 the chatbox is empty!!?

  35. Hello guys I’m new to war thunder and I only play with Russian and German tanks

  36. meanwhile me playing jumbo 76 and casually gets sniped across the map while im fully enclosed by buildings

  37. Arthur Black & Red

    That netting on your tank turret is it a custom skin or defult

  38. I got my first kill in it yesterday 😀

  39. Leonardo Brambilla

    the problem is that I never play against low tiers, Its always against 7.0 or 7.3 tanks. Breaking barrels dont give you enough exp and lions.

  40. I ask my self why the heck the M4A3E8 76 is 6.3 when a T 34 american tank is 6.7😂😂 is the same Br of a T2P😅

  41. 30th time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

  42. Just some guy with Laser Eyes

    Man you’re practically playing a point n click adventure with Sherman, what changed?

  43. Why was that king tiger going so fast I don’t think a engine able to make 80 ton armored vehicle going like 35 mph.

  44. You can pen an IS-3 with the 76 if you aim between the tracks on the tanks side

  45. One hundred fifty eighth video asking for the Spj fm 43 44

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