The Hell is XM66F? | AMX 13 FL 11 – New Free Premium? | Frontline & Map Changes | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks XM66F, New American Tank Destroyer. AMX 13 (FL 11), New French Light Tank, Reward? New Frontline 2023 Map (Fata Morgana), Empire's Border Map Changes and Top of The Tree.

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:28 XM66F
03:56 AMX 13 FL 11
05:42 Empires Border Map Changes
07:40 TOTT
08:40 Frontline 2023

Information from:
– WG Supertest
– Frontline:
– Top of The Tree:

Update 1.21 is live and here is everything you need to know about this!

What do you think?


  1. Time to get back on track with what the heck is happening is this game and what does the future have for us.. 🙂 What do you think about all of this? Have you tried Frontline yet?
    Here are all the topics in case you want something specific:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:28 XM66F
    03:56 AMX 13 FL 11
    05:42 Empires Border Map Changes
    07:40 TOTT
    08:40 Frontline 2023

    • Lance Corporal Rookie

      They’re gonna release the t58 on console, the 6 shot tank, they nerfed it to 3 shot, but still interesting dezgamez

  2. ivan mehmedovic

    7:19 they removed that shity tower wich prevent arta to hit that part of the hill 🙂 yeeee

  3. What mods do you use for the colours and reticle etc, I’m running none currently but want them badly

  4. WG sure is releasing some ugly ass tanks lately

  5. Could the XM be the tank for the fourth chapter of the Battle Pass?

    • i dont think so… my opinion is that it will be that new British wheeled medium… due to the whole line coming soon

  6. i’m actually genuinely surprised the XM66F isn’t an autoloader

  7. 60° turret traverse is going to be annoying. But I suppose the XM66F is supposed to be akin to a non-autoloading version of the Italian TDs.

    I’m not sure about those new cap locations in Empire’s Border. If the caps are this close together, won’t it just encourage everybody to ignore the outside parts of the map and lemming train to the middle?

  8. Old Fart Gaming

    Anyone else think this tank looks like they made it out of spare parts?🤔🤣
    Great Vid Dez – keep it up…Thanks for showcasing this one!😎

  9. What a life. Didn’t you just get back from Africa 3 months ago? Love you man. Thanks for the content.

  10. Dez, we love your news episodes 🙂

  11. UGH…more map changes to push their meta of in your face heavy armor fighting

  12. New tanks??? Must be time for more loot boxes 😂

  13. faster is better.

  14. Its a astron rex looking thing, crossed with a t28 proto, with a bit of italy’s smv’s (td)s

  15. AMX 13 FL11 is just going to be one of the tier 5 filler tanks in Christmas boxes. they always start testing them around this time of year, and they finally ran out of ones just sitting around in the files so they finally had to make more.

  16. GlowsInTheDark!

    Empires border is one of the worst maps imo. It has all the typical features of a bad map: a hill to yolo, corridors and few opportunities to scout.

    • the heavies have their fun, though, and LTs have Prok map – not every map has to be perfect for every class lol

  17. So there are 3 map squares of distance between both spawns on empire border now?
    All tanks spotted from spawn? Jesus Christ…

    • We’d probably still spawn in the corners, but it will be so hard to cap. I can just imagine one from each side capping, and they’re within spotting distance.

  18. Woohoo, more hull down slow shit, just what the game needs! … Said no one ever.

  19. I cant play frontline because i got banned . Someone reported me for blocking even tho it was a light bump .

  20. Markus Deininger

    Nice new short format. Better than the in-seconds-news.

  21. Foch B is generally garbage.

  22. That thing seems like a T29 got smashed in a compactor with a T28 Proto. What it’s supposed to do with both those tanks in the game already, No idea.

  23. i love your fast news it always awesome. i hope you had an awesome time on your vacation

  24. xmass boxs or maybe the forth stage of battle pass

  25. i like the to move the middle hill an make both side of it flatter

  26. This Empires border rework is just another proof that current main random mode is garbage – if you need to move caps almost into the middle of the map to make it worthwile, while cutting most of the map by doing so, it just means that this double cap mode is pure garbage. This notion is reinforced by the fact that capping is not really the way to play and grind since it does not give any bonuses to exp or credits. Whole random mode is pure nonsense.

  27. What if the giant backpack thing on the american TD is actually a weak spot… ? that wud be fun…

  28. _TheGamingTechnician

    XM66F is like mini E4 with decent DPM. Looks interesting hopefully its balanced by bad hull traverse so it can get flanked by mobile tanks. Otherwise it could be on the overpowered side.
    The Fata Morgana map is actually way better than I hoped. Capturing E so far is extremely challenging if the enemy know what they are doing. Nice to have multiple positions at high altitute on the attacking side for SPGs and tank destroyers to snipe any pesky campers from 600m away. Something that Kraftwerk really lacks which makes it pretty horrible to attack.

  29. Its the fat American with a neck roll

  30. Ill take the new empires boarder 🙂 still waiting for the last fixed map you showed us 🙂 ps. while on new Front Line map which GUNS were they taking out first most the time ?

  31. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Zero vehicle rebalancing. The game will continue a piece of shit, a shit show.

  32. I honestly like the vibes the XM66F is putting off.

  33. They literally will add every single “XM” tank they can find before just adding the MBT-70. like bruh

  34. HailStorm Rising

    I want to be excited for the t11oe4’s strange cousin but we all know these are most likely loot boxes, black market or marathon. Which I personally hate, a whole boat load of unnecessary junk that vastly over prices things. I just want the tank with 100% crew, no gamble, no forced bundles or bidding or spending x3 more than tank should cost to complete levels, JUST offer the tank PLEASE………………………. I don’t want the unwanted baggage, just the tank with a workable crew.

  35. 232/276 Pen is just bad for TD!
    TS5 for win:)

  36. Not sure whether the changes to EB will make me unlock it as the first map I blocked within a couple of months of it being introduced.


    Bro, I can read too, stop talking

  38. American tanks need better hulls at tier 8. I’m not to keen on yet ANOTHER American tank that can’t brawl because the hull is paper.

  39. as always Dez quality video, to the point and no Drama faces…..for click bite

  40. Dez you are a Russian propaganda puppet! How much do you get for being Kremlin trumpet?

  41. ok so I hate that new FL map

  42. empire needs 3 caps each side .. when 1 cap is lost the next one becomes available randomly

  43. Great compact vid with great information you killed it 🙂

  44. Steve Cardiff Cardiff

    Great update. I like the new commentary 👌

  45. Like distroed aireport map nau distred end this map

  46. empires border actually looks like good change

  47. Tank Ranks (BETA)

    Goofy ahh tutel

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