^^| The Hesh it does nothing Stream Highlight

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  1. maaan snooz comments are so dumm and annoying af ! always try to make smart
    ass comments and fail.
    also snooz if you read this, with all respect stop kissing circ ass on live
    stream, just stop it for the love of god.

  2. armoredlightdragon

    is there a map your don’t hate?

  3. WG should just make mirrored maps. exactly the same from both sides.

  4. “I’m going to upload this to YouTube….because snooze died”. Lol

  5. I get so excited for the dank memes!

  6. Does any
    anyone know the mod Circon uses to overlay both the server and client

  7. what do you think about the Charioteer? equipment, crew skills?

  8. Really should start using hesh, my MoE is dropping again from 89% to 84.6%.

  9. hate the hesh rounds on the 7/1.. basically did the same for me. risk >
    reward is spot on. hate shooting hesh to then switch back to apcr and see
    apcr rolling higher

  10. paulius petruskevicius

    Wow honestly i didnt know u can pen upper plate of STI with 268 pen.learn
    smth new everyday

  11. I’m in time for delicious memes!

  12. Doesn’t thickness of penned armor affect HE damage? It’s always as if the
    thicker armor you pen with HESH the lower dmg you get.

  13. Dem centurion 7/1 problems. Get tanks you can easily pen frontally with
    HESH? Hahahaha RNG says screw you. Only gives you 90 more damage and only
    marginally increases the DPM to low-mid class… And wargaming still thinks
    nerfing the british mediums with HD reworks is a good idea.

  14. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    The fucking lowrolls on those hesh rounds…for fucks sake…

  15. Those retard 50 B’s really kept feeding you well

  16. “Landscaping”. I want to see your lawn Circon.

  17. Legend says Circon only answers those who also despise the Highway map.
    Time to test the myth.

  18. RNG is good for the game…said X amount of idiots at WG

  19. No xvm?

  20. *in Peter R. de Vries stem “Maar.. er is.. Meer…!”

  21. Wow i am early Lel

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