THE HETZER HETZ MORE NOW | Jagdpazner 38(t) (War Thunder Tanks)

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THE HETZER HETZ MORE NOW | Jagdpazner 38(t) (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. *fuck dont kill me its still 360p*

    • Use Maus driving slowly up the hill to see the enemy tank they gathered in the alley, outs teams shoot smoke shell so they can’t see Maus aiming at it, then stirring up the jet engine attached to the rear to run straight into them, hihi

    • Big mama jama i dont think ive ever seen you even sniff thr zsu2 those bubble darrel guns can hurt and stink on aircraft and tanks.

    • @Evil runner ehh rulo can do that easy

    • mimimimi ginobert

      Will you be at the gamescom this year

    • Best youtube channel of Youtube. Always enjoy your silliness and expertise! Keep up the good work!!! BTW the youtuber mastermilo is rebuilding a t69. You should check it out and maybe visit him haha!

  2. Hey Phly,

    I play on PS4, and I was curious about how to setup Ace Combat Flight controls for War Thunder. If you have any ideas on how to do this I would greatly appreciate your input.

    I really enjoy watching you play, and I really enjoy the game, just not the controls.

    Best regards,


  3. I just saw a hetzer when I was at an air show a few weeks ago and they did a ww2 battle re-enactment and it fired in front of us and man was it loud. The air show was Thunder Over Michigan which I highly recommend if you wanna see old and new aircraft either on the ground or in the air

  4. Good video. Couple of trivia: It has never been called Hetzer. It’s a myth spread by US army official decades after war. Jagpanzer 38 is the first vehicle to have remotely operated MG and also the armour was rarely up to spec. Specifically the quality of steel was rather poor. To a point that it would rarely pull of a bounce and if so, it would shatter the already brittle steel plate. All in all, it was still a good and economical vehicle for its role, but Axis industry was not healthy towards the end. I better shut up before Gayjin tries to model vehicles historically.

  5. man hard to believe that the Jagdpanzer 35(t) and the Pz 35(t) are the same tank just one has a sloped armor section welded onto it that replaces the possibility of a turreted 37 with a large caliber 75 Nazi Germany may of been desperate but man is the Hetzer a nice tank that was made using older tech, oh and Phlee one thing that other tanks can do to the Hetzer (at least against me) is ricochet the round off the underside of the gun sending it into the floor of the tank so if its a ballistic capped shell its good night.

  6. Apache Attack-Helicopter


  7. 13:14 m10 guy t-posing

  8. My luck facing the Hetz, is even aiming at the gun weak points, it twitches just as my shell hits and I then promptly get killed.

  9. 7:14 i was on WT for gring and try to unlock tiger2 105mm, and i saw the video….. A13MkII killed…..ah….is downtiered…..EZ X,D

  10. aircraft cancer in tank rb….
    you got into a good position
    you get killed

    you respawn and manage to kill him
    he bombs you and kills you without you having any input on that…there is nothing you can do because he spawn in plane immediately

    that’s more cancer if you get into a great position , kill a guy then you get bombed
    that just eliminates tactical play from the game
    what’s the point of getting into a good spot if you’re getting bombed 40 seconds after you kill a guy??


    Jagdpazner? IT’S JAGDPANZER

  12. i have a dog, his name is Hetzer. Love this tank in WOT to

  13. idk how many of these you read (hopefully all) but your videos genuinely improve my day. very glad to have you for the long run :>

  14. You completely misunderstood why people used (or more accurately, overused/abused) that little italian thing. If i got in to a battle with any other nation, with them on my team they really annoyed me. No CAPs for anyone else.

  15. Hey Phly Senpai are all 797K of your children including I invited to your wedding?? ?

  16. NotSoGorgeuos Works

    The hetzer look like it have a beard lol

  17. The “Hetzers gonna hetz” joke has been around since at least 2010

  18. There was i guy in my game called FLOPPY WOPPY and a random guy thought it was you

  19. It is from Czech Republic, so ut must be perfect???

  20. “with the BR367K” well, there’s your mistake Phly. Try again with the BR365A. (I might use the wrong numbers here, but the letter at the end is the important bit).

  21. Imagine the hetz with a flamethrower

  22. Don’t wait for it, propose to her if u wana be a happy phly

  23. While the Hetzer is a pretty good tank, I really have the most fun with the Jagdpanzer IV

  24. jpz 4 better – cause better armor faster & have smoke & equal BR

  25. YEah, youre gonna die very early metaphorically speaking if youre dmb enough to get married, seriously 😛

  26. Hey phly, could you take out the stormer hvm? You never did a video on it and I want to see what you think of the unique missile system

  27. Hey Phly try the stuh 42 G but with only HE attempt 1

  28. If you had used the other T-34-85 ammo it would have been almost lolpen

  29. TheSwedishCrusaider 35

    Hey phly. You should play the. Pak puma in Br 10.0

  30. Mr. Phly, please play Tiger E, idk if it’s just me or the angling just isn’t working!!

  31. AB43 tankkkk pleaseeeeeeee

  32. Dude, I gotta ask. How do you get these matches? Because I’ve been trying to take out my Hetzer, and even at 4.3 top BR, I get penned in the sides at 60+angles by T-34s and get ammo-racked in one-shot. You make double ace, and I can’t get a single kill even with a backup spawn. How many attempts does it take you to get these kinds of matches, because I just can’t seem to do it and it’s so discouraging.

  33. Seen a hetzer in person. They are adorable.

  34. at 16:07 in the video there a holl on the front of the Hetzer but Phly don’t get a damage.

  35. I wanna call you a boomer

  36. SpartanWarrior196


  37. lts your friendly neighborhood gamer

    Jagdpazner 38(t) is gonna Jagdpazner 38(t)

  38. we need china tanks

  39. Do not use the BR-365K round the BR-365A has significantly better normalisation. it can deal with the hetzer below 500m easily.

  40. the t-34-85 (d-5t) can pen the Hetzer frontally with the BR-365A.

  41. Hetzer should be BR 4.0. BT5 can pen its frontwheelcasing with ease.
    + Phly… dont use BR-365K, its garbage. The BR-365A has crazy amout of normalization……

  42. In the first match listening to the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT of the R3s made me smile ? just knowing someone somewhere is getting rekt

  43. Omg I love the asu my fav tank ?

  44. I loved the Hetz. However, I feel in love with the jagdpanther. So good.

  45. “PhlyDaily” it is not Phly or Daily anymore…….more like Tankweekly

  46. Phly “There is not much an enemy tank can do”

    British tank with a 17 pounder: am I a joke to you?

  47. my name is my name

    damn i wasnt aware of he armor changes and pen changes that is hugely overpwoering against t34s loll

  48. my name is my name


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