^^| The Hidden British Gem..

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  1. I would love to see dragon ridge back. But you need to it flatten more for that to work. And the rest of the maps they were not bad by design. But just played bad. South coast was no fun when one team never left base. They need some serious rework before I take them back. They are all on console still, and I am reminded why they suck each time I get them.

  2. The old maps like dragon ridge, northwest, pearl river were soo cool, would be nice to get em back (with some adjustments)

  3. First i was like: WTF, 720p?? Then i was like: Oh! 3 rounds! Yay!

  4. After playing through the Achilles, the thought of doing it all again with the same gun, at tier 7, crushed my Charioteer dreams.

  5. I agree, the low tiers should have better matchmaking, just like in World of Warships.
    Seriously, what can AMX 38 ever do against O-I Experimental???

  6. ladies and others… how to hange six sense icon in vanilla wot???

  7. Achille is one of the best UK TD

  8. Just played through this, it’s a beast with tremendous gun handling. Shame about the depression but my goodness……great tank.

  9. TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed

    That Windows 10 notification, I seriously thought it was my PC. Looking around on my taskbar like an idiot what the hell it was

  10. unfair plane ! kemp bush reportet unsabskrajb !

  11. I skiped the tank and instead took the Firefly. Its one of my favorite tanks and i love the Challenger too
    #hetzersgonnahetz 😉

  12. 14:15 did he just refer to the Strv 74 as the “ikea 74” ?

  13. Got to say I love the Achilles as well….Tier 7 gun on a Tier 6….A slight buff of +1 or maybe +2 degrees to the gun depression and it would become alot less of a hidden Gem and a mainstream favourite.

  14. “We might be getting old maps back, like Dragon’s Ridge”…
    … Conway tryna give me wet dreams here

  15. The Achilles is one of my all time favorite tanks in the game. I use it daily. The only issue I have with it is that I see a lot of tier 8 battles.

  16. Love the Achillies and Challanger. Had some great games in both, including a radleys in the Achillies. Gotten use to the Charioteer, the gun depression is it’s main con. N’ the Conway can really screw up the enemy. Just need more time on that one to develop the crew skills more.

    The Archer, gonna have to buy back. It’s strange having to drive backwards into battle, but you do get to hide back under ridges easily with that gear box. Sold it before I knew better about keeping tanks. It’s a Dicker Max style TD in effect, I liked it 🙂

  17. They should release the Lancaster armoured car map as a regular map, that was a fun one.

  18. I went down the firefly line instead of this, but man… That gun is AMAZING. It really doesn’t take much to get 1.5k damage with that beast every single game.

  19. Mies P61SleepyTimeGal

    Niet met volle mond praten….:)

  20. It’s only hidden for pros, we plebs have to grind through tanks and we play lower tiers a lot actually ^^

  21. charioteer needs gun depression. Achilles was the high point

  22. I love the whole line, archer gud, achilles gud, challenger gud, chario gud but i miss the gun depression (rip), conway gud but i miss the gun dep and the speed (rip), shitbarn is… well, shitbarn, herpa derp, thats always gud, right?

  23. This was a very interesting conversation. I agree that WOT is a cash cow.

  24. I love the achilles I would rather play it at t7 than the challenger (the biggest piece of shit ever)
    Charioteer is good too

  25. Glad to hear you’re aware of how Blitz handles MM and low-tier balance. +/-1 is still the biggest thing WoT needs (besides arty removal but not relevant), but a huge problem with lower tiers that nobody seems to talk about is the DPM/HP ratios of low-tier vehicles. Most tanks in the first few tiers have at least 1k DPM and can delete any same-tier tank in a matter of seconds, which makes gameplay extremely punishing. Moving up to high tiers average DPM increases a lot more slowly than average HP. A 3k DPM Soviet med needs like a minute to kill a Maus firing constantly and penning every shot, but in low-tier matches tanks get evaporated in seconds thanks to their (relatively speaking) higher DPM and lower HP. Low tier gameplay in PC WoT is absolutely nothing like high-tier gameplay and the extremely punishing nature of the high DPM/HP ratio is what makes a lot of new players quit IMO.

    Blitz handles low tiers super well by buffing HP pools while drastically reducing DPM, which makes mistakes less punishing and better rewards actual tactics like poking while the enemy is reloading (insanely hard to do for noobs on PC when low tier 37mms shoot every 2 seconds). The result is that low tier gameplay in Blitz actually resembles mid- and high tiers and does a way better job getting players ready (theoretically, since the playerbase is still retarded but it’s not the fault of game balance this time).

    I quit PC WoT entirely for Blitz a while ago, it’s just more fun to me. +/-1, no arty, and more consistent gameplay means more consistent fun. 7v7 means a good player can have a much bigger impact on the battle too and I’m not ashamed to admit that my 58% skillset on PC gets me 72% and above on Blitz. Winning more is more fun. Wish the PC devs would take a look at the things Blitz has done right.

    Also had a good laugh at “the only reason Blitz players were mad about the removal of +/-2 MM was that they could no longer club tier 7s and 8s in their 9s and 10s.” So true – every tier should be fun to play and that’s just not the state PC WoT is in (or has ever been in).

  26. 33 minutes? Is it christmas already?

  27. I’m grinding thorough archer at the moment – good to know there is some light at the end of that sewer pipe…

  28. Damn you Circon. You make me feel like I should buy back the Achilles. Had to play it carefully though, it has its own style.

  29. It probably is an average tank, but circon is playing it so it looks op

  30. Some interesting development insights…

    Thanks for sharing

  31. 40 maps in WOT, and I see only 5-6 most of the time, Paris only once and none of the others.

  32. Tier 1-4 is no fun at all

  33. does this guy never stop stuffing his face while gaming?

  34. How do you keep your ping so low. My ping gets me slaughtered because im seconds behind what enemies are doing.

  35. 666 likes… oh no

  36. woo circon is gonna play wotb! my recommendations were not in vain

  37. Just as a tip I play wot blitz more that wot and I find blitz to be more fun. but the only thing is that on apple products you get to watch vids to get gold and on my computer you can’t, there is something wrong with that !?!

  38. and great vids by the way SirCiron

  39. I feel in love with the Achilles on my way to the awesome Charioteer, just a very nice and easy to play TD.

  40. love the American mid tier TDs(Wolverine and Hellcat) so got an Achilles when it come out but that gun depression is hard to get use to. But the pen and fire rate are just brill.

  41. W.O.T are they Eliminating the zoom in and out questionable mod you use , it really gives you advantage finding tank positions !

  42. WHY PLAY TIER 6???

  43. QB and SirFoch orzanel they don’t play tier 6…

  44. Jesus Christ…..Are you always eating ???? This is my 2nd video watching you, is that all you do is EAT….????
    Fucking disgusting….!!!!

  45. yay a long vid

  46. I think I would still prefer Jackson, just for the 90mil. Not sure why, but I really really enjoyed playing Jackson.

  47. In Blitz it’s really hard to carry, not because of the teams, but because of the maps. They’re tiny compared to PC and they’re less open.

  48. Justin justintheman

    who is he platooning with sirfoch?

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