The Highest Damage M46 Patton Game on WoTReplays

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. 8===D cuz im the fiiiiiiiiiirstttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    My g setting world records out here ??

    Nvm it’s not him ?

  3. That means I should upload mine? Mine is higher

  4. Whilst I do agree that he played well towards the end of the game and made a few mistakes concerning his HP loss and the Skorpion, I have to disagree with your opinion of him going down to D6 being a bad decision. At the angle tanks are in there it’s very hard for arty to shoot down into the ridge as the hills are in the way, so they wouldn’t shoot at him. He also isn’t taking many risks with poking over that much with 9 degrees of gun depression and a semi-reliable turret since it got buffed a few months ago.

    Also, people wouldn’t just yolo a top tier medium in 3-5-7 matchmaking, especially one such as the Patton with very impressive DPM, and even if they did it wouldn’t end well. I think he went there knowing that if some tank did decide to yolo him his DPM would be able to carry him out of a sticky situation. There weren’t any autoloaders on the enemy team so anyone engaging him would probably have been in a losing DPM battle.

    The enemy team didn’t know that there weren’t teammates supporting fantomsk so whilst it may have been a risky play, that position generally plays out. If I was in a similar situation I would have done the exact same play. At D6 during encounter you’re also not likely to get flanked as crossing the field generally means death for either team in the early stages of the match.

    • Warhawk Thanks for explaining man. I am fantomsk123 and i think that i did what i had to. Also one of the reason i went there was because i have like really good view range and i could spot a lot of tanks as u could see. Also they had a lot of heavies and 2 td and i knew that i could use that position very well. I may have played badly in some moments but again i am a regular player who was really bad before and i am trying to get better. I watched Lemming’s videos a lot and he kinda helped me to achieve this result. Thank you for noticing my plays and moves correctly!!!!!

    • I was going to come say this, but you said it all, I completely agree with this all.

    • Warhawk iirc artys can shoot him when he pokes over, and he did it quite a lot so arty couldve waited for him to move up again, thats what arty players do

    • Lfc Terb the typical arty player wouldn’t aim at someone who’s smart about poking. They go for the easiest targets, which in this case on this map is almost always going to be hill.

    • Warhawk ive poked over that ridge a few times even when im unspotted, and then arty pre-aimed me and direct hits me since that position is kinda close to where artys sit so shell travel time is fast
      The typical arty player is some retard with xvm that focuses the player with highest stats and hold their shots to focus such players, so imo the m46 got lucky that the artys werent the typical idiots

  5. Thank you for featuring me on your chanell!!! I love watching your videos and i always learn something from you on how to do and when. I may have played risky in a few places but again i am a regular player with 1.2k wn8.
    You kinda even helped me to get this result!!!!!
    Thank you!

  6. wow, this replay had very little annoying nervous laughter. huge commentary improvement.

  7. Good vid lemming great critique

  8. I think I put up 9k on abbey in this before 1.0

  9. The price of ammo is 0 because he has ammo in depot.

  10. Can I send you replays of me curbstomping tier 7’s in my 257?

    Ily btw

  11. Hernan Dominguez

    High risk high reward

  12. Now that’s a lotta damage

  13. When he lost all his hp for me personally I feel he should of gone through the water instead just to cut that bush location off where the skorp was. He would of got spotted and then instantly know that the skorp is there and would also be arty safe and have more hp. Just my 2 cents. But good aggressive game play me likey.

    • Lovell2k8 arty would still click him in that position. The end play was good since he was an one shot and could not afford to get spotted

    • The skorp was at E4, so when he comes round the corner at D5 the skorp would spot him, which arty in their current location had no shot at him.

    • Lovell2k8 I dont think that you could predict that the scorp would be in that bush he could be so many other places

    • Like I said my thought was based on where the skorp was, not where he could of been.

  14. All good games require a bit of luck Lemming. You of all people know this.

  15. most artys cant shoot u there

  16. Love my M46, great result

  17. Yes, he is lucky not to get clicked, but I think you overestimate that risk somewhat. Although he is far from arty safe, enemy clickers have a really small target to hit on that slope anyway and by far the majority of attempts will completely miss. Which is probably a big part of the answer to why they didn’t really go for him as well.

  18. Lemming, would you ever consider featuring replays from console players?
    (We have no way to upload replays exactly, but we can record them and send you the videos, if you can do anything with that)

  19. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Lemming do you think going to that D6 area with, let’s say, 2 or maybe even 3 tanks, would be a good idea to avoid being yoloed ?

  20. D6 is hard to arty though. You can get artied if you go up high but it can be a great place for a RU med.

    • True. Even a Conq GC has a hard time hitting that position unless the tanks climbs, even then lots of shot may overshoot on the lake beach. Getting yoloed is a much greater threat, I yoloed tanks there sometimes myself else we’d get wrecked so bad by their vision/firepower. It was a “take 1 for the team” situation

    • tonster181g that’s a good point. When I play scumbag I often have to remind people I can’t get there with my shots so I ask my team to “get rid ” of whoever is scouting there. I’ll do it until they listen

  21. LR i like this video mostly because you were like ” he made mistakes” and you said and marked the mistakes with the risks which makes us aware… thank you i like your vids and voice it makes me satisfied and confortable

  22. Great commentary LR. Phantom is clearly a good player but no Unicom, you highlighted his numerous mistakes and the guy was very fortunate to get away with some of his decisions. His end game down the red line was excellent.

  23. best analyser of wot games on youtube by far. thank you!


  25. “It works out” – that sums up this whole game perfectly

  26. Andrzej Luxanna Roztoczynski

    Well… use this as a motivation to finally get through the pershing.

  27. The m46 is such a fun tier 9 medium, especially in this current mm system.

  28. The M46 was the most 3rd mark tank I have ever played

  29. d6 is arty safe , if u get out the dipt maybe u get cliked but most clickers will not wait all game for u to climb up for a splash when thers a party on the hill

  30. This is LIFE WITHOUT ARTY. All I’m saying

  31. Honestly I’m pretty surprised this is the highest damage game in an M46. I figured the highest damage would be closer to 10k.

  32. I love lemming for pointing out the mistakes of players of high damage games. Some other famous purple YouTuber only makes everything looks like as if it’s the player skill and over hype the replay

  33. This game is 80 % luck 15% gold shells 5% skill, for all you try hards

  34. I play on NA server with constant 300+ ping from an African country. My average win-rate is currently 47%. Do you think that my stats would be greatly better if I rather played on EU server with 200+ ping? Also, are my stats OK considering my high ping? I’m CommunismKillz on NA server – look me up!

  35. I would be yoloed in 30sec

  36. This kind of reviews are so good for learning and better understanding of the game, keep up the great work

  37. A well played game. It could have went wrong but hey what the hell ! Great video thanks . Keep up the good work.

  38. Using D6 is good with an autoloader like a spaghettio that can farm yolos.

  39. Marko K. Pribić

    3:19 “You can see he’s putting his AIMER right underneath the turret…” Great choice of words lemming, great commentary, much professional!

  40. I used to love this position, but once they changed the map by making the top of the hill have two tiers it made it a lot less likely to get good shots on the tanks on the hill after they’ve made it past that high/low split. That made the risk of getting yoloed by a tomato sniping from the top of the D6 ramp less worthwhile. In its current state, a lot of times this position offers very few good shots or spotting opportunities past the first 90 seconds of the battle.

  41. No gold rounds used. Nice.

  42. 4:14 this is why I stopped using x16 and x25. With 25% rngesus it doesn’t matter if you zoom in x25 or x8. Plus you can see what happens near you.

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