^^| The HOLIDAY OPS RANT (Kappa)

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Source: SirCircon

it’s beginning to look alot like gambling.


  1. at least im the owner of my csgo skins not like this shit.
    when the R8 revolver was introduce every one riot in reddit about how OP
    was in the time
    and valve nerf it
    this communist in Minsk just wan to milk the western cow

  2. I like the idea of the Christmas tree and the tank but the fact you can buy
    all of them boxes, is stupid imo

  3. SO you find a new website ??

  4. Im not that concerned but I dont have a gambling disorder so I guess this
    does not affect me.

    The event is pretty cool though.

  5. this gambling part of this fine event is really bad :(

  6. Eh, the monetization people fucked up again. No big deal imo.

  7. It’s pay to win

  8. took me 2 hours to get to 8 and almost at 9

  9. Honestly? As long as they make this a holiday only thing I think it’s fine.
    Like Circon I think the tree/tank decoration thing is pretty cool, and
    having the ability to “buy out” of the missions if you don’t really want to
    have to rely on RNG for the missions is fantastic and wouldn’t mind seeing
    more of something like this in the future. I think everyone is a bit upset
    at the “gambling” of getting premium vehicles included with the buy out

    I think you’re looking at it wrong.

    Wargaming as a company exists to make money. They really only care about
    the people playing the game insofar as the people playing the game keep
    making them money. Do you think Pfizer or Bayer give a damn if you come
    begging to their headquarters with an illness? Hell no, they only care that
    you go buy their medicine to make you better. So here we have a situation
    where Wargaming has decided to give people the option to pay money to
    shortcut the ‘grind’ for the holiday event. Perfect, those people who work
    60 hours a week and have the extra money laying around but don’t have the
    time or want to spend the time dealing with RNG on missions can get the
    event done and over with and get back to having fun. Fantastic. Oh, but the
    marketing department is like “wait a minute, I smell an opportunity here.”
    So instead of just offering a package to get the decorations, they decide
    to offer up some nice juicy tier 8 premiums as an incentive to get people
    to buy the packages and make money. Of course just giving away vehicles
    isn’t a smart idea as they’re worth lots of money, but if they make it a
    chance that you might get one of these vehicles, Voila! More people are
    going to spend money to buy the packages than otherwise might because they
    just might get a vehicle out of it. That is marketing 101, get people to
    spend money when they otherwise wouldn’t by offering something ‘extra’.

    As others have pointed out as well, the cost for the small package
    guarantees you get 250 gold as well as a single decoration. Even not
    including the gold you can get by chance or the vehicle, the gold/money
    ratio is the same for what you would get for getting the largest bundle of
    gold available from the shop of 25000 gold, making purchasing gold this way
    incredibly efficient if you don’t want to drop a large amount of money for
    gold. The fact that you get a chance at either more gold or even a vehicle
    is just a nice little gift from WG to make a great deal even better.
    On the other hand the larger bundle gives you flat out 12500 gold, all of
    the decorations, and then one of six other “bonuses”. Looking at the
    rewards we can see that you get an option of 30 days of premium time,
    another 2500 gold, and four tier 8 vehicles. 30 days premium I think we can
    all agree is useless, and 2500 gold is useful, but nothing spectacular.
    Both cost about the same and if you include them with the 12500 gold you
    end up with a bundle that is about the cost you’re paying for it. Anyone
    with half a brain should be able to conclude that THIS is going to be what
    the majority of people who purchase the bundle are going to end up with
    because how much does 2500 gold or 30 days cost vs a tier 8 vehicle?
    Exactly. You are paying the cost of the bundle to get a gold or
    gold/premium time equivalent to the money you spent as well as completing
    the holiday event. I won’t make any bones about it, you’re actually getting
    more out of the bundle than you’re paying, which is nice, but this is not a
    great deal and the only reason to buy this bundle is so you don’t have to
    spend the time dealing with completing missions for the holiday event.

    If you don’t spend money on the game, why are you whining?

    If you do spend money on the game, why are you whining about getting a
    fantastic deal with a chance it may get even better, or an option to
    completely buy out of the event and get more than you paid for?

    And if you’re whining about “gambling” in the game, why are you paying so
    much damn money for a CHANCE at a tier 8 premium. All of these vehicles
    have been available for purchase for less than the cost of the bundle, and
    will be again.

  10. and this 100% or less discount expired when???

  11. The gold per dollar value is actually not bad at all in those $1 packages.
    250 gold for $1 is the same value as the 25,000 gold for $100 package, so
    that’s decent. The problem is the whole “you have a good chance to find”
    crap after it. I bought five of them and only got the standard 250 gold in
    all five. Now when I hear “good chance” I think at least 50% chance I’ll
    get it, but apparently “good chance” according to WG is actually an almost
    nonexistent chance.

  12. Oh god. oh god. oh god.

  13. what i am actually surprised about in a positive way is that its really
    quite doable for joe average player like me … sure played quite abit
    today but im already 2 points short of reward IX so really… good on them
    … on the other hand with that said the only type of customer for this
    payment would be people doing it for the gambling kick because you really
    dont need it for the tree… which is really quite streching what a video
    game is or better should be about … imo

  14. Ethan “Memes” Owens


  15. Ok, somebody pls explain me;; You can buy One box, or from1-20 of that one
    box… for 1 euro 1 box. OR; bundle. So… Whats with left “Decorate your
    tree” that is grayed out? and Snow-Tank on the right side allso, they have
    different lottery? Or you only buy random box in the middle, and mabe you
    get something from the tree or snowitzer?! ( LPT + Garage slot) ?

  16. anything that is gambling is bad

  17. Just as bad as the holiday loto tickets
    Think the other tanks are gonna be after new years

  18. how long do these missions go for? my pc is away being repaired and i dont
    want to miss out

  19. I don’t mind the lotto effect since you at least get what you pay for. The
    €50 gold package gives you 14500 gold normally. With the event you get
    12500 gold + a gift worth at least 2500 gold so at least 15000 gold for
    €50. Plus the free stuff in the garage of course!

  20. i immediately thought of csgo lotto, and the fact that one of the reasons
    why those guys got in so much trouble is because they were enabling kids to
    gamble (illegal in the US btw), which is literally what’s going on here.
    While it might not seem like a big deal with those €1 packs, that “small
    chance to receive a Patton KR” could encourage a lot of pack purchases from
    kids (meaning more illegal gambling). this is some really shady stuff.

  21. the main problem I have with the shop part is that either you buy EVERY
    decoration, either you buy 1 RANDOM decoration.

    So if on the last day of event you maybe miss 2 or 3 pieces in order to
    complete the set, you can either spend 50€ and get them plus a bunch of
    stuff you dont need ; or spend 1€ per 1€ until you get the right ones. And
    rolling games have taught me one thing : if you need 1 item, you can bet
    your ass you’ll get everything 10 times but never what you actualy want.
    So in the end people could spend 20€ on single decorations and end up still
    having to buy the 50€ pack because they disnt get what they wanted.

    I rather have each item sold separately for like 2€ each (so double the
    price) or still 50€ in pack ; than having to rely on luck or money to get
    them. Like tokens for tank marathons : you get to buy the ones you need,
    you dont purshase a random one…

  22. I agree

  23. lol CSGO lotto,comXD

  24. csgo WoT minimalist

  25. opened 12 boxes and got the Patton that was cool

  26. That’s so shady man.

  27. I just got 23800 gold and a garage slot from the €49 package. got 10900
    extra gold as I got the skorpion but already had it.

  28. Dont fix if it aint broke wargaming!!!

  29. easy money for WG… kappa

  30. The lotto thing is a bit dodgy, BUT WG has corrected their mistake from
    last year so this is definitely an improvement.
    Seriously, the chance to get one of those tier 8s through random chance or
    2,500 gold? Come on.. No way in hell would I ever consider getting that.
    WG still has some steps to take with their festive season ideas.

  31. for €49 the gold and all the unlocks this is actually a pretty sweet deal.
    great for people like me that just won’t have the time over Xmas to do the
    missions due to work and family but have the spare cash from working so

  32. I gifted the 1€ box to my friend and guess what he got a Patton KR no

  33. i think its bad that they dont put out the win probabilities. winning the
    Patton might be 1:1.000.000, I mean, it´s WG

  34. was playing today i noticed how badly this game biased towards mediums and
    lights… where are my quests for damage blocked or dealing damage while
    stay hidden?

  35. wg can fuck off i put all my free exp in the heavy tank line and they only
    give you discounts on the TD’s >:l

  36. looks like they copied overwatch business model very well

  37. CS-GO copy!!!

  38. The €1 box is nice, but I agree that this is the first instance of gambling
    and we have to get used to it. Before, WOT was a game where if people had a
    rare tank, they either won it in a contest or bought it at the right time
    in the premium store. Now we’ll see people drive around in Skorpion Gs or
    Libertés which have not been in the store for some while because of sheer
    luck. And I don’t like that.

  39. I’m not very clear on the special yet but it seems you get a shit tonnes of
    boosters for almost no effort. Got 10 for 2 games. with those 2 games I
    also got enough decorations for the lvl VIII rewards. I’d say this
    compensates for the gambling money grabbing annoyances.

  40. Well a BUNCH of people will spend a lot of money on this and Wg knows it.
    Money before everything ellse.

  41. The gambling thing is just to stay relevant and make investors happy.
    And I’d be cool with the gambling if they stated the odds explicitly.

  42. Well, 2500 gold cost 10e. If you buy ten 1 euro boxes, you get 10x 250 gold
    plus some decorations. In addition there’s a chance to win extra gold, week
    of premium or patton KR. It’s not gamble because you can’t lose, even in
    worst case 10e gives you 2500 gold + junk. It’s actually better value for
    money spend for gold.

  43. You get the gold value if you already own the tank right? If so then I
    might have to try the big crate…. Own all but the mutz so as long as I
    don’t get the prem time or 2500 gold thats like 10k extra gold or a mutz
    for $10…

  44. wargaming has become really anti consumer over the time I’ve been playing
    and I know for fact it has made me, my friends, and some of my clan mates a
    little angry and unwilling to want to support them. I never recommend this
    game to anyone and if they express interest I tell them not to get it
    because it has gotten really bad IMO

  45. so I just found this new site…

  46. The effort put in to build this Christmas feature is probably similar to
    fixing matchmaker……

  47. Decs go up to lvl 10 apparently

  48. I kinda wanna buy one of the 50 euro ones because I want gold and I cant do
    every mission for the ornaments because of college/finals

  49. where can i find the 1 euro pack, im on asia btw

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