The Idiots at Wargaming Have Kept the 268 V4 in the Game for 112 Days.

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Source: LemmingRush

I LiveStreamed this on twitch.



  2. Like you said, they leave it for too long just because they milk money from people, which converted exp and research it for free exp, at least you need to shoot gold ammo on this piece of shit –> more money for wg 🙂 (I found some funny trick to them, just play FOCH 155, full gold like 268-4 goes when you meet some, just Foched him to death, you can aim on upper plate and just raped him). Fuck WG with this fkin politics.

  3. Chandler Kristoff

    I read the title as: The Idiots at Wargaming Have Kept the 268 V4 in the Game for the 112 Days. as in, the Chinese tank 112 😛

  4. ‘remove before anyone is reasonably able to grind up to it’
    exactly what happened to my wz 5a grind, just as i got the tank the 430u was out, making 5a totally obsolete. then the version 4 came and made life worse for everybody
    wg is full of crap

  5. i have been agreed on this for several years now….so consider this a re-newal of said grievance to wg.

  6. They can make the “lower lower” plate 2 mm thick and it probably wouldn’t matter. That strip of armor is tiny af and easy as hell to hide

  7. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    You want to talk about balance yet tanks like the

    super conquer

    Are in the game.

    Yeah eat a bag of dicks lemming. you’re honestly just biased because you are bad at fighting against a clearly balanced tank. and just triggered because you can’t heat spam the tank

    you’re so clearly butt hurt that it has so much armor yet I don’t see people bitching about E3 or badger in a hull down position

    *Sips tea*

    the 268 has a fucking cupola and weak super structure. Learn to aim better.

  8. Honestly, wargaming has fucked up, but never so much so that the team with one of these almost always wins.

  9. He had 58% win rate in his E100 they should nerf that tank too according to your reasoning.

  10. Someone call a whambulance. All these whiners complain that WG made a tank that is fun to play. I have 15 tier 10s and the V4 is by far the most enjoyable tier 10 tank to play, but let the whiners have their way and take away what makes the tank fun. Instead they should lower the DPM even more, make the gun even less accurate. I can guarantee you one thing, this guy had more fun in this tank than probably any other tank–why does that bother you so much?

    LemmingRush – YOU JUST PROOVED THEY SHOULD NERF THE E-100. Your example, Mr. ThrilosGR, has a higher win rate in the E-100 than the V4, clearly it’s OP and should be nerfed. Love your game play and explanations, but you need to work on your logic. Based on your reasoning they should nerf every meta tank for skirmish or advances and every tank that’s #1 in damage for the month. Keep equalizing until all tanks are at 50% on every stat.

    I know it’s not fair to have a tank that “48%ers” can play like Unicoms, but that’s why WG made the game. So people could have fun, not just the top 5%.

    Besides, most games I see the V4 outperformed by another tier 10, why aren’t they nerffing every tank that produces the most average damage?

    I’ve personally seen V4’s lose 1-on-1 to E3, Type 5, TVP 51/50 and I’m sure the list goes on.

    • SemperRight Sure, how about they bring back the unnerfed Waffle E100 with its 3800 clip damage and then we’ll all have our wicked ways, right?
      IF you are too retarded to see the V4 is damaging to the game, then you probably are a russian/polish cunt that when they die they start swearing in Klingon…

    • I’m saying that he’s representative of the average 268 v4 player. The average 268 v4 player according to vbaddict wins 57% of his games and does 2600 dpg. Which is why I’m not complaining about his E100 stats which are clearly an anomaly given that the average player wins less than 48% of their games in the E100 according to vbaddict, IIRC.

      Your misinterpreting my logic. I used the word emblematic at 0:30 because he’s representative of the average. I even went to efforts to explain this immediately after..

  11. Fuck wargaming

  12. and thats just 1 of the reasons as to why ive deleted this game. cant keep playing this game seeing how they screw with their player base

  13. I find it amusing when people who mostly play OPed tanks themselves complain about other people playing OPed tanks.

  14. And what nerf u talking about its bullshit nerf . Its useless changing gun handeling are you fucking kidding me with Russian accuracy and still mobility is crazy and armour almost no weak point check dez game video its really bullshit

  15. The 268 v4 ruined clan wars, we get rushed every time and we cant do anything about it

  16. wargaming is a shit company with slave employs

  17. and speaking of the clan wars season… losing 100K on average in cws battles because the winning strats involve somewhere in the range of 6 to 10 Obj.268v4s. IS-7 doesnt have the accuracy nor the gold pen to reasonably do damage at most ranges. and thats how it is for pretty much every tank. only counter to the v4 is a type 5 or more v4s (and that retarded 15 batchat strat but we dont talk about that)

  18. Stop crying. War is never fair!

  19. i hate the tank yesterday played the arms race CW we meet a hole team of them well almost

  20. Cry like a little kid.. go and play another game.. better get used to it

  21. Nope, not ever getting a v4. Why? I’m not getting any more tier 10’s until the MM gets fixed for Tier 8. Circumflexes is correct; 3-5-7 has no business being used for Tier X MM. The V4 should only see Tier X as far as I’m concerned. That way all the OP tanks can just feast on each other (obj 907, etc). Hell, two days ago, I got one-shot in my Ferdi by a FV4005 out of my view range across an open field (but under the render limit) that *never de-cloaked* after the shot. That crap needs fixing as well, but the V4 is new and fashionable to bitch about (and pisses off Unicums by upsetting the natural order of things) so that is what we see people bitch about.

  22. I think its all the above. They are retarded to think that doing this shit doesnt cost them money in the long run. They are retarded as fuck for not testing it to begin with. They are retarded as fuck for not fixing it. Then you got the moders, All the other balance issues in every tier and the shit mm that they continue to make worse not better lol. I mean how the fuck is this an 8 year old game and it just keeps getting worse.

  23. You are just mad because you cant play with your russian mediums and farm damage

  24. And now during the campaign people with other, good, completely balanced tier 10 meta tanks, are getting shafted out of getting CW tanks because every top clan/clan in general just yolos 10 v4s down a flank with 5 907s/140s providing cover and wins the campaign completely shafting everyone (Clan mates of the winning clans who don’t have v4’s included) out of getting a tank if they don’t have a v4, so it literally is A) Pay to Win because of it’s short introduction period before nerfing and B) (The worst part) Pay to Win… A Clan Wars Campaign… What the actual fuck…

    Players like me who spent time getting better at the game to join a clan to finally have the chance to get a tank are potentially gonna get shafted out of it because rather than being legitimately out-played, we’re getting out v4’ed because we didn’t have the money to buy free XP conversion, or premium to yolo up that line before the campaign started…

  25. 113 and counting

  26. Probably CEO’s little kid like to play with that tank 😛

  27. Truthbomb.

  28. e100 OP as v4 confirmed …

  29. I love the ending of this video “Fuck of” I totally agree and wish they would acually listen to the players… If you think the shitstorm this has caused on the Eu and NA servers i can tell you now that the Russians hate it even more… Thats saying something

  30. Sir lemming rush you are not a good player stop acting like you lol your stats are mediocre

  31. Иван Батура

    So you say only Wargaming intentionally adds op p2w stuff… Have you ever heard of Gaijin Entertainment?

  32. Intescy Avenger

    Why am I a unicum with 2800 wn8, 10k personal effecieny and have so much knowledge at 13k battles in the last 4 years 8 months of my wot career when their are people who have played 20k, 30k, 40k battles and are still worse than me? Am I some magician or are they just stupid?
    That’s the question I ask, and that’s the question lemin probably asks.

  33. Yeah, I avoid tier X games completely – the in tier X games now tend to be decided by whoever will field more 268-V4’s, and that’s just plain wrong. But, as we all know tier VIII is also infested by this cancer, so there’s nowhere to go.

    Frankly, I find WG’s cynicism unbearable, it’s a smack in the face of the loyal player base who has kept this game alive through a never-ending series of stupid moves on WG’s part. Enough is enough.

  34. Having been to Eastern Europe you have to understand the Eastern European code of business ethics – it is – “take all you can get.”
    there are children on TV literally saying they wish they had a career in politics so they could milk it for all its worth. You have citizens ringing councils asking “where are the school crossing lights we asked and paid for” and being told “we have the paperwork, they are there, what are you talking about”. They have coffee stands that have to pay protection. Even some low to mid level business owners have bodyguards.
    Corruption is their business. It goes back to days of the Tsar when things could ONLY be bought on the black market because everything belonged to the Tsar.
    Their bandit mentality is almost part of their genetic code.

  35. 268 v4s just keep yoloing an entire flank and not taking any damage.

  36. I’m currently at 92,64% for my mark on the Grille 15 and it’s just horrible. 9/10 battles there is a bobject on the enemy team and here I am with my Grille 15 shooting HEAT with about ~330 penetration and still bouncing of that tank. For me the Grille 15 feels like tier 9 and a half and the bobject is tier 11.

  37. I used to play a lot but i feel like i wanna go on vacation because wg never listens to our complaints anyway

  38. shishx the animal

    Hello kind sir, would you like some cheese with that whine?

  39. Just stop until they fix the game. I’m still doing just that and not missing out on a lot TBH

  40. IMO they keep it like this and just nerf it little by little then they will tell us that now we nerfed it a lot. Its so simple nerf overall armor by 20-30 mm and give a 250 pen gun a chance to pen that lower plate..

  41. Bet SirFoch likes this

  42. it took them years to nerf E5 and the japanese heavy shit dispensers are still in the game

  43. Arnout Bottenberg

    Lol indeed wargaming bias company thats why I quit

  44. Its business ,they need to make money you would be stupid if you thought overwise

  45. Milos Radovanovic

    win rate isnt good measurement saying someone is good or bad. for instance, i consider myself an above average player, not unicum, but still learned so much about game and how things works. i have 15 tier X tanks, 13 of them are under 50%, 8 of them are under 45% and 2 of them are even under 40%, just 2 are above 50%. thing is that game is constantly trolling me with teams. team members either: rush and die early, especialy scouts, or they camp behind while im in frontline fighting/spoting, heavies go kemp bush sniping, im ALWAYS first to be hit by enemy arty since im agressive player and doing my job, at leas 3-4 times per day im hit by my OWN arties “by mistake and rng”, im getting yolo by suicide tier X tanks that wants to kill me while im on tier 8 tank and have team behind me (who sometimes doesnt even support me because they are either blind/retarded/behind rock hiding, im getting gold ammo spamed all the time even in light tanks/lightly armored tanks, list is HUGE cant even remember everything. all this game brough me lately is, beside just couple enjoying moments, a lot of pain, frustration and hair loosing. Every damn morning when i wake up for work i feel so misserable, sad and feel like shit. my damn premium finaly expired yday (as my nerves lost on this game), i was barely waiting for that to happen so i could finaly leave this craddle of junk and brainded people/game. go fuk urself WG.

  46. “Just fuck off” sums it all man!

  47. Considering how WG listen to their players, you should watch AgingJedi (now MarkGFL)’s latest two videos ( and ) if you haven’t already. It explains what people at least had suspicions about before.

  48. well, I for one enjoy the influx of SU101 sitting ducks in tier 8 😉
    and if I see v4 in front of me, I just turn and run… if I’m in a tank that goes above 55 kmph lol

  49. Inverse Hierarchy

    Bring back the ELC! If they don’t care about balance why not. And de-nerf the hellcat while they’re at it too! Anyone with me? :[]

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