The Illegal Tank Everyone Wants | World of Tanks Panzer V/IV

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Source: DezGamez

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It is time for some high-class dirty action once again, ladies gentlemen… It has been around 2 years since my previous video with Panzer V/IV, arguably he most overpowered tank tier by tier in World of Tanks… but with a little twist. Let’s do some ramming action in it!

Enjoy the show!



    I was really happy when I was watching this video it just made my day some how UAZp

  2. I love doing ram kills with my Panzer V/IV. I literally try to get at least one per game with this thing.

  3. It’s been almost 2 years since I played with this tank, so enough time has passed and we can jump into it again… Of course, not into any setup other than the illegal ramming one. 🙂
    Are you lucky enough to own this tank? What do you think about it?

    • You should probably run vents instead of spall liner, since you’re not taking much ramming damage anyway even without it and vents boosts the controlled impact skill so you actually deal more with vents, plus your traverse rate will be slightly better

  4. i did buy this panzer just before world of tanks did come out on pc and still love it , some players called me a cheater because I have a panzer 5/4
    Did buy the heave American tank too but never use it .
    It’s to big and slow just a big shell magnet 😆

  5. YES! That is my unicorn, my moby dick, my mount everest! Pz V/IV PLEASE WG!


    Epic vids! Great to see how much this channel grew…. ZnqJ

  7. I’d want this or the pz4s

    That thing is my dream tank panther turm on a pz4


    • pz Iv s schmaltrum teir 6 is a shopping cart. slow boxy low dps good acc / rof turrets (ok) could be worse. had it forever and it never did impress. gg

  8. The t34 with the 7,7 would be cool to see as well


    How do u always make such funny and good videos iZPZ

  10. Why is it illegal? I would get one and build a rammer out of it too…

  11. Shoot the turret at these things! It’s super weak and very frustrating to see people trying to pen the hull!

  12. i just want the bnz-4 (no typos)

  13. Rampanzer party!!! Will Smith approved

  14. This is my favorite tank in the game. If i didn’t have this tank in my arsenal, I would have quit playing WOT years ago.

  15. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    “this video game called Herd of Tanks”… I died 🤣

  16. I have a 5/4 and love the tank, one of the best on the server. It can do almost anything!

  17. i have that tank. not as op as it use to be

  18. I did this with the [VK28.01 105] You know that free brick WG gave to us… With 0 gun handling … Anyway.. same ramming setup. Has me ROFL plowing threw everyone at speed and its a Prem. tank … so it makes me chuckle even harder 🐢💨

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Yeah I used to use it too, until I started getting a lot of tier 7 battles. Can’t damage anything at that tier, period.

  19. its the tank i first three marked on na server during the morning i was top tier almost every game my top kill count is 13 in it i also did 4.8 damage in a tier 5 game lol


    i enjoy ur videos so much!!! keep it up man wTwC

  21. This tank is why Tier 5 tanks don’t get any field mods.

    Also, fun fact. On console the V/IV is basically identical except that it has 870 HP base.

    • Oh, and there’s a Tier 6 version in the World of Tanks PC game files called the Pz.Kpfw. V Berge-Panther. It’s statistically identical to the V/IV except that it’s got better shells (135 instead of 110 alpha with the same reload, 150mm standard and 194mm gold pen instead of 110mm and 158mm) and 920 instead of 680 base health.

      But the big difference is that being Tier 6 means it gets a mobility slot and up to level 5 field mods. Meaning you could (without even using bounty or bond equipment) boost the top speed to 60km/h, power/weight to 23.22, and HP to 1000.

  22. ⛔️LIVE CAM & [S]E[X] - CHECK PROFILE⛔️

    How do u always make such funny and good videos Af0

  23. I never comment on your stuff, but also watch everything. I’ve never been happier to see you killed than the second game when you wouldn’t shoot him even if it meant your team would be the ones who did. So glad.

  24. thank you very much.

  25. Literally a tier 7 at tier 5

  26. Thank you , Dez .

  27. This tank on console is even more broken. I own it on console but unfortunately not on pc.

  28. been away from the game for a while. how do you get this tank?

  29. I’m training my driver on the Hetzer for ramming and have surpriced a few players, who wanted to ram it. 🙂


    • Easy to answer, be nice to WG and buy it on a Black Market Event. But i feel a little bit dirty when my E50 Crew use this Tank for Training.

  31. Bro, you have the same voice as “Nightshift”. A tank modeller youtuber 🤣.

  32. I don’t play this game anymore but I want one…..would go with the really rare ones I have….SU-76i, SU-85i, Pz2J, BTSV, Pz38H, and a few more you all know and love.

  33. That V/IV going straight for you… typical wannabe tryhard ready to throw away their full health tank for a kill.

  34. Teridacktal Jones


  35. pay2win cancer
    @11:30 proper end to wallet cancer

  36. i dont want this tank, never had never will. cause i aint bad at the game. so i dont need to go pick on lower skill players in a op tank. idc if its fun. GET LAID all im saying.

  37. Every seal clubber will want one.

  38. Sry Dez, I can’t stop laughing and replaying this LOL: 10:10

  39. And the collectors vehicle pz 3/4 is great too!!

  40. I love ramming videos…Do you have any more new ramming videos coming?

  41. how is it that you can see killed tanks on the minimap is that new ??

  42. Wasnt there a reward thingy that gave u a like PANZER 4 Panther Tonk, but with a 105?

  43. Tired of videos where streamers show tanks nobody can get.

  44. Riccardo Marinoni

    Another tank ruin the low tier

  45. Can confirm 3rd mark on this was pretty hard

  46. As you and others have proven, it is by far the most broken tank in the game.

  47. These things are cancer particularly on the ANZ server where you offen find stat padding trash platooning together for a virtually guaranteed win.

  48. no tiene merito

  49. How is when I play T67 I do total trash but whenever now they are the most dangerous thing in the game

  50. Your game or recording seems to be freezing a lot since a month or few back

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