The Impossible Comeback – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm trying the impossible in World of Tanks in the E 100 Jagdpanzer! Sit back hold on for the ride!



  1. nice monster game, i also did 9k in jagp100.

  2. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    Hi QB! I was the one screaming YOUTUBE in chat when this game happened. Glad to see this beauty of a game!

  3. Vinicius Martinelli

    This tank is (g)old!

  4. Awesome QB – your 10k will come when you least expect it –

  5. This is why I miss seeing enemy chat. I can only imagine what they were saying. “No cap kill all!” “AYFKM? That’s a Jageroo on 6 kills, f**k that noise, cap it out!”

  6. The biggest problem is already solved Max Von Krieger is no longer vispering

  7. I came

  8. To me, these are always the worst games to lose. NOBODY should be getting this amount of damage and kills and still not be able to win. This battle was a perfect showcase of just how unbelievably bad this playerbase has gotten. The skill imbalance between teams has never been larger.

  9. Great game man, as always

  10. Syahareen Sha Rani


    The best thing about the 60 TP is the tank is made up of ammo racks …

  11. Each time players do not use gold against this kind of tank, games are incredible…

  12. Daily mission, win 3 games. 3 days to complete the mission. This is World of Tanks Balance and this is World of Tanks Matchmaking.

  13. That’s a crazy turnaround

  14. This is Hetzer but tier 10.

  15. Superb game!

  16. ValhallaJunkyard

    You’re like the Jimmy White (snooker) of the WoT

  17. Friendly suggestion/feedback: lately you keep putting your hand before your mouth/nose very often; personal opinion: that should never happen.

    Otherwise nice job. Keep up the good work and nice videos

  18. Yo can we talk about that maus that did 4716 dmg? that’s a might sum!

  19. probably an adrenalyn rush for sure

  20. look at QuackyBaby’s pay2win “competitive” loadout 😛
    omg, content creator bias…we all know the avg dmg of the Jg100 is 900 dmg

  21. Omg… If you had won this, it would have been nothing short of the most amazing game ever played.

  22. I am a decidedly average WOT player. And I have had 10 000 and above 3 times in my tanking career. At least 2 of them in my T95 Doom Turtle.

  23. @QuickyBaby: You asked for more categories for your video’s how about best/worst view range? May help people figure out how much of a priority it should or should not be.

  24. Imagine if he got 10k on his first tier 10.

  25. i want to see quicky baby play world of tanks blitz

  26. Fool us by this topic, good job QB

  27. arty sure seems mvp on this one

  28. Did I miss the shout out at the to the arty that saved your bacon a couple of times?

  29. Complaints Department

    Watching this live during your stream, that game was nuts.

  30. Man I feel so bad! Lol can’t believe how many times you’ve reached 9k dmg and always 1 shot away! But never can reach it like bruhhhh epic to cause I just played the jgpzE100 and had a great game in it love the tank

  31. Make them sweat QB! LMAO

  32. they make a big mistake to fight one by one against you. They don’t know how to play as a team. GG QB.

  33. Watched this live it was crazy

  34. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO DO 10k lmao

  35. Its interesting watching the rest of his team, the e4 comes into the game, immediately drowns himself seriously.

  36. Click bait at its finest.

  37. This game was more luck than skill

  38. Don’t worry QB when you finally break 10k you are going to smash right on through and pull out a 12k game for sure and I look forward to seeing it.

  39. Wow! What a game! Great show…you deserved win for this performance

  40. Does anyone know why WoT doesnt work on ps4???

  41. All beings are equal when the 420 is loaded.

  42. Any way yet another game with level 15 crew and all bond equipment not game of skill please show all before start

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