The Indestructible Type 5 Heavy Build | World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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When I showed you indestructible and unbreakable Maus build, you guys wanted to see me doing it on a Type

What next?

Enjoy show!


  1. Type 5 always makes a good comeback haha

  2. That was Actually fun! 😀
    What do you want to see me building next!?
    Have a nice weekend, beautiful people!

  3. First ! xD Love ya Dez 🙂

  4. Platooning with subs would be nice ngl
    Btw dez , dunno how you do it but even losing interest in the game i still love your vids 🙂

  5. 💪😗 hey dez!!!

  6. RUN!!! IT’S GODZILLA!!!

  7. thats literally how I drive my Type 5 in normal battles

  8. Face reveal Dez plz,

  9. Was my favorite tank to use on those russian tds and reward tanks able to smash them in the face with the premium HE. Now the EBRs do more damage than this.

  10. Early gang

  11. instead of HP i am using turbo, just be able to get some positions faster. And small gun fits me better, HEs irritate me 😀

  12. Wazap dezz

  13. Ahhh yes.. Good old Type 5 Heavy
    It never gets old. I never gets bored playing it

  14. Can we see leo1

  15. Can you make a guide for STB-1?

  16. I bounced t92 hmc with maus HOW

  17. Coolyman Foolyster

    Hey Dez, I have a theory about running an EBR 105 with hardening and configuration for immediate suspension repairs and fewer broken wheels, as damaged wheels are the biggest threat to it’s survival. It would be cool if you would test this!

    • The ebr won’t get its suspension/wheels repaired to 100% because you only get that when hardening is in a survivability slot.

    • Coolyman Foolyster

      @Eq_NightGlider_ it repairs to 100% without equipment, the equipment is there for faster repair time and better durability.

  18. Nice vid dez, type 5 as indestructible as my attention span watching your videos 🤣

  19. Love this build, has been using it since Equipmtne 2.0 dropped and had my first Ace in it! 🙂

  20. 11:26 Your tracks shouldn’t be yellow if you have Improved Hardening

  21. Is it a good idea to use this equipment combo on Oni?

  22. looks like im ready to buy type 5 again

  23. YESSSS thanks you so much Dez! I’ve really been needing someone to tell me how to play my type five cuz recently it feels super underpowered

  24. Tracks have even more hp with this setup, make it harder to get tracked.

  25. Dez Gamez use wrong gun 😘 in type 5 …..

  26. Wg nerfed it so bad bcz this tank killed the russian armor and rng, i used to rape any tank inthe game with this walking arty, what a good old days , i did my 260 HT mission with it

  27. I knew it from the title that you will sacrifice the loading time. But this setup will be better on Maus, since the default loading time for Type 5 is a year.

  28. Hey Dez…..”this is your boss at WG…….Do a feature on Type 5….nobody plays it now we nerf the crap from it “….we give you preferential MM…..make it good…..We wanna player buy lot of prem ammo….ok?…Buy more golds…..make us more money “….Ok ?….Do it !

  29. These are some dank anime memes

  30. Rofl
    Daz, you are unable to NOT be sneaky and surprise them with your sideshots. You do BatChat playstyle with a f*cking Type 5!!!! Amd that SUCCESSFULLY!!!
    It is so amazing!

    If you want to be shot you need the enemy see you coming! Mabe let me play for you 😂😂😂😂

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