The insane world of War Thunder in VR

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Source: habie147

War Thunder is funny. all VR flight simulators and mil sims I've played, it's War Thunder, a free play , that is the most fun. Because it has regular gameplay, but in VR just for the look. No motion controls needed. And the War Thunder community that pushed this game on me… thank you! If they never added virtual reality I probably never would have been recommended this, and that's scary. Because I really like this game.

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  1. Why are you watching the Nazi Channel?

  2. Has there ever been _any_ proof any of the so-called leaked and allegedly classified documents were actually classified? I’ve seen the claim made repeatedly, but never has the evidence been presented anywhere by anyone. Lot’s of _”z0mG some army/air force/navy/marine/SEAL/whatever just leaked the most ultimate top top TOP secret docs to Gaijin! It’s all over reddit, so it must be true!”_ crap everywhere. Nothing more.

  3. play starwars squadrons in vr man, if you like this you will love that. Insane feeling what a Tie Fighter flies like

  4. War Thunder is made by Belarussian devs, and Im also Belarussian

  5. You can’t say tank gameplay is meh. You just don’t like tanks, that’s the only possibilities. Like seriously, find a better multiplayer tank game. Honestly sometime I wish other games exist because I can be sick of war thunder after a while, but there is just nothing as sophisticated as war thunder. So I keep coming back… WoT is a mobile game next to this. (and please, don’t play arcade tank battle)

  6. The game is absolutely crap and is just a money grab and nothing more !!!

  7. The tank mode is alot better when not using the VR headset

  8. get a joystick its even better

  9. Свійський

    how do you “bought” free to play game?

  10. “Turn down the volume your loosing altitude”
    BTW I’m so glad someone without the rose tinted glasses reviewed this trap

  11. you don’t have just 1 plane and backups, in air arcade battles you can equip as many planes in slots (you have to buy them) as you want

  12. 2:19 DCS: “Allow me to introduce myself”

  13. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME this game is great but in order to get to some of the cool stuff your either going to spend $1k or 5 years on it dont get me wrong its great but its greatness isnt worth it

  14. Hey Habie i love your videos, they’re a constant source of entertainment and laughter, i got into VR gaming because of you

    you should definitely try demeo (the vr version not the pc one) if you ever get the chance, it’s a tabletop dungeon crawler that is very lovely if you’re into table top games

  15. ghosts of tabor vibeo whem?

  16. Hey Habie, if its possible, i want you recommend random VR game what i found on steam sale, its cheap and low cost and graphic can scream “it look like junk” but actually its simple game with can entertain for hours, and its called “Hypercide”, and i want see you play this and give your honest reaction to it.
    (it need grind to unlock stuff)

    Ah and there is “Positive” Review what call game “issues”, so read them to be ready , if you ever will play it ;]

  17. 2:15 I pirate so I have money to spare

  18. how have you not played war planes?

  19. shoutout to the legend mark felton

  20. Why do I get random shit in my notifications

  21. The new vtol vr dlc dropped today, its the helicopter cockpit on a plane, its pretty cool man

  22. @habie147 Check out the new Blade & Sorcery update!

  23. YourFavoriteLawnGuy

    2:39 those are bots btw, your first few rounds are filled with bots for “training” and “familiarization of the game” or as i call it “make the game seem easy and fun, so you go ahead and buy that $70 M1 Abrams before noticing it was only easy because bots”

  24. Sweaty armpit hair shut up

    Habie i need to get into contact with you. There is 1 multiplayer VR game that is just insanely good and I would love to play it with you. You have not done a video on this game ever.

  25. Ah, yes. Pay to win games. Never, ever, ever, ever….. ever shall I play one.

  26. Play some Air Realistic Battles it will make you better 🙂

    • Also every plane, tank and ship have their Advantages and Disadvantages. Tbh its also preference of what you like to play.

  27. Are you gonna do fallout 4 dlc in vr if possible

  28. you need two play warplanes 1 and 2 plz

  29. 1111guitardude1111

    DCS is better if you want something more realistic

  30. Your unfinished college essay

    i mean i don’t know how you expected them to make ground gaming in VR fun, like it’s just not possible it’s not their fault

  31. As a big warthunder player I’m glad to see you didnt just shill the game for cash and actually pointed out its biggest flaw

  32. It feels weird seeing someone just discover War Thunder obliviously from the perspective of someone who’s been playing for a decade..
    Idk how to put things to words though..

  33. on quest 2 there is a game called war planes that is like war thunder but just the planes, and not as high graphics, plus no jets, only biplanes, but it is very fun

  34. Trans rights are human rights

  35. Pov: You want War Thunder to add a new plane…

    Goes to Dark Web to find some top secret military documents and leaks them online

  36. Пацантрэ ВащеРебята

    Arcade mode actually makes it harder for you in ship and air combat.
    Ground combat arcade will be comfy for WoT players, but it stops people from actually learning a lot of the game by throwing more UI stuff on the screen and taking away a bit of attention from whats going on.

  37. what is the backround music your playing in this vid an 1:18 ?

  38. We need to feed the snail

  39. super ketchup man

    Have ya tried the best vr plane dogfight game warplanes. Ot comes in 2 eras ww1 and wwII you actually controll the plane with stick and throttle flaps and even landing gear so you can pause mid multiplayer co-op match to eat cheese puffs.

  40. I just tried the tanks yesterday and it was awesome. I’m gonna sort my controls and try the planes today. I have a HOTAS so that should be fun. A good tip for when you’re starting out is to use your crap planes first to get a feel for the match and then jump into your favourite.

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