The Italian Challenge + Tips on the campaign!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. As i said, i had a small emergency in NL, so i had to fly the next day back. Hence no videos/streams for the last 2 days.
    Tmrw i have a hilarious stream highlight lined up! Thanks for the support everyone. Closing in on 100.000 yt subs hype! 😀

    • btw the additions to the package are there because they are part of the marathon rewards 😛

    • I’m not sure they will have to sell the tank for the same price, considering how much extra stuff is in this bundle. The problem with the T-44-100 was that buying all the token to just get the tank was expensive. I think if they sell this in the future as just the tank, it will be more in line with the other tier VIII premium mediums.

    • already at stage 7 here m8 😉 those blocking missions are easy to do in the maus even with them gold rounds but it also looks easy with the type 5 as foch did
      the only one i dislike is the high caliber with all the tier 10 mm where you need like 5k+ for one

    • Circonflexes when you complete each stage the rewards from that stage are removed from the bundle in the store. You probably already know this but it wasn’t clear to me in the video. You explained it one way but not the other way around.

    • Isnt it always like that?

  2. Best value is get to 9 stage which is 90% discount and then buy the package to get 3 prem days and 30x 2 hours credit boost

  3. I think you could do it in the tier 8 WZ-120-1G FT, thing is broken and can still contribute in a tier 10 game…
    Plus it’s a premium… I mean that’s what I’m going to do parts of it in.

  4. Martijn Andriesse

    Bedankt voor de vid en tips sir

  5. Hey, with 1,400,000 credits, you can buy enough rounds to play at least 1 game in the Death Sta-oh wait.

  6. Wanna do a lot of damage? 268v4
    Wanna do a lot of assist? 268v4
    Wanna get a lot of base xp? 268v4
    Wanna conquer siria and kill the capitalist thread? 268v4
    Cuz rusha stronk tenk cyka blyat comrad.

  7. At15a seems to be working well, pref mm, good gun, armour and plenty low tiers to run over 🙂

  8. I have to recommend T25 Pilot-1
    He is by far my highest average base xp tank and makes a ton of credits too.
    General note, grind in early stages. The higher you go, try your luck with tier 10

    • Stathis Papadopoulos

      Mihailo Pisanjuk lol a tank like the t44-100 will demolish any other medium at its tier and even some 9s… if you want to play tier 8 which you shouldnt cause the battles take too long it is the t44-100 by far the best tier 8 tank right now even better than the patriot and maybe t54 prot could do too.

    • I didn’t finish it’s marathon unfortunatly so I wouldn’t know. Pilot was a little easier to get I think. Still nowhere as easy as T-34M which is as Circon said also a good choice.
      In the end, one should sort tanks in their own service record by highest base average xp and go from there.

    • Stathis Papadopoulos

      Mihailo Pisanjuk i know that you think that you should play the tank with the most average exp but you should consider battle time too. For example if you have 850 average exp in a tier 8 and 780 in a tier 6 you should play the tier 6 cause battles there last on average significantly less even about 4 minutes less and you have no cost other than 60 exp. Are you willing to get 60-70 more exp but play 5 less battles per session? I dont think so. So pick a tier 6 tank that you play good. I find the 85m an excellent choice i made more than 60 k exp in two days with it and i played it for 920 average. Again because the battles end quicker. It’s battle time and not exp you should focus on trust me and if the exp. difference is low definetely go for low tiers due to the battles lasting less. Also you will be top tier or semi top tier a lot more at tier 6 than 8 and as tier 6 players are worse than those at tier 8 you will be more influencial and you should also have a better win rate. I hope i helped ya :).

  9. this event has only 1 problem T10 sparcle like twilight … 90% of games are full T10 and only ammo which is used are GOLD … so play HT is almost suecide, TD … well even bigger suecide (expect new rusian ***** which is inpenetrable) so only reasonable staff are meds (only rusians cause of turrets) and LT for exp bonus … so this event would be heaven IF GOLD AMMO WOULD BE BANNED!!! Otherwide the event is total breakdown…

  10. Im spamming the HWK12 and it does 800-1400 base xp easily. Figured I’ll try getting LT-15 in the process.

  11. The bundle stuff inc the credits is simply the missions rewards. So why not toss it in there? As vs the T-44-100, you got nothing besides the tank for more or less the same price. Tho as you said… no tokens, so no gold refunds if you still do a stage later. And tier X is retarded atm. So I’ve been playing the Crom B/E25 combo. No issues to get the XP going.

  12. Nikolai Puumalainen

    312,000 base exp is needed to complete only the second option of all the missions… made me a bit depressed when I counted it because I don’t have many tier 10’s and I’m not too good in them. I much prefer my 8’s ;(

  13. 他媽的我的生活

    when they sell it again will we still keep our discount or is it only for this one time???

  14. Did 55k base xp today… no lifing intensifies. Long live t25 pilot, T29, Panther/M10 and Amx 13 57

  15. actually wz-111 was also in a similar to t-44-100 mission – the token one – 150k dmg and 150 kills with each nation t6+ (if i remember correctly). and it is at “regular” t8 prem price.

  16. you forgot to mention one thing for every step you do, you loose something in the bundle….for example if you complete up to 7 you will loose all the things in the bundle that you have gained from the missions

  17. i could always us 1.700.000

  18. The price war gaming charges for premium tanks is obscene but you know what it’s our fault for actually buying the tanks. Me more than most people are to blame I have dozens of premiums in fact I guess I have most of them like maybe 2/3rds of all the premiums available.

  19. Tier 10 missions….blocking damage, doing damage…..268 4/type 5…. :thinking:

  20. Italian challeng is a LOOOOONG challenge
    *insert lenny face here*

  21. A massive thanks to you circon

  22. Nicely presented and extremely informative, thanks.

    It is interesting that WG refer to the Missions as discounts because a “discount” is normally something that you get for free. In this case, the Missions you play are actually a down payments on the bundle, as the items you earn through the missions disappear from the bundle when you eventually purchase the vehicle.

    Also, you stated that by the end of the Missions the cost of the tank is reduced to about 30 Euros, which is about the average price of a Tier 8 tank. So all those missions to get a bunch of stuff that you don’t want or can earn for free anytime, just so a player can purchase a new tank at the average price of any other Tier 8 vehicle.

    And lets not lose sight of the fact that there are many non-processional players that will struggle to get 22K damage per day without the use of Gold ammo, which equals a bit more money in WG pocket.

    • He said the price goes down to about 30 euros if you complete 5 of the 10 stages, which is relatively easy. If you complete all 10 stages you get the tank for free

  23. Circon wants you to get 1000 base exp per game lol no offence but most of us are gonna get 700 or so even for a win. A lot of times the TOP base exp guy on a team will have 800-900. Assume u will get 600 and I think you are good. I agree tier 6, 7 and tier 9 Scouts are really great base exp tanks.

  24. Great review Circon, I wish I can “Like” this twice!

  25. Hans-Johan Fleischer

    the damage is done. I wish WG made the special skin only for those who complete allm10 stages

  26. Teir X? play Obj. 268 Ver. 4 + 2 key= Profit

  27. Lol circ the only light tank I have is the SP1C!!! Ik liefde SP1C!!

  28. 70$ on NA, so every tier off is 7 bucks off

  29. excellent video….. You are pretty good at Keep it up.

  30. They did good on this mission, i agree…… can you tell me if they did good on this video…it is about player names, type of game play, automated banning system, and assholes.

    Guys, this video is from Claus Kellerman, We as a community should let war gaming know, how ineffective this system they use, really is. We need to come together, right now……over me… The toxic game play, the racist names, the foul language…. ALL approved by War Gaming . Some of you have influence. Maybe you could make WG, see, how BIG OF A FAILURE this is. My son can no longer play wot, because of this particular video, and players like this.

  31. Thanks circon i never new light tanks earn more base xp. Epic it’s my favorite class of tank. Cheers from dogmatix

  32. “Stay away from tier 8…”
    “…unless you have the M41 90”
    *grins in Christmas Bundle pleb*

  33. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Thanks for the tips

  34. Console WoT has been using this kind of system for a little bit.

  35. Easy 1200-1300, said the purple stetpedderer. Not all of us are uniscums 😉

  36. Unfortunately, not all of us can get high calibers all the time like you do Circon. Not for a lack of trying though.

  37. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Thank Circon, this was helpful

  38. Tortoise and 704 ftw

  39. Type 64 confirmed stronk balans.

  40. Thanks for the good info

  41. Just played a few games and teams tend to die immediately and leave me alone to carry pretty hard 🙂

  42. Demolition!ranch!!

    I wana platoon with you so bad I need you to teach me how to world of tanks

  43. I saw the requirements and gave up. My goal is to reach at least rank 4 by playing normally, so I can get a day of premium and some equipment. Worth it for me.

  44. nah quickie’s video had the right calculations, this will take a lot of time, a lot, like 40 games/day lot.. that’s too much for me, I reckon I could get to 50% bonus, but not gonna buy the tank for 30 euros, still too much for a tier8 med tank, cancer tier.

  45. Its easy to grind, i am already at IV if you have tier6 to tier8 premium tanks play them in turns you will make more base xp

  46. Because of diz nice vid i started playing the 13 75 amx
    Nice game of 5 killz & 2.5 k dmg and some spotting of course, but only 700 exp. plus 400 exp for courage, but doesnt count for it aint base exp. And i really have to do my best to get this.
    Obviously i didnt win that game so you get lame low exp.

    My advice; play the M44 arty
    Laidback playing with 600 exp easy per game
    filth! and get that BIA perk while ur at it 😉 and maybe pack some coke while doin that.

  47. therandomnessisreal

    That’s a lot of exp for damage!

  48. therandomnessisreal

    Have a Type62 which I alo grinded during a marathon 😛

  49. The marathon is really really really sh!t…….

  50. if you have the time… and premium time to boot, you can grind from tier 7 to tier 10 with this marathon 😛
    it will take like full-time commitement though, so get leave of absence from work/studies/orz

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