The Italian Panther – Pantera

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. sir_crazy_swedish Asklund

    where you from bro

  2. Spicy

  3. Aka the Better Panther II
    Srsly, Panther II is now more than obsolete

  4. why are your engine sounds so nice? its like curing me migrene-

  5. There are so many reasons as to why id never live in australia and the internet isnt exactly one of them xD

  6. What circon is dutch?!

    • No accent right, that’s something amazing about Dutch or even more so connected to Scandinavians. I feel like they all speak English like native speakers with little to none accent. But with me, no matter how hard I try you can always hear the Slavic accent 🙁

    • FreakeyStyley Circon has a massive accent…you just can’t hear it because you’re not Dutch….

    • Roan Hurenkamp Yeah, that also might be the reason. But Dutch being a Germanic language the difference between classical English accent and Dutch one is minor compared to non-germanic languages. That’s kinda logical thou. And I mean, I’ve heard some Dutch people speak English and Circ’s accent is by far the most subtle one. Hope I make sense. You have a beautiful country by the way, can’t wait for another trip to Netherlands 🙂

    • Roan Hurenkamp well I didnt notice he was dutch until someone asked where he was from

    • I can tell Circon has an accent because of the way he pronounces things with s in them

  7. Just finished this grind yesterday, I liked it a lot better than the panther II.

  8. Old Mountain Hermit

    Hi Circon, what do you think of the pref MM changes ?

    GG btw.

  9. Btw it’s Pantera not Panthera 🙂

  10. the aussies can play Eve Online and be gods in their timezone. Play for free and join karmafleet 😛

  11. GreyBeard The Pirate

    i think we have the worst government lol . well in australia that is lol

  12. Circ fired all 3 Rounds of his clip at one Point? good thin QB didnt saw that, or he would get a seizure

  13. So that tank is as fast as a light tank, harder to hit and slightly better armored than the Panther and has a much better armament. What was the reason that the Panther I is still a T7 and the Panther II as T8?

  14. I’m waiting for Circon to play Pantera while in the Pantera. At the very least there needs to be a video title like “Cowboys from Hell” or “5 Minutes Alone.”

  15. NICE ^^
    Suck my Dick 🙂

  16. The Joker Channel

    I like how I got an ad for Tarzan and there was a talking panther…

  17. why shouldnt have a arty player a good game wtf

    btw arty is not „OP“ at all
    its only strong when you really can drive arty, i mean dude when you are sitting in a M40/43 and you are shooting every 40s a round that will do around 400dmg thats not op also theres the fly time, you dont know where the enemies in 3 seconds are

    • CodenameGunther

      Night Angel because it’s the laziest, shitty game mechanic that WG won’t just get rid of. And yes I have played Arty. 53/55 and CGC still in garage.

  18. Chandler Kristoff

    How to get Progetto 65:
    1:Grind the Xp needed for next italian tank
    2:Play Frontline and grind the credits needed for the italian tank
    3:Buy the italian tank
    4:Repeat 😉

  19. Chandler Kristoff

    World of the tenks.

  20. Chandler Kristoff

    Does anyone know why there was no sound effect when Circon was shot by the T-44? I’m having the same problem and It’s incredibly annoying, i can’t figure out how to turn that sound effect back on.

  21. Chandler Kristoff

    Three shots, three kills, this tank looks like it will be fun.

  22. Electric26 [STK]

    Should’ve put a black paint job on it and called it the Black Panther.

  23. *Gets Ace Tanker*

    “I didn’t do much.”


  24. Gun looks like horse penis yes?

  25. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    9:50 LMFAO bottom tier arty high caliber much balance

  26. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    Italian Panther. It went fastwr in reverse than forward.

  27. O M G It’z Circon without hair !

  28. wait, does Circon play path of exile?

  29. Which zoom out mod you use ?

  30. Ilmari Miettinen

    They look so cool tho


    Anyone get the joke?

  32. Panther II desparately need some buffs, hopefully at least DPM buff. No reason to make the long 88 in that gun to be absurdly slow compared to the same gun in E-50.

    • zeroyuki922 if they’re gonna buff anything in that line, buff the panther 88. That thing is straight garbage

  33. Is-m I got 3.3k dmg 1k spotting track dmg and I get a 2nd class… I was stock too I just wished wargaming can make a ace tanker for stock tanks

  34. The slopes are completely aids now probably to prevent climbing…

  35. Michael Cartwright

    As an Aussie I just come to watch your youtube videos Circon. At least you provide super cool content on here too 😀

  36. New maps are gorgeous. I didn’t even realize this was a remake for half the gameplay.

  37. I love when Circons like “we have nothing to counter that patriot” umm yeah we have a Circon

  38. You think the Australians have it hard!? – pity then the New Zealanders Circonflexes, oh and path of Exile is based in Auckland New Zealand yay.

  39. That enemy Skorpion and IKV 90 though, if they had moved to the middle when the T-44 and Strv were pushing they win that game easily, instead like typical TD bobs they sit there in their camping spots doing nothing.

  40. Celestino Natale


  41. sebastianmagnus

    lucky u got carried by tier 6 arty looool.. kappa gg

  42. Circon be grateful for sh!tty teams, it gives you oportunity to shine 😉


  43. Vincent Tarroux

    That’s a good one, how good is the Panther II compare to this one. Fortunately, the gun has been buffed!

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