The Kharkov Brawl

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Source: SirCircon


  1. 1st comment


  3. Glad to see the 107 has trash handling for people besides me. You just can’t snipe and even midrange is questionable usually.

  4. early enought to not see a single disslike ! youtube life

  5. This is the most awkward Russian medium ever 0.o
    P.S as a British medium player the buffs are well needed… Would’ve preferred more spaced side armor because any shot to your traps will just instantly pen you… More side armor would’ve helped at side scraping at least…

  6. I can eat a whole burger by myself :v

  7. I got my Pools medal whith A44 on Kharkov

  8. Was Circon sipping a nice cup of tea at the end 😀

  9. Redempton™ | Gamer Passioner !

    7:40 look the t71 666 dmg

  10. did get ammo racked on this like 3 games in row, from the front.. gladly on the more stealthy frying pan now.

  11. I did 4k damage bottom tier in this tank once

  12. wow.. somebody actually playing the a44! nice! I personally love the tank.. great brawler and stupid good armor if you facehug or sidescrape, fast too!

  13. I hated my existence when grinding this tank; ammo rack is damaged all the time, and people can destroy both your engine and tracks with one shot.
    However, after 200 games I found out that I had a 67% win ratio in it, and it’s still to this day the tank I’ve achieved the highest base xp.

  14. snowisthebestweather

    4:24 Sometimes I really wish Circ wouldn’t hide the chat. Would love to know who’s telling who to delete the game and go back to barbie. It’s always fun to see people get that salty.

  15. i have 2 marks,if circon start playng this my dreams to 3mark it will be gone 🙂

  16. Wow, that zooming in and out at the beginning made me nauseated. 🙁

  17. 1:58 “Soviet made, Polish approved potato launcher. Only 99.99 comrades, da!”

  18. First the KV-13, then the SU 100m,1 and now the A-44, you’re just reading my list of favorite T7 tanks aren’t you. I’m kinda sad that you didn’t get a good chance to ram something. Hitting 56 kmh chasing some poor light and then slamming into them when they try to turn is glorious.

  19. I think it should have a bit more turret, lower plate and upper plate armor, then I will forgive the awefull gun :^)

  20. Oh god, this bought back so much bad memories with this terrible gun…when I grind to obj430, I hate A44 so much just for its gun. Fully aimed shoots went to ground..gawd.

  21. I’m actually sad that I got my Centurion AX few weeks before they announced the buffs… Good news is that now I got a tier 9 and 10 tanks which is getting the long needed buff but fuck me. Centurion MK 1 was the shittiest tank I’ve plaeyd for a while. 7/1 is okay because of the gun but cant properly fight on ridge lines as everything pens the turret unless you can bait enemy to shoot on thw top part, which you can easily fuck up and show too much of your turret.

  22. 4:10 love how you get an outline on arta through a dead tank.. Seems Legit WG.. SeemsLegit

  23. It’s not really a brawl if you don’t bounce a single shot

  24. wew , 3k dmg is an ace ? i aced my heavy tank n6 with more dmg …


  26. yesssss he finally played the dreadful tank ive been grinding for soooo long

  27. Chandler Kristoff

    0:05 That sip should’ve been louder, Nevermind, I thought this was Claus 😛

  28. Sir is a fckn stat padding cunt could have taken several tanks out but only went for damage, should be banned.

  29. Is anyone else looking at the game statistics and wondering. How the fuck is that an ace. Like on the US server that would’ve been like a 3rd class. Not calling circon bad or anything but like….

  30. so what is the recommendation for grinding sweed tds besides getting to tier 5 and shooting myself

  31. I hated this tank so much, the gun dispersion is really meh… But i had pretty nice stats with it, weird.

  32. City maps are the only places where this tank works

  33. God please remove this map….please Jesus banish this map to hades

  34. Are you still doing user submitted replay cast? Been a while since I saw you make a video of one.

  35. Screw your SU-100M1 3-mark memes, I 3-marked AT15a, top that memelord circon 😀

  36. Yesterday two times I did combinated dmg about 5k. still didn’t get Ace tanker. WTF??? one time was 3k.dmg and 2k assist, 3kills, next time was 2.7dmg and 2.3 assist 4kills. I don’t get it.

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