The KING Has BECOME STRONGER | King Tiger 10.5cm 6.7 (War Thunder Tanks)

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KING Has BECOME STRONGER | King Tiger 10.5cm 6.7 (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. Super late video hope you guys still have time for it..sorry again

  2. Takeru nishizumi92

    Remove the king tiger 10.5 and add the pz vii löwe

  3. Hermann Wilhelm Göring

    So many mistakes

  4. 5:22 Phly what was that noise ?

  5. Yeah finally ..

  6. Vladimir Milosev

    i love amx 30 it is good at flanking and repair cost is not that bad and cool episode

  7. Just try and play the AMX 30 its great 😀

  8. I think its time War thunder realizes they don’t need to put the best nations all on one side. RU + Ger + french = instant win in war thunder meta now. Never understood why french tanks even went on the German side in realistic battles.

  9. its still 7.0?

  10. 6:47
    This guy.
    **OVERHYPE LEVEL=9000**

  11. AMX30 was fun at the begining – like Leo1 (7.7), plus 20mm canon) BUT! I generally hate war thunder – it’s changing every 5 days… so if u r not playing it every day it’s hard to keep up. I played recently – the Abrams shells are now lower penetrations value… why?)))

  12. Koenenstiger


  14. Twice actualy lmao

  15. Isnt form Dev Server right ?

  16. If they are removing the tiger 2 and panther that should make my decision to delete my account even better. Fuck this game!

  17. Where the awsome intro phly ;-;

  18. Dane Rasmussen Jr

    I like the AMX-30 . a lot of fun, decent gun and great maneuverability. cheap on the silver lions as well?

  19. Review the legendary KV-2 nuke launcher

    If there is a mod of that pls do that
    If not
    Do the regular one

  20. jarle van landeghem

    I never played the 10,5cm tiger that much. but with his new BR it is a fun tank to play

  21. 5:22 When hans giving one last hump (1945 colorized, inside tiger knowledge)

  22. i dont want the Tiger 105 or the Panther II to ever go away. i like them too much lol

  23. Phly plz do the bt-7 attempt 3

  24. Good move to make the penetration performance wholly unrealistic? Not really… infact not at all. But that’s the state of WT atm, distancing itself as much from reality as possible. Glad I uninstalled.

  25. The AMX 30’s are great tanks Phly! Both the premium and the tech tree. It was fantastic when it was 7.3 and I never feared an uptier with it. Now it’s 7.7 and it’s still a great tank, although on an up tier you have to be a even more cautious than you used to because of the lack of a stabilizer. The co-ax is either a .50 cal or a 20mm that can’t be taken out of action by killing crew since it’s linked to the gunner. The elevation is also higher for the co-ax than the main gun. I’ve used it to shoot down many, many planes. The tank itself is similar to the Leo 1. Great forward and reverse speed, gun depression, optics and neutral steering. It gets smoke grenades, and smoke rounds you can shoot. I always feel like I can pen whatever I’m shooting at with the HEAT rounds it fires, and the post-pen effect is pretty good. It’s usually best to make sure you spot your target first so you can get the first shot off (but that’s the same for almost every tank).

    All in all, it’s a fantastic sniper tank that can be pressed into service as an AA vehicle in a pinch. For what it’s worth, I’ve got 5k hours in ground RB and top tier with every nation. The AMX 30 (Either version) is one of my favorite tanks in war thunder!

  26. Germany alive 2019!

  27. General Sam's Intern

    But tiger 1/panther is still 5.7 with no apcr. Lmao k.

  28. Next update me…
    Me: *looks up*
    Me:*sees a A-10 plane*
    Me: *looks at the million god darn misses and bombs come to me*
    My friend: you good
    Me: *-well yes but actually-* no

  29. Can you make a Video pls with the Tiger 2 Sla.16 (btw. Im German)

  30. 6:50 Yes and it’s my favorite tank in the game

  31. don;t forget you can add the RU251 and coelian 😀

  32. Adding 105mm to Paper tank do not make it stronger…

  33. Can you play the lorraine 155 mle. 50 in top tier please

  34. Ply daily can you give me tiger 2 pls t 29 kill me always my name DARKFORGE

  35. oh yes, the tiger II long shlong penetrating filthy american tanks at 6.7.

    i might touch myself over this.

  36. and now put the maus in 7.7 the maus is so garbage right now everything can pen it

  37. Which video did you talk about the Tiger and Panther possibly being removed?? I didn’t think I’ve missed a single video for a few months.

  38. FreestylesnipingBF4

    The panther 2 and the tiger 10.5 should not be removed from war thunder.

  39. Now we wait for the Jagdtiger to be dropped to 6.7

  40. the tiger h1 should be at 5.0

  41. Phly the tiger 2h’s former pen used to be 235mm not 220 etc.

  42. Dennis Kerstjens

    love the amx-30 decend armor and lol pen almost everything

  43. Flanked this thing in wt using an m56 scorpion and boom he blew up

  44. I think i’ll relax a bit because i’m finishing Pante ll

  45. at 8:16 phly prob forgot to put the FREE REAL ESTATE meme in

  46. Hey phly can you play the ju87 D-5 with gun pods kthx

  47. Phly just look at the spawncost of a heavy tank to judge if it is a top tier game or if you got sucked up. If a heavy tank costs 220 sp you are top dog, if a heavy tank costs 150 sp you are completely uptierd. Looking at the score board may be false especially as gaijin likes to put together uneven teams against each other (or maybe there is just a guy rated as top dog in your team cause he brought a plane with top br but no tank, we’ll never know). For all the costs in between its an uptier, but not for a full br.

  48. I’m still mad AF right now at whoever the individual at gaijin is that is clearly on the spectrum, decided to bump the jumbo up from 4.7 to 5

  49. Phly, there is no Kv – 85 video in your channel . Can you please fix that ?

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