The King Of Artillery In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish Bkan 1C is a self-propelled artillery vehicle that fires 155mm high explosive rounds every three seconds, making it incredibly lethal to both tanks and aircraft. It is also surprisingly tanky. Due to its very poor depression angles it is basically only useable on city maps, but it is still a very fun machine to use. I wish Gaijin would add more vehicles like it.

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Fight For Peace, Makin' A Sweep, Zero Fight For Peace, In The Field
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The King Of Artillery In War Thunder


  1. No gun Depression
    Russia: First time?

  2. I use the Bkan primarily as SPAA because its better than everything else Sweden gets at that rank, its also just really funny to smack down planes with it and watch them fold in half.

  3. why don’t I ever get to fight people this stupid

  4. I have no clue what you talked about but the tanks are cool.

  5. Bricklington LEGO

    Could you give the British Tortoise a go? It has an amazing round for it’s tier aswell as great armour that can even bounce Tiger II rounds and T-55s.

  6. Always love seeing Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth) falling down the stairs and managing to not spill a single drop of liquor

  7. That music is such a nostalgia hit.

  8. Ah Bkan, the killer of FOB supplies and CVs

  9. 7:48 the god of war has appeared out of no where

  10. 4:47 you were aiming at the pipe. Nothing to do with the hitbox.

  11. i take the bkan into 11.0 to smite russian era

  12. man I want the bkan 1c soo bad, stuck at rank 3 in multiple countries ;(
    also I am a free to play player, now I focus on grinding america and if I had the sl I would be in rank 4

  13. No armor best armor confirmed

  14. that command and conquer soundtrack

  15. I have a friend who uses proxy rounds on the tanks too, but he makes shooting aircraft out of the sky with this thing like art. I love it being called the PEZ dispenser.

  16. DId he remove that video with WOT joining code ?

  17. This tank does either 0 kills, or 10 kills. nothing inbetween.

  18. bkan called the finest thing ever produced by the taxpayers

  19. In Arsenalen in Sweden they this tank in the museum!

  20. Bkan god

  21. 4:27 that bullet shell got places 2 be at

  22. Localspoonenthusiast

    you should play the strv 9040 BILL

  23. 2:33 minecraft death sound

  24. I use the proxy shell 100% of the time. Budget Top down missle

  25. insert cambles soup rolling

  26. How does your game sound so much better? Especially explosions and prop engines?

  27. bandkanonen 1C is my favorite tank

  28. I love using this vehicle to snipe, just shoot high above a light tank or spaa and it will one shot with the proxy

  29. Warthunder seriously needs to reconsider the aiming system of these Artilleries.
    Something closer to WoT’s system would make much more sense.
    The fact that arties are driving around engaging in close combat takes away any realizm that they might be trying to achieve.

  30. 7:48 please god tell me what that noise is

  31. This was cool round

  32. it’s the commannd and conquer generals soundtrack isn’t it ?

  33. that shell is the size of that poor little m22

  34. This is why I love the Swedish tech tree

  35. Read the shell info. That had to be a direct kill because proximity fuze doesn’t start till 300M

  36. Raging. US. Grant

    hey spookston the 2C Bis can pen a tiger 2. can you please make a video on that.

  37. I cannot believe I’m hearing c&c generals music

  38. fr tho, id be great to have artillery arcing shells like in WOT

  39. random shitpost channel

    4:23 the shell went on an adventure

  40. Damn I missed the game unfortunately my laptop is currently broken and I don’t have the money yet to repair.

  41. Can you play the Jagtiger

  42. Wait so you can destroy tanks with it? Damn. I treat it like AA

  43. Is that music from C&C Generals ? 😀

  44. It’s such BS but also not surprising that russian mg’s dont have a hit box

  45. I creased up at the *”I’ve fallen and I cant get up!”*

  46. bro, i was playing a m56 (USA), and for those who know, this shell is the size of y open top, I baited it, and felt fcking proud, peeked the corner and got absolutly demolished

  47. Does anyone know that sound/music part from 7:49 ?

  48. 1:24 – it’s not for fun, at all; that shit is nothing but pain. it’s for getting “God Mode!”.

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