The King Of Ratty Tanks

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Source: Spookston

Fast and small tanks are some of my favorite vehicles in Thunder, and the M22 Locust is probably the epitome of that gameplay philosophy.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer Tracks

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The King Of Ratty Tanks


  1. Do you have a discord bruh

  2. Day 2 of asking spook to play the CV90-120 and using the 24x telescope to kill birds

  3. Maybe play kv-2 next

  4. Day 10 of asking for hstvl

  5. day 2 of asking spookstone to play itlian M11/39

  6. Stupid rock you make me look bad

  7. Do a live stream and play spookston bingo and the people who win get a premium or GE

  8. Jakub Orybkiewicz

    Use the Chi Ha LG

  9. How dare u call the best tank in the game a rat… unless you prefer the L3/33 which ur wrong!

  10. I feel that low caliber AP is more effective than high caliber. I tried using 100mm AP ammo and couldn’t even penetrate 15mm thick armor.

  11. Can you do a video on the mbt 70?

  12. Hey spook i have an idea for a challenge
    Since you hate the crocodile so much,why dont you play it

  13. @Spookston, you should try the amx-13 (FL11). It is a monster at 4.0 with a medium velocity 75mm gun that uses M62, high speed, remarkable fire on the move capability and volumetric made the armor super janky so you can bounce shots that should kill you

  14. Play the Chinese Sd.Kfz.222. It’s the most fun vehicle As it’s a 20 MM AA. It being low tier, it makes a lot of tanks penetrable. It’s fast and mobile and is an amazing and fun vehicle

  15. Day 14 of asking spookston to play t-28 (1938)

  16. Day 19 of asking Spookston to play type 87 rcv

  17. Day 1 for you to play the Jagdtiger.

  18. Play the milk truck

  19. M22: Oh
    BT-5: Im Smarter, Im Stronger, IM BETTER!

  20. Play war Thunder mobile, I swear it’s great

  21. The 37 is good enough to take out tiger 1’s. I love bringing my m3a1 Stuart with me at 5.7 just to give them hell

  22. Can U do like PzIIIL and M video pls? I’m really having trouble playing with them

  23. Play the IS-2, it’s really fun to stomp on german mains with it

  24. We all have to admit that the M22 is the tank that helped us all out of American low tier.

  25. Can you play the Bt-42

  26. Day 7 waiting for spookston trying out the finnish ct cv 105hp

  27. If you would like to suffer I suggest to play the type 60 spgr or the type 75 sph. These two are absolute cas magnet.

  28. i am sad rn bro, please put more memes in your videos bro, you’re the best bro (play tier 1 vehicles pls)

  29. Spookston what about 15cm sig 33 b sfl

  30. Day 7 of asking spookston to play the Chi Ha short gun

  31. day 19 of asking to play the is2

  32. Some CAS players bomb and revenge bomb
    I am a cas player killing other cas players
    We are not the same.

  33. Michał Dróżdż

    Play flakpanzer

  34. About the British using this, they tried to use it as an airborne tank, replacing the Tetrarch (Reserve tank for Britain). It did not perform well, and the crew did not like how cramped it was. Eventually they considered the Tetrarch better, and brought it back. (really its equal to the m22 other than in turret traverse in game, idk why its 1.0)

  35. Day 4 of asking spook to play the Spj fm/43-44 Swedish 1.7 trumpet tank.
    Slaughters up to 4.0

  36. day 12 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  37. I see this “thing” in 11.3 💀

  38. You messed up Spookston. You should have taken it out at at least 5.3 or 5.7. When I’m feeling especially nihilistic, I enjoy torturing German teams with it. One shotting Panthers and Panzer IV/70’s is especially satisfying. I’ve pecked many Tigers to death with them, too. Unfortunately, you can’t troll Russians with them, because you know, the developers won’t let Russian vehicles get trolled by anything.

  39. Play the 2S38 day 1

  40. The m-22 is the best tank in rank 1!

  41. Round 78 for the Ariete Spaghetti. Gotta go fast

  42. Literally best tank in the game

  43. Use challenger 2 BN & TES next I dare u!

  44. 4:28 what’s the little time here

  45. 3:10 glad to know I’m not the only one.

  46. Ahh yes I remember how horrifying it is to face a Locust Swarm without an autocannon; you’ll never kill them all…

  47. Spookston seeing a plane crash is like Jerma watching a car take any damage

  48. Day 82 of asking @Spookston to play the Type 93 :=)

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