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War Thunder In Tigor –


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  1. I feel like the Kingtiger was anything but fearful… When M8 “Greyhounds” during the “Battle of the Bulge” and T-34s wipe out entire collumns of these (combined with the massive issues with the KT’s overstressed turret motor), they come off more as a comical waste of resources than anything else.

    *Wehraboo Trigger Mode OFF!*
    Jokea aside, KT is one of the sexiest tanks of WWII. Shame she didn’t have more time to be properly introduced.

  2. There were only like 400-500 tiger 2s made😂

  3. Maximilian John

    Tiger II was top at armor, weapon but it was top at break downs too.
    Even it’s crews was far less skilled then the crews 9f of the victory nations.

  4. Hah, its boring, you use Tiger II 105mm gun (BR6.7) enemy just BR5.3-5.7 in first battle hah just boring match, because you top BR,
    You know if i play Tiger II H 88mm gun (BR6.7) my enemy will BR 7.7, its make my head sick they have a very good advanced from my tank, i VS Leopard 1, Jadtiger, T-54, IS-4M, Conqueror, Centurion MK 10, M103, M60, M48A1, that +1 up BR, and i play very often lose,
    Why every youtuber play War Thunder they have a easy match, not VS UP BR so oftenly?,,
    Hah War Thunder oh War Thunder,

    Sorry my friend, because my persen to lose is 80-90% if i play BR6.7, because i very often VS BR7.7 my friend, sorry,

  5. Hey Phly, you might not have seen it, but I asked nicely if you could buy the Pz. IV J (1:03) in your Type 75 video. Can you please buy it? Thanks dad. Love you!

  6. Brian Williamson

    I hate playing my tiger 2. I gave up and went back to my H1 that thing is an absolute beast at its br

  7. MONKE Monkey ape chimpanzee gorilla man

    I need to save this so me and my tiger 2 can get some tanks

  8. How did he go right through American t34 gun mantlet?

  9. Hey could you play the object 906 pls?

  10. when it was mobile.. and gassed up… and not broke down…. hmmm… sounds like a bit of a pig… give me 30 sherman tanks anyday..

  11. What about ads every 5 minutes?

  12. Day three play the IS-2 with HE

  13. Imagine if one day Phly daily just joined your squadron and played in sqb so that you move to first

  14. u should look into the Maresal romanian tank destroyer prototype :))))

  15. Melting ice Gaming

    wait is the nuke a thing a thing in ground rb now?

  16. Do 217 M-1 And Tiger I (P) or the prototype tiger and the Hetzer

  17. Tiger ii was defeated by shear number of allied tanks. I’ve read on multiple sources that the Tiger ii gun was so powerful that its shell used to pierce & go through the entire armour of American Shermans.

  18. 0:02 Hello there


  20. Russian bias at his finest every game I play

  21. cool stuff

  22. Nikola Brajkovic


  23. I don’t understand anything but it’s very interesting) I’m Russian

  24. on north eastern gear
    phly kills shit

  25. how many hours does Phly actually have in game ?

  26. It would be fun if you actually got a 6.7 match

  27. Can you feel the dad jokes kicking in yet?

  28. It’s kinda impossible to get nuke at +0. Way easier at +1 XD

  29. 1:20 , You made a mistake *A Tiger II without fuel and only 3 HE bullets and 1 missing crew member vs 30 Sherman Tanks

  30. The tiger2 was made in 1943 and the shereman 1942

  31. God the flashbacks of playing this thing back in the days when the Brits had only just got their ground vehicles and feeling like a god damn raid boss. Now though…

  32. Video starts at 2:59

  33. Thomas Kositzki

    The thumbnail, the intro… Phly so Cheeki Breeki! XD

    BTW when you talked about the power of the Tiger II. The hard part for the Germans was to get them onto the battlefield in working condition. These things were logistical nightmares. However when they managed, the Allies would bleed. I know of two events on the eastern front where single Tiger IIs destroyed entire armoured spearheads of the Sovjets, destroying 20+ vehicles in one engagement. On top of that an Combat Command of an American Armoured Division got smashed in March 1945 when they ran into a company of them.
    So yeah, when they showed up at all, they devastated.

  34. Day 7: Play the AR-2 in Ground RB with BT-5, SU-122, ZIS-30 and Chaika…it’s so fun…

  35. Why didn’t you ask gaijin for the tiger 10.5 for the video?

  36. I’d rather have 30 Shermans than 1 Tiger II but I’d rather be in 1 Tiger II than in 30 Shermans

  37. How can a tiger 2 pen a t29 gun mantlet when they tested it in real life it would only bounce man this game is trash.

  38. That’s why i left American tech tree in tier 5 and just went for Germany,
    Now i’m in Germany tier 6 and honestly i have enjoyed all the tiers.
    I’ll get back and complete American tech tree once i’m done with Germany.

  39. Diesel Powered Chicken

    Top gear is my favorite show so nice intro

  40. 4:52 R.I.P Tree

  41. Great as always Phly! But i need more aircraft in your content. Keep up the good work!

  42. Sometimes i have no idea how he is able to see enemies rly

  43. Can u still play with tiger 2 105 mm?

  44. soviet union joke: now it’s red, now it’s dead

  45. Day 32: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  46. Bro tell us the minimum pc specs for war thunder it would help me.

  47. Phly! Why you no play Enlisted anymore??

  48. Dude – tell me what you want – but there *has* to be special MM for famous Youtubers. They’re acting like AI bots on level 0.4/10.
    Phlys positioning is usually good – but that can’t account for everything. 😀

  49. Phly can you play the Swift F7 with the Fireflash missiles? They are a ton of phun to use in head-on’s.

  50. War thunder sucks

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