The King Tiger Slayer

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Source: Spookston

The M-51 is an M4 medium tank armed with a 105mm HEAT slinging cannon. It can go through just about anything, it a joy to use against German .

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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The King Tiger Slayer


  1. Play at Arcade battle just to see how it is bad please

  2. Jumbo Sherman 76 !!!!!!!!

  3. play the event

  4. Can you please play the Churchill I?
    It seems like an interesting tank (I don’t play war thunder lol)

  5. Can you play the kv2-zis 6 if any1 still uses it these days xD

  6. Can you make a video playing the Wiesel 1a2 as a bush ? I think that would be a fun one 🙂

  7. Can you play helicopter PvE
    It’s a game mode I feel needs more coverage
    Thank you

  8. pls video to the Atomic heart event

  9. Churchill NA75 pls?
    Day 6

  10. before this tank one hit kill anything, now won’t do that

  11. A-10=brrrrrrrrrrr


  12. On paper this is possibly the most versatile tank in the game and can hold its own against anything.

    But doing it is a challange to say the least. Then again I’m a Brit main so I kinda used to it at this point

  13. Your constant insulting of German mains activates the hidden bomb magnet passive

  14. Sebestyén Serfőző

    whats the song called at 7:00

  15. leopard please ;(

  16. You should play the AUF1

  17. My favorite part of playing the sherman tanks at the 5.0-6.0 bracket is you still get the occasional bounce

  18. Day 22 asking for the Matilda hedgehog

  19. You honestly deserved that bomb when you were on that hill. They literally couldn’t shoot you for the most part.

  20. Day 3 of asking spookston to play the btr-80

  21. Spookston can you try the TAM 2IP (day 1)

  22. Porridge Clone 🕵

  23. Oof 8:41 he fucked up bad 😂😂

  24. Yet another day asking for the M4A3 (105)

  25. day 2 for asking for the turm III

  26. 7:11 that hello had the same energy and the Skyrim Joe Biden hello meme

  27. Fair enaugh that u got bombed. Noone Was able to kill u with a tank
    Also u can pen everything easy at this br. M51 is op in my view

  28. It would be nice if you played more non-premium tanks so more of us can test your opinions on what is a good or bad tank

  29. Is there any chance you’d play the comet or the apds nerf makes it unplayable?

  30. Nikita Aaron Gräber

    m4a4 iii/iv please, it`s the best low rank sherman!

  31. For me, the reserve m-51 is a godsend, this thing has bounced so many german long 75s and 88s even though its got the armor of…a sherman

  32. Heisenballsofficial

    pls play type 62

  33. MillitaryMachines

    churchill gun carrier!!!?

  34. Speaking of 76 sherman, would you like to do a 5.3(.7) american line up video like you did with germany again? Or would that be too boring bullying clueless tiger drivers all the time?

  35. cant wait till that thing is 5.7 or lower. fact that that thing is getting lower and lower in br is irritating. I can easily kill 7.7 tanks in that and the non prem one with ease. so i have no clue as to why it keeps going down in br.

  36. M103 or Conqueror?

  37. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    4:48 CAS players always seem to target people off someplace not doing a ton – instead of bombing the 5 tanks capping. That or straight up spawn camping.

  38. Day 2 of asking for the Leo 2k

  39. Nokia tank 1:38 spotted

  40. It’s only inconsistent when shooting it, not when being shot by it xD

  41. I'm here on my little break from grinding - Adonis

    I love that goofy zoom at 1:42

  42. Do you get targeted alot for being a youtuber?

  43. Day 37 of asking spookston to play the sturmpanzer

  44. The best thing about this lil feller is its exterior. Everyone assumes you’re a regular M4 with 76 so they don’t pay attention to you or try to angle/wiggle before you send a HEAT right through the thickest part of their armour.

  45. Rodrigo Gabriel Müller

    Thumbs up for the Command &Conquer Generals soundtrack.👍

  46. Play the 15 cm sIG 33 B Sfl. Extra points for uptiering it.
    attempt 35

  47. I was wondering when you were going to cover this one.

  48. attempt #27

    could you please play the Type 60 SPRG?

  49. Every true german player will bully israel player

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