The Kranvagn is SICK and I am too…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Kranvagn. In update 1.5 the Kranvagn was MASSIVELY buffed! let’s check it out!


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  1. Type 5 heavy turns into T57 HEAVY NICE IDEA

  2. That lynx is a crazy driver

  3. I love this update but i would have traded it with better lower frontal armor.. I hate this tank on Ensk etc. You cant push with it cause everything can pen you in the lower front.

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  5. Nobody is crying coz its OP?? Oh sorry i forgott… its NOT an russian tank… most importantly that u crying that russians completely average tanks likes the IS7 are OP .. FUCKING WESTERN FASISTS…GAY SUPPORTERS!

  6. idk if its just me but this was a very satisfying video haha hope you get better sickybaby but you did great none the less and thanks

  7. This tank is trash and so am I.

  8. Complete muppet….. hahaha! How I wish I had QB’S stats as the muppet I am!

  9. Benjamin Isaksson

    Sick title ;D

  10. Benjamin Isaksson

    Saw this replay live it was so fun

  11. The buff is too much, they buffed the mobility and dpm far too much now.

  12. So much for the AMX 50 B

  13. It’s a great tank tier 10 tank, but it’s a shame they nerfed the hell out of the tier 8 Emil 1 to get there. That tier 8 is now a joke, a laughing stock.

  14. Get some rest sickybaby

  15. Type 4 and 5 nerf to HE also buffs Kranvagn, now they HE for ~200 dmg instead of 500 dmg to the turret.

  16. Quickybaby: Now this tank is sick (me too) and got lots of buffs on updates.
    Also Quuckybaby: But iam not done yet!!

  17. Feel better Quickybaby!

  18. Still waiting pathetically for E5 buff

  19. tbh i had this tank before the 1.5 update and it did great in it, but my biggest problem was the pen, 252 isnt enough for a tier 10, especially i only shot AP …i didnt mind the 30sec reload…but i guess i have to play it more like this

  20. Thats a very big T57 heavy at the end of the game.

  21. Get better m8

  22. He’s not sick, he’s 12 again!

  23. Pathetic little wimp, man up you bellend

  24. Doesn’t matter if Kranvagn is sick now or not. Won’t do jack when you keep getting half the team filled with red tomato players. All these 40-45% players with even 10k+ games. They’ll just yolo in the open and die, 0-6 in 1.5mins, camp a corner and what not. Leaving you more or less alone and 4-6 tanks can simply swarm you. Won’t matter if you would be some World Championship WoT winner, you’ll just die. This video is all about when stars align. Top tier matchup against tier 8 and 9, no art, plenty of ridges, TDs not even covering that lane on and on and on. I quit playing WoT for a reason.

    Sure I’m no real pro either, got only about 15k matches played and around 54% WR but not fun enough anymore. You can get some real good odd games but most of the times you’ll end up as I said. You need to carry hard every single game, do 7k+ dmg/spotting and what not 24/7 or it’s auto loss. I’m accually not bad loser like that. If I lose becuase enemy team was just simply better or better tactics, outmaneuvering etc then sure that’s fine but when you keep losing so many matches to due pure stupidity, it takes any enjoyment out of the game.

    As a 40yo player I guess it’s time to quit the game for good and let the (cough) millenials and it’s “pre-teen community” take over. Most of us know that free2play games usually gets the bottom barrel of a community so guess it’s my bad after all. Over and out.

  25. I forget what it feels like to be sick. Work outside, Don’t wash your hands unless using a public washroom/facility, exercise, and have a dog… Bam, recipe to not get sick.

  26. 1up for the Sickybaby. Sorry for missing your stream last night – was having a Fantastic Beasts filmathon 🙂

    I’ve been working towards the new Swedish HTs for a wee while now, currently on the Strv 74, so I am looking forward to these newly-buffed vehicles.

    I hope you feel better soon mate!

  27. You are a doctor how can you get sick lol you must have the best drugs get well soon 🙂 glhf o7

  28. Great Video! I love how you call yourself a “Muppet” when you just got you third ring on that tank. Brilliant. Get well, soon.

  29. Thank you for the video but pls, first take care of yourself and get well 🙂

  30. So they made another op hulldown bs heavy. Round of applause.

  31. You sound very high class British when ill ??

  32. QB you’re insane…. We love you

  33. Confused_Travolta

    God damn it. I’m at Leo and I decided I will go for new medium swedish tanks, cos heavies never appealed to me. But now I want Kranwagen xd

  34. Enjoy it before it gets nerfed…..

  35. hahaha…sickybaby. Great broken Voice Man 😉

  36. get well soon…

  37. Tangled and Happiness

    Get well soon, QB.

  38. Hay I can’t play like I use too house. burned down hay you can’t see my house are any one else it don’t matter anymore 8461 skyway it’s the one with the whight picket fence

  39. QB I had man flu for about 2 months get well soon.????

  40. Your average school shooting Eugene LMAO MAN

    Being sick but staying with short sleeve shirt….lol

  41. So now everyone will buy it, and then after some months WG will nerf it, and we will have just wasted the money: as it happened with Obj 468U. Type 5, the British TD tier X annd so on. Let’s steal some money to the customers…

  42. Sorry your sick m8 but easily the funniest vid you have done so far…:-)

  43. James Howard-White

    I just bought the Leo, in order to do the new UDES line.
    But now I’ve got to consider the Kranvagn.

    What would you recommend?

  44. The_Goblin _King

    Same old WGing tactic for making money. Over buff a tank (that not many people have) so all the wanna be unicums will spend money to get it. They will nerf it back to something reasonable in 2 patches time.

  45. Kwing Wang Leung

    Never knew you play league of legend… Pog

  46. I know how u fell QB

  47. Ivan plays Roblox

    um can Maus easly kill the kranvagn? i mean the maus is over powerd as heck so i wouldn’t expect for it to easly kill the kranvagn despite how good the kranvagn is.

  48. Sumawira Wijanata

    I feel bad that you forced yourself to upload this video for the sake of the viewers even though you’re sick. Get well soon QB

  49. SickyBaby

  50. Terracraft or Rex

    Pls don’t push yourself too much , i can understand that you can’t do videos because you are sick

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