THE KV-1C WAS ALMOST INVINCIBLE – Why does no one play this now?

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Source: OddBawZ

The KW 1 C 756 (r) in War used to be known simply as the KV-1C and it absolutely ruined battle rating 4.7! Eventually, once people stopped buying this tank, Gaijin moved it up to 5.0 and now I hardly see it.

Today, I played the KW-1C to figure out whether it's bad or people just assume it's not good anymore. Turns out… this thing is still just as awesome as it ever was! 🙂

Definitely one of the best tanks in the game still!


  1. Hey Odd, I know u said a couple vids ago that u were thinking about doing one on the h1, I have several streams that I have where I show how well it can be, it would be an honor if u used some of my game play as an example

  2. I’ve wondered that for years. The vehicle stats are far frnm accurate!

  3. Warthunder is a game of lineups, without a lineup it doesn’t matter what BR it is, unless of course you just leave after one death, something Gaijin seems to promote.
    It’s good at 5.0, but a proper lineup can get it to 5.3 or even 5.7, and if that happens to be an express ticket to constant uptier land and you end up playing this former 4.7 against 6.3 or 6.7 it’s really not worth playing anymore.

  4. Video 175 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  5. Dave's Throwaway acc 1

    I hope they make the Germany suffers icon an actual profile avatar

  6. Autoloaded Baguette

    Play the Amx 40

  7. The-Dark-Lord-Hussie

    hello OddBawZ, the subscriber skull gets in the way of the kill feed in the bottom right corner and was wondering if it could be moved to the upper right corner. love the content

  8. texasslinglead somtingwong

    Another one I don’t see often is the hi ro prototype

  9. Please play the 7.0br Ru 251

  10. showing the games where you can’t respawn much respect you can’t win them all

  11. Oddbawz I’ve got a video idea
    U can play the Swedish trumpet and take it up to top teir and try to get in the Saab viggen with it
    Also I just really want an updated video on the trumpet plus a video on the viggen

  12. bro , could make videos – 2 tower tanks m3 lee , ro-go etc etc

  13. Brother odd , can u please tell us where is phly? Is he fine? Everything good? Its been so long hes not even updating about whats goin on and everyone is worried so please let us know.

  14. THIS TANK IS SHIT !!!! it never penetrates and dies EASILY! gun is SHIT!

  15. I didn’t mind it getting bumped up in BR but Germany’s line ups are around 4.7 and 5.3, leaving this thing in a weird deadzone.

  16. I play this now with the panther prototype and to my surprise this thing is better than the vk(blah blah-panther prototype)

  17. As a top tier player should they add radiation bombs

  18. Definitelly recommend playing the A36 Apache with the Chaffe

  19. You need to try out the Crusader III and Cromwell I, they’re 3.0~ vehicles that perform at 5.0+; they’re basically Pumas/Locusts on steroids. They can penetrate a Tiger 1 frontally, or a Tiger 2s turret, can redden most barrels with a single shot up to 8.0~, and are shoulder stabilised.

    Leopards 1s at 7.3 are incredibly easy to kill with it too, as their turrets are penetrable with the 6pdr whilst if they angle even slightly they can be penned from the hull. To deal with M48s, destroy their barrel and tracks — then aim for the neck as you can penetrate her frontally there. A ton of other vehicles you can easily flank and hit from the sides. They’re also immune to .50 cal, whilst the Cromwell is protected against some SPAAs and IFV guns.

    With some aim, you can frequently one shot IFVs and SPAAs; they’re also incredibly fast and incredibly small, which you can use with excellent effect for flanking or ambushes. Because of your speed and size, you tend to encounter a lot of Leopards, IFVs, and other lightly armoured vehicles — in other words, easy pickings and big targets.

  20. because it’s always uptiered against things it can’t play against. The br compression and BR raise has placed in in a league where its too slow, gun is too weak and zero armor. There’s no real 5.0 lineup so you will see 6.3 a lot. That’s why nobody plays it.

  21. plz play the A6M5 Hei with its 15kg rockets

  22. i came back to play warthunder exactly at this time…. god it was pain

    But su-122 heat og BRRRRRRRRRR

  23. I play this tank a lot and it’s insanely strong.
    I have bushes on my turret and I can fairly reliably bounce stuff. The fact you angle the hull means you can strafe forwards/backwards (IE side-side) whilst reloading and make it extremely hard to get a hit on your turret.

    I even bounce guns that have no right bouncing. I assume because people aim for the turret even if they could actually pen the hull.

  24. That thing looks like a joy to play 😀

  25. Easy-8 sherman with friends is the best!! Remember WT times with quadruole E8 absolutely tearing teams apart… has like 3-4sec reload in WT 😀

  26. Love the gameplay, but please, please, please, for love of god, use the HEAT!

  27. Yo Odd, do you have any info about Phly? Is he ok?

  28. Harold Reijersen van Buuren

    Well i cant play it because i dont own it but it looks good.

  29. Александр Гачимэн

    BEcause SU-152 says PRIVET

  30. I have content for you use the p.108A serie 2 2.3 br with a 102mm 50 rounds 159 penetration

  31. I play a lot with this tank, and still have a lot of fun.

  32. Do you know if Phly is living

  33. Grilledcheese Eater

    its a staple in sim

  34. Raquesis?! It's Lachesis!

    i find it funny when tanks go from “OP to okay” or in this tanks case “not bad, even after all the nerfs i’m still really good in places” funny. people sometimes try to find a “quick buck” tank to get their funds, and run away when they can’t get it easy anymore. but the joke here is that … this tank is still really nice all things considered.

  35. iv play this in br 5 its fine

  36. this thing is played in the SIM lineup ALL THE TIME lol

  37. hey have you heard from phly

  38. why do you use IAS instead of TAS?

  39. That shot early on on the t34 85 was so impressive. Youve had longer shots, but the time between you spotting it to firing just shows how good you are at the game

    • Odd is a good player, but he also missed the spot on that same guy at 4:44. Really the most important thing to focus on in this game is spotting. Odd’s no slouch, but sometimes his ability to find targets is hampered–really he should be playing ULQ. It’s considered “dirty” in the community but there’s no reason to play with high or movie settings when it just puts you at a disadvantage.

  40. Continuing the great trend of Germany getting strictly better versions of soviet tanks

  41. that thing is the the biggest piece of cancer ive ever fought in WT

  42. I still play with that

  43. i bought the kv1c for squad battles years ago, it was crrrap . pulled it out to give it another try because of bawz , NOPE still crap . it is useless shit for brawling

  44. I still play the kv1c with my tiger,panther,and marder 3 h

  45. Ive ran into it several times and they just decimate the enemy team

  46. Because the tank is not great… It gets penned by everything. Only really good players can make it work, but then again, they can make everything work. And since I’m not the best player, this tank is pretty useless for me. There are lots of better options.

  47. noone plays it because in the mode with competent players its a 5.0 where it gets OWNED easily because its a KV-1 and those are super easy to kill from the front and sides and with the 1C you can’t even use engine armor because of the huge ass commanders hatch that makes crew kills easy. At 4.7 (which it still is in the easy noob mode aka the content creator idiot level its still 4.7 and it still gets owned when competent players go to play that mode)

  48. Where is phly

  49. One of the nicest parts of the KW-1C is the reload. Armor’s nice, mobility is fine, but that reload is so nice.

  50. jar jar the furry killer🇷🇺

    Lol i maxed this vehicle out lol i have like 500 kills with it total and imo it is one of the worst tanks ive ever used lol it just gets uptiered all the time.

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