^^| The LAGO tank Swedish Tier 4

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Source: SirCircon


  1. that ending haha

  2. This tank can win against tier 6’s. I even killed a full hp tiger with fail
    platoon. But the hp is shit

  3. Nice vid. I’m on the tier 3 M/40L. Not looking forward to the Lago as it
    seems similar to the Czech tier 4 medium the ST VZ 39. HATED that tank.

  4. I finally gave up on this hunk of shit tank and free xp’d to the tier 5

  5. Bloody nice you did however !!

  6. Lost every single battle since I got it…I hate that people know how to
    beat tanks up with it when it isn’t upgraded and I don’t. Fancy, confident
    people thinking they’re so great. Hate the unfairness in this game.

  7. Was surprised on that ace. Today got 1,4k dmg 3 kills on equal or higher
    tier..2nd class. Must have been because of low view range on that 50%

  8. That Broken Engine sound tho.

  9. What is this Udder Tier 2? :)

  10. The Sanity Assassin

    “Damnit” Circon 2016

  11. Why be there noreg flag on swedish tank?

  12. Ahh ther only muslim tree int he game so far

  13. I hated every moment of this pile of garbage.

  14. LEGO tank, I thought it would be from IKEA xD

  15. does this tank have reverse pref mm? I have 10 battles now and all were
    against tier 5 and 6…

  16. Hi Circon! KAPPA 😛 Love your streams, you are hilarious!

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