The Lakeville BRAWL!

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  1. Im so early that you just realised how MUCH YOU LOVE CIRCON

  2. Sebithekit KRAWALL

    another king tiger carry xD

  3. Holy shit is that a Supra?

  4. Nice game Circon!
    Can we maybe see some golfing again on the channel?

  5. Fee-fi-fo-fum

  6. Great game play 👏👏👍👍

  7. damn I can’t believe I missed watching this live, that was awesome

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The reload time on that T28


  9. who was roasted there at the beginning?!

  10. Pikilloification

    Another one of those 5% gold games.

  11. What’s the mod that allows you to look farther than your gun can swing in sniper mode?

  12. It’s not surprising you bounced the lower plate on the 112, after it got buffed it has a better lower plate than the 113.
    I’d argue that the 112 is probably the best tier 8 pref-mm HT at this point

  13. That brawl at the start reminded some movie with medieval knights. Shit tons of armor and very heavy blunt weapons. Smashing each other.

  14. longus schlongus

    playing the t28 prot rn. one more 400dmg loss in that thing and someone will have to pay for it

  15. Ryokajimo Sensei

    When the tank works too good against russian tanks, it needs a nerf

  16. Gold shot vs lower tiers. You just have to have that extra pen vs lower tiers. 😀😀

  17. 2:31 ghost shell

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