The Lancen C – World of Tanks

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  1. Some people asked for another Ace replay, so here you go. Have a nice friday! : )

  2. YAY finally first!!
    Gday to you Circon!!
    love your work

    Epic ram btw

  3. Been watching ur stream for a year great content, and again yesterday’s rant was spot on

  4. Always great to see an upload by uncle Circon in your recommended!

  5. This tank makes me excited for the UDES 15/16. I’ve had so much fun with it.

  6. I still see your video about not letting the v-hull designs onto the live server in my recommended vids. Over a year old, but still relevant…

  7. Uhh after dat replay I almost want go back to playing wot… oh wait – Arta

  8. Rudolf Palasievic

    Any plans to stream the wot classic ? Man please, brings back memories …

  9. Brilliant! And that timing with the arty hit, almost choked on my coffee laughing so hard 🙂

  10. Lancen C basically means lancen circon

  11. #Circonflexes Have you seen this guy #MrBeast He donate’s $$$$$$ to random twitches !

  12. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Somone actually laughing when he gets hit by arty is one of the 7 wonders of the world lmao

  13. “I’m so surprised I haven’t been artied yet” he says as a shell is in the air.

  14. this Replay simply shows that 1 side had a Good team >> the other side had a poor team > typical 3-5-7 Template MM that ignores players skills completely, and so you get this ,, Circon yeah he sure played well > but all mostly thanks to the 3-5-7 dumbed down 10 second wait time turbo quick queue to get into any game fast

  15. LOL couple of ace tanke badges..:)

  16. Norway Represent! ❤???

  17. Still wondering if i would buy this tank.

  18. O-Ho players always surprise you. Like O-Ho! Hahahaha Awful joke kill me send noose pls tnx

  19. The Sanity Assassin

    Are you new to this game? Circon is just a beginner too, join him Live on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Disclaimer: Circon may make world of tanks fun again

  20. lol 500hp lost for that 1 hp ram kill

  21. M looks good!!!

  22. god bless arty players hahahhahah ahahaahahah

  23. WG please nerf circon he is too op!!!!!! too many aces in his bag!!!! keep up the good work mate and continue seal clubbing at higher tiers…

  24. This tank looks to be a fun one in the current meta tbh

  25. One thing I have learned from Circon is that a huge part of doing well in this game is being ready to farm when the opportunity arises.

  26. Hacks if i shot that T54’s side armor at 35 degree angle with 276 pen it would bounce!

  27. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Hi Circon you get a proper Kamikaze medal!! dont you think that WG should change that award? how that fuck is a O-I geting a Kamikaze medal for raming a AMX 13 75?? that is Bullshit men. that medal should be obtained when you kill a heavier veiacle, for example veiacles with +10% weight then your tank. That is a proper Kamikaze,

  28. 1:40 What if you wanted to play the game, but then arty was like:


  29. Jarrod Billenwillms

    What mod pak are you running circon?

  30. It appears you might be good at this bloody game Circon !!

  31. that gun can fire quite fast considering the alpha it has! I really like the way it moves, and it’d be a purchase from me if I had some money lying around, but such is not the case
    and it has made the tvp vtu 105 obsolete. Then again, the vtu is already regarded as the “defender destroyer” after all…

  32. Napoleon Bonerpant

    3:11 LMFAO omfg

  33. Is that 3 aces in a row ??Wait maybe i am good at this game?? Circon 2019

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