The Land Battleships – War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. You’re very entertaining Baron.

  2. if the british, had completed there land battleship then all those tanks
    would be children in comparison to guns, strength and size. just 1 engine
    would cost about 14 million pounds, and thats kinda why it only got to
    prototype and was only half complete at that

  3. Plan you play the Sherman Firefly or the Comet? Would love to see a video
    on one of them.

  4. do Churchill mark.3 the royal army is here!!

  5. what about the smk?

  6. make a video on a war thunder tutorial

  7. I JUST MADE THE BaronVonGames Fan Discord chat!!!!!! FOR ANYBODY WHO WANTS

  8. I wish this T-35 would be in H&G and not the T-28.

  9. make a 3 tiger 1 tank video on men of war Mondays

  10. JustTheFriendlyGerman

    Where is SMK comrade?

  11. you forgot the USA battleship. The M6A1

  12. coz it takes 6 days to enter the battle bro.

  13. The Landbattleships wasnt used because they where to heavy, to thin armor
    and the one commander had to many crew members to lead like in aber T-35.
    They arent usefull in battle. A Pz III is way more effective in combat then
    a Neubaufahrzeug

  14. Am i the only one feeling that land battleships where most Early world war

  15. Hmm is there the British Vickers A1E1 Independent it was a land
    battleship or even the Italian Fait 2000 thou not sure on it as a land
    battleship.I hope to see more Prototypes or un used tanks come to life.

  16. wtf 720p and quality still terrible

  17. Thunderbolt and the boomerang aussie combo!

  18. what about the m4a3e2 (76) Jumbo and b 17 combo for some #AMERICANPOWA~

  19. Beautiful.

  20. take out the russian BT-7 pls been asking ten times already pls

  21. also i was in that game you killed me

  22. super pershing plez

  23. t 35 we need to use the t 35.

  24. The Neubaufahrzeug is one of the few premium vehicles I would buy. Who can
    resist the silliness of multi-turreted designs (which seem surprisingly
    deadly in War Thunder)?

  25. apperently warthunder is going to add the Vickers “Independant” which would
    add another land battleship

  26. Oh barren you should host a BT-7 racing contest

  27. YouTube doesn’t want you to talk about political stuff anymore yet I just
    got a anti Dumbass Trump ad…………

  28. baron did u see that the m163 is coming with the 20mm Vulcan so sick XD

  29. I didn’t know the Germans have a landbattleship

  30. take a m3 and go on the real one not arcade and troll team by shooting them

  31. you have a 37mm and a 75mm so its like if you had a single 108 mm gun!

  32. DJ. Josh mclaughlin

    hey baron man< you are a really popular war thunder-er and i would really appreciate it if you could maybe give a shutout to my friends channel? growing the war thunder youtube community would be a great thing. i totally understand if not i was just trying to help a friend out 😀 keep up the good work man! cheers,

  33. having a 37 mm and a 75mm gun is like being having a single 108 mm because

  34. Baron, the Flakpanzer 1 and Gepard got new sounds for their 20mm cannons
    and also the Pz.II ROF was decreased

  35. Wish they had the British land ship mk V

  36. Baron, a ace is when you kill the whole team. NOT when you have 5 kills!!!

  37. hey baron you need to make a custom battle with land battleships fighting
    against each other

  38. Baron can u do an M4A1 76mm vid

  39. Baron play the SMK. Russian land battleship

  40. love my Nib.Fiz! its value! to kill it you need to aim for the fule and /
    or ammo, just like the T-35.

  41. what button we can use binoculars? please answer

  42. Great video, Great game…. and you didn’t say ” titty ” once. Felt good
    didn’t it?

  43. HEROES and GENERELS plz

  44. What happens when I press 0 in the tank? The button where the rope is.

  45. this is silly, no way in any reality would this exist


  47. imagine fighting against infantry in WAR THUNDER
    Those vehicles having many mgs would find a place to perform great

  48. is that a god tank?

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