The Largest APHE Shell In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The American T30 heavy tank was originally designed to destroy fortifications and counter German tanks like the King Tiger. In War Thunder it’s known more for being one of the few artillery in the US tech tree (before the M109 anyway). It also holds the record for the biggest APHE round in the game.

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The Largest APHE Shell In War Thunder


  1. Happy Friday everyone

  2. You should play the fiat, its very gremlin like

  3. Of all the tanks in the game, this was the only one where I felt firing it at point blank range felt like the basic equivalent to punching/power slapping someone you really dislike square in the face with all your strength

  4. Please try the swedish centurion with the RB 52 missiles

  5. Do r3 t106

  6. @jonathansalcido5208

    The little elite scream cracked me up at 7:25

  7. Day 12 asking for the 🇺🇸 M728 CEV

  8. Day 72 of asking Spookston to play the YaG10 29K

  9. Play the m3 gmc at 5.3-6.3 its like the jumbo – the jumbo

  10. @khahinmetameta7826

    Yes finally the 155 hammer

  11. WHENS THE IS-2 1944 VID SPOOKY?!!??!!

  12. please try and get a nuke with the m51 please 🙏 (this would help me alot lol)


  14. Play the firefly

  15. @I-Stole-Your-Toast700

    What always kills me with the meme at hte start is just how fucking calm the music is

  16. @fortefaygaming5903

    Can you play raketjagdpazer2

  17. Day 1 of asking for Ratel 20

  18. @Johndeereforlife7810

    PLS the Panzer IV F2

  19. @GrumpyReaper2525

    That’s overcompensation if ever I saw one, considering the previous video.

  20. Strf 9040 bill when?

  21. @morganfinlayson619

    spookston could you play the olifant mk2, it’s that south african cent with the weirdly modern looking turret

  22. ITS TIME TO PLAY THE BRADLEY!!!! (specifically the M3 one)

  23. @possumsquasher3777

    This is my favorite tank to play in the game.

  24. Spookston I managed to get a nuke with the T-30 using nothing but the HE as that round is fair better than the APHE

  25. @masonmccormick2347

    Day 40 of asking for the Arl 44 with the long 90mm please!

  26. @Spookston ​​⁠ I have a question have you tried armored core 6 I heard it’s really good.

  27. @RyosukeWhiteComet

    day 1 of asking Spookston to play the Lekpz M41

  28. @revindarwish9220

    My mental health deteriorates playing this game, you being so calm amazes me

  29. Day 23 of asking for type 74

  30. You’ve heard of Real Shatter
    Now get ready for
    Fake Ammo Det

  31. @domantasmazukna435

    TRY 177 of BEGGING to play my favorite light tank Rooikat MTTD.

    Its insane fast, mobile, has great gun and bounces a lot of rounds while being paper thin
    PERFECT for our fellow rat person

  32. @VaciliNikoMavich

    Beautiful tank ❤

  33. Day for of asking spookston to play the M728 CEV

  34. @glennwedemeyer9496

    I legit thought until like 11:30 or something that this was a t29 video 💀

  35. @WilhelmWirbels-oh9lw

    Day 3 of asking Spookston to play AA only

  36. Enemies: You can’t hurt me
    Spookston: NUKE PIERCER!!! 🚀

  37. Its a T34 on steroids

  38. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 94 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  39. @YoshichiEditz5373

    Day 6 of asking you to please play the IS-1

  40. For frame of reference, the T30’s APHE shell impacting a target imparts 10,100,250 N/m unto it.

    Assuming a weight of 3 tons and a speed of 35 mph, that’s like getting hit by 27 and 1/2 pickup trucks all at once.

  41. @javenjsarajena5340

    12:07 i herad GYAT😂😂😂😂

  42. @javenjsarajena5340

    12:54 and another gyat😂😂😂

  43. Where can we get more info on the apfsds round made for the T30 155?

  44. Spookston hallucinating tanks: *He eeby and neebies to sleeby*

  45. @edwardvonhorseteeth7575

    1:05 its kind of funny in that the voice telling the range is always correct so on american tanks upgrading rangefinding is kind of useless now since the voice is always faster than the rangefinder unless there is a modfication of laser or rangefinder… unless you dont play with volume but that’s a whole other issue.

  46. 45 kg?! That’s like 2x LPG Gas tanks or a sack of rice minus 5kg.

  47. @michaelthelen4840

    I like how did you pronounce “Kugelblitz”, almost flawless. I hope you don’t mind some judgement from a German native. 🙂

  48. “there was an entire tank, between me and the bomb!”

    Yeah I feel that..
    PE8 bomb kills you through a hill..

  49. Vid 2 of asking spookston to play the black prince

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