The Largest Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The French Char 2C is an absolutely massive heavy tank, though its performance does not match its size. I feel is a perfect example of BR compression, and I hope Gaijin puts it at a more suitable battle .

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals tracks

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The Largest Tank In War Thunder


  1. I have rewatched ‘become death” bis moment alot lol.

  2. 8:16 Yes, it was designed for WW1: FCM recieved the order during it, the tank recieved many delays because of the FT-17 being in development and parts as well as funding were going towards that light tank instead of the behemoth, came out of the factory after the war, during WW2 the 10 tanks that made up all of the Char 2C production numbers were reactivated and used for propaganda purposes only, during the Invasion of France the tanks were loaded on a train and driven away only to be stopped by a burning train, tanks were destroyed by the franch to prevent capture, only one survived and was transported to Germany where it stood there until it disappeared in 1948.

  3. your editing is on point!!!

  4. day 35 m103 gameplayy 120mmsolid shot b nasty as hell

  5. Play the 15 cm sIG 33 B Sfl. Extra points for uptiering it.
    attempt 43

  6. I’m sick of jumbos bro

  7. This is just what I wanted. I have this tank and it’s fun AND USELESS. “It uses people as armour”- PhlyDaily

  8. Day 3 of asking for the F.222.2

  9. day 66 asking for crusader 3

  10. If you think that’s overtiered in Realistic Battles, then you should try it in Simulator Battles; For some reason Gaijin thinks the Char FCM 2C is equivalent to a Panzer IV F2 or a KV-1.

  11. Day 69 (nice) of asking @Spookston to play the Type 93 :=)

  12. cannot believe su122 is same tier as this

  13. Onkel Irohs Jasmin Tee

    Stug players are as intelligent as an apple.

  14. Day 12 of asking spookston to play the 90/53 m41m ( I was on vaction so they might be out of order)

  15. You should try out the Crusader AA Mk1 (or at maybe the zsu-57-2?)! (attempt 70)

  16. Emerson Campbell

    That part did in fact matter 8:38

  17. I saw this tank at 8.3 the other day i couldnt kill him after 4 shots from my T55’s APFSDS and I had to let him go because a Leopard A1A1 showed up to ruin my fun and I had to relocate.

  18. You should try the M901

  19. 2C is probably my fav vehicle. t is 100% overtiered, but the gun just annihilates when it pens. Having it in my 3.3 line up for France as a last spawn once all the heavy boisnare dead is great bc I get to destroy all the spawn campers

  20. Day 16 of asking Spooksten to play the French AuF1. I’ve almost lost count 😅

  21. day 2 of asking spookston to play the dicker max

  22. M3A3 Bradley, for some Gulf War vibes.

    Attempt 39.

  23. Lancia 3ro deserves its own video

  24. Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions

    This thing’s fun but its BR is a wee bit too high. Its rank 1 premium brother with it’s derp gun is way more goofy and fun. I’m also pretty sure that cupola spin is a glitch that hasn’t been noticed yet lmao. But pair the 2 up with the quick firing 2C and derpy 2C Bis… chaos ensues XD

    6:24 smartest and least blind german main

  25. The new BR adjustment has ruined the game. Everything 1.3 has to always fight 2.3 or 3.0 now because most tanks were stupidly raised in BR.

  26. The SU-122 is 2.3 and the T-50 is 2.7. Both make this tank useless

  27. Hey Spookston someone just told me about you putting me in the video. I am SamHyde1599 in WT and the 2c bis I drive up to 6.7 but I float around in BR so I’m sure someone recognizes me. Also I guess as a PSA, his name is Mr. Smiles and he can one tap a Tiger 2 from overpressure 🙂

    Feed Mr Smiles

  28. Bro is a mobile sarcophagus

  29. (Sorry to ask but) Video 60 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay

  30. Bigger then the 2C bis?

  31. You could try HVG, it’s… “a great experience”

    High pen

    60mm APFSDS —> more like a 20-30mm.
    Horrible post pen
    Long reload
    No spall
    Slow for a wheeled vehicle
    No armor, still spall’s though.
    (Goes to 8.0 in the future)
    Usually need 2-3 shots per enemy.

    It’s a fun event tank…. //s

  32. I hate how the 2c bis is 1.3 (I think idk) and the 2c (has less firepower than the bis imo, I never played the bis so idk) is 2.3

  33. Speaking about HE. I wish I learned how op it is sometimes earlier. I used to have a hard time against m10……somehow. and then I learned Abt HE. M10s goes down with one shot ……and I’m also afraid of taking out any open top now. Good thing a lot of players forget to use or don’t use HE that much

  34. Loved the avatar music as the one plane fell

  35. 😢😅😅 0:44

  36. He in fact WAS a level 100 marshall. Kinda sad

  37. “Probably the biggest” fuck you mean it is the biggest tank ever mad😭😭😭

  38. Nassim Pierre Ghannou

    Remember kids: Don’t Text ‘n’ Tank!

  39. Sir, you hit the middle the drivers port and it would go through. You hit the outline of it

  40. yeah playing it on a big map increases the posibility of killing yourself by 50%

  41. 55mm of penetration welcome to uptier

  42. Dude really didn’t spot the massive 12 crew land ship 20 feet to his right lmfao

  43. not even as big as his gay furry fetish collection

  44. 0:34 i did not expect stalker memes in here
    but as a stalker fan i welcome it

    good hunting stalker 🙂

  45. Battlefield 1 French map flashbacks

  46. Damn das a large boi

  47. You don’t only restock on ammunition, after the battle you restock on men.

  48. Day 67 of asking Spookston to play the M3 GMC

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