The LASER Gun Tech Tree in World of Tanks | STRV 103B, STRV 103-0, Udes 03

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks STRV 103B, -0, UDES 03 – Siege Mode Tank Destroyer Review. World of Tanks STRV 103B, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Snipers.

00:00 Introduction
00: UDES 03 & Setup
02:40 Announcement
04:40 Details and UDES 03 Live Battle
09:20 UDES Results
09:42 -0 & Setup
11:03 -0 Battle
19:30 -0 Results
20:38 STRV 103B & Setup
22:05 STRV 103B Battle 1
27:50 Battle 2
32:55 Results and Conclusion

Alright, here is a little mini-tech tree showcase featuring best sniper tech tree in the game. to be 5 years old, STRV line with its siege mode feature really did change the sniping game. The best accuracy, combined with high penetration and DPM is scary in many situations.

What do you think?


  1. What is your take on the STRV destroyers? Fits your playstyle or not? Either way, thank you very much for watching and stay tuned for more! ❤
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  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on those bad boys after finishing the German glass canon td line!

  3. The 103’s schoulf have that 4s aitolaoding mechanism like irl

  4. Turbo is king on 103b

  5. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Great Video Bud must try this tank out

  6. For me the tier 8 and tier 9 are the best the tier 10 is meh it’s good but the other ones are better

    User: sandstorm666
    Server: EU

  7. I played rental of S1 in FL quite a bit and liked it, was fun

  8. Im gonna go for the STRV line after my Kranvagn and 277, they just look fun.


  9. I always thought the line should get stb-1 style suspension instead of pressing x or whatever.

  10. I’m a Strv S1 boy 🥺🤧😅
    I am still at UDES but I have so many other tanks to grind…. I don’t have time for him……
    ID : O_T_Y
    Server : EU

  11. i am tired of bad rng like the ground shot that show should have penned the leopard and the last stand rng where you pen 9 shots then the tank just take like five more that should have killed it .. but as always cool video i like this one because you had gear every one can get with have to win them

  12. only played the tier 8 and 9 (didn’t have enough credits for the tier 10)..and I liked the UDES03 better over the 103-0…mostly for its independent barrel, it’s reload boost in siege mode and it’s tier-for-tier balance…but by God, the amount of times I’ve flipped the UDES03 reversing out is rage inducing and also hilarious

  13. SanguineMalcontent

    Loathe the playstyle of these bushwankers.


  14. just gotten to the udes 03, can’t wait to take it out

    EU – xChril

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This vehicle is quite balanced, really it is a bit for OP side.

  16. Latelly i did 6110 damage with the premium Strv-S1 and received only one hit so with this i completed a hard mission for the T55.i uploaded the battle in wot replays.

  17. I like all of those Swedish TD-s. Very good snipers and you can even play agressive on certain situations. Thumbs up for them, only bad and annoying thing is this siege mode with a button, it should be seemless and automatic action like it is on STB-1, all those TD-s had this in real life if im not mistaking.
    aLLaN8602/EU server

  18. Speed, accuracy, and camo are the best. Especially tier X

  19. Not a fun of non turreted TDs

  20. Hi Dez, i have just udes but i like it, good accuracy and fast like light tank also camo good,
    giorgosvk EU
    P.S. fv with turbo👍

  21. Honestly i hated tier 8 strv. But the tier 10 version is a sneaky beast.

  22. After russian tanks, even tier 6 in this line looks like laser sniper 😀

    Name: BanjaLukaEasy8
    Server: EU

  23. SH1FWT Samuel Gani

    I think The Swedish TDS are very powerful if you know how to play them, the 103b was my first tier X tank and it was awesome, with more experience in the tank you learn that playing aggressively with the incredible angled armor can also be a very effective playstyle. it does have weaknesses though like perma-tracking, immobile gun, and too reliant on the tracks of the vehicle, but overall it is an great tank.

    Nick : Veritaz
    server : Asia

  24. Would love to try them out, cant quite handle the medium tree.
    HateVanish EU

  25. I hate it when these tanks go invisible. Right infront of you. That’s why they are satisfying kills.

  26. DezGames: “I don’t play Strv 103B like most players, I play it aggressive.”
    2 battles in the most typical camping position 😂

  27. UDES 03 is my favorite in the line because it’s both ninja and speedy. I wish it was the premium version instead.

  28. Best sniper în the game.
    RNG ” noope ” 😂

  29. This TD line suits my playstyle, which is more defensive than CoD running around wildly shooting.

  30. I really like the Swedish tank destroyers, although they don’t have any armor. And when you are not platooning, you need others to spot for you.
    Dave7791 EU

  31. muntean nicolae andrei

    nice i have ueds premium 8 is very god

  32. Idk what u talking about Dez , i find udes 103-0 more bouncy than the 103b, its 40 armor , you will get penned only by russian tanks and players who are shoting heat , while in strv 103b you can get penned in lowplate by all guns randomly.

    I know this tank shouldt be compared armorwise but
    i have 144 games in 103b 3.948DPG / 565 Blocked per game 63%wr
    I have 182 games in 103-0 2.884DPG / 537 Blocked per game 71%wr

    idk if is just me but armor is not working 😉

    had a game in strv 103-0 s.conq and leopard A , and they were unable to pen me for 6-10 shots each, while in Strv 103b sometimes i get penned by lts frontally.

  33. I love to play whit Udes and Strv103b but that tear 9…. Uh i hate that tank whit shity rng and acc…

    NA server

  34. I have the strv103b full step up with bounty équipement, it’s over 4300 dommage/minute

  35. do the same line showcase for the fv4005

  36. Every time I see his garage I forget hes not in a battle and wonder why hes not doing anything…Yes.. every time.

  37. accuracy, speed and dpm are insane!


  38. I enjoy the change in game play that this line presents but I so often forget all about it and don’t chose these tanks.
    scunc EU

  39. German TD ammo bounce stop telling big one as pen of 128mm is nerfed by WG, do not go down that line those 103 are better like gods

  40. Love the 103B. You can snipe long range with near perfect accuracy and also have very nice mobility to quickly push up and play more aggrassive. Sniping with Udes was also fun, but the nonexistent armor was hard to play with

    103-0 however…do’nt know why but i hated playing that tank xD

  41. I have 103b, and the gun, camo is such a beast, especially when you have bounty equipment on it.

  42. Bam Bam Bam thank you ma’am 😊

  43. Won the tier 8 swedish prem td about a year and have had some great games…only at tier 6 on tech tree but hoping to get into tier 7 and 8 over next month or 2
    Fee44lodz. NA

  44. Hi, i rage sold strv-103-0 and what a coincidence i rebought it recently. Its very interestingly i hate odd number tier versions of this line i hope i will have a happy ending. I liked tier 4-6-8 and hated tier 5-7-9 of these tanks. Tier 9 is not that horrible and i am not that good of a player but, i had so many bad map rotations, ruinberg-himmelsdorf-ensk all around. You can have 4-5-6k dmg battles and you can go garage even barely do 1k in some battles. Tier 9 gun is the most trolling gun considering what that tank is offering on the paper.

    Username: Poor_Soul
    Server: EU

  45. 10 years of absolute shit and getting worse every year.

  46. Those swedish TD are interesting, a very different gameplay, refreshing in world of tanks

  47. Žygimantas Petryla

    I am now grinding STRV. Still at tier 6 and I like it. Very low exp for mastery. Just hope gun at tier 10 ir like lazer.
    ZygisPx EU

  48. Any videos where EBRats are getting killed are getting a like 👍

  49. STRV destroyers are too campy for my taste.

    IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  50. both of them is good
    Name: ccorpse
    Server: Eu

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