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  1. Google Isaterroristorganization

    Phly is dyslexic

  2. phlyyyyy didn’t u mean hear, and not here or it was little jokke ;))

  3. Is it possible to know your graphics settings;

  4. Prrrrrrttttttttt

  5. Day 235: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  6. Great to see you are not indestructible – just like the rest of us.

  7. Why did war thunder name a tank after my steam name called black knight

  8. Please play the M1A2 SEP Phly

  9. Can you play the New russian anti air

  10. Phly is the type of players I vs everytime I spawn

  11. Day 533 of asking you to play the P.108.A Series 2 on tanls again

  12. am i just bad or does WT always put phly in bot lobbies

  13. XM1-GM please…and those bushes need to lay off of the bath salts!

  14. Hey Daddy Phly!
    Fun Fact: Russian tracked vehicles have metal tracks while most other countries use other materials. This makes the Russian tanks more maneuverable in snow because the metal gets better traction which is why they use the metal since Russia terrain is mostly snow.

  15. you are the reason I hate this game, you are so good but there is people better than you. I’ll continue to play though

  16. Tanks are faster in winter because the ground is frozen and they don’t sink like in dirt/mud. Its not the snow.

  17. Black night “nice and extended” lmao

  18. Russia is so balanced

  19. I dont have the Tunguska yet so dont know if its the same, but on the Gepard you dont need the search radar up and running to still use the tracking radar. Only time my big ole dish goes up is when i know somethings in the air but cant spot it. Your search radar will ping any threat detectors and tell them you are looking for planes and which direction you are.

  20. 10:40 less friction? ground is frozen solid so no sinking.

  21. 2S6 : IRST + TVD(Level 3) = OP SPAA

  22. Peralta Jose Gabriel B.

    phly you haven’t played the Tomcat yet

  23. After years of entertainment, I shall forgive the lack of the pha pha.
    Keep doing what you do Phlippity Phloopity, it is appreciated ^^

  24. Yo Phlip Phloop. Casual KV-1S? The most relaxing Russian mediu- i mean heavy tank. I feel its highly underrated

  25. I saw part of an anime where a squad of mechs are ambushed in a forest by a terrifying enemy.

    It was a Tunguska.

  26. GGs ive now seen myself in a game. GG Phly!! 4.50 is the time

  27. Phly, January 25th is my birthday. You likely won’t see this but if you do will you play the ARL-44 for me? it is my favorite tank in the game! 😀 Love you Phather

  28. You are the hardest working. Thank you for it.

  29. Being on the receiving end of that has to be so disorienting lmao

  30. Phly is the only other person ive ever heard besides me say thanks as Tom Hanks, T.Hanks phly

  31. Getting more and more convinced that you pay people to ‘Accidentally’ not notice your tank until you get like 5 kills….

  32. I swear Russian and Swedish tanks move faster on snow.

  33. hey phly, really hoping to see you bring the maus to 11.0

  34. i feel like every tank is faster in the snow for some reason

  35. Day 468: Phly, I challenge you to get 8 kills in one game with the SU-5-1. This MBT/Tank Destroyer is severely underloved in your channel.

  36. RIP to the original title 🙁

  37. Yo phly you should play star citizen tell me what u think of it

  38. What u play on and how much does it all cost like the setup u use to play war thunder on? Phly also I think u make the best war thunder vids keep it up! Also can we be friends and could u help me get better at ground battles?.

  39. Johannes Heiskanen

    Would be great to see you play ground strike with the russian a-20g-30 it has 2x 1000kg vodka chambers

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