The Last Stand! – Panthera

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  1. Hey man how do you change the reticle to that one? ?

  2. *W H E R E I S M Y*


    • I’m on the road, i cant make em atm. MIght get back to make em for this weeks vids, but i am not at home for a week.
      So rather then not uploading anything, youll just have to live without thumbnails for a week 😉

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Circonflexes I can live with that 🙂 No thumbnail much better than having no video :p

  3. Circon gets all the ladies with that sub count

  4. Rip thumbnail xD

  5. How many subs on twitch does circon have?

  6. I’m gonna say it….that sub announcement is very annoying.

  7. sub 300 views gang

  8. You must have felt like Rambo holding 90% of their team on your own…

  9. Jingles was watching and he’s proud

  10. The Senate of the Galactic Republic



  11. Playing on the computer all day and…SHUT THE HELL UP

  12. It's not what you think

    I like how Circon gets slightly more out of frame each stream.

  13. Please Circon streaming on youtube

  14. Jan-Pieter Van Parys

    What was the thing with FAME_skill4tu??

  15. Jesus christ make the subs stop

  16. I can’t begin to imagine the joy of hearing that sub announcement 300 times per evening.

  17. I love it when you watch a game live and then you see it on YouTube

  18. *p L a Y i N g o N t H e C o M P u T e R a L l D A y a N D ViRtUaLy IGNORING h I s e N t I R e f A m i L y*

  19. Maybe it’s time to change the sub announcement.

  20. My computer took a shit so I haven’t got to play in a long time but from the looks of it is this Pantera a souped up Panther 2?

  21. Why don’t people just drive out in front of me like they do for Circon

  22. Carry H A R D.

    Lol comments freaking out over sub announcements. Gotta complain about something I guess.

    • Some of us actually like hearing the game and Circon. I learn a lot from him. Having the sub anouncement go off every 10 seconds is pretty irritating. Not to Streaming fanbois like you, but there ya go. Different strokes.

  23. Eres Dominicano????

  24. And the IS in the cap…0 damage….Well played.

  25. How did I not notice the notification?

  26. playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family

    playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family

    playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family

    Sub hype

    playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family

  27. why does my P.44 only have 2-shell-capacity ? Is yours the old one – before nerf ? strange 😉

  28. Nice ammorack to sway the game 😉

  29. Superb.

  30. Quantum Imperfections

    CIRCON I’m so hyped for your crazy awesome sub count man! To many more!

  31. Love your videos, but the sub notification is pretty annoying.

  32. GR8 game man.
    1.48 M freeXP OMG!!!!

  33. Chandler Kristoff

    +Circon o7 Thanks for all the Pantera gameplay, i just bought one while it was on discount, should i free Xp anything or is it playable stock?

  34. Oy 100k nice

  35. Boyyyeeeee !

  36. Dr. Phil needs to be retired.

  37. Too much background bullshit. Bye….

  38. Congratulations on reaching the 100k subscribers ^^

  39. I’ve been playing on the computer all day and *virtually* ignoring my entire family. Trufax.

  40. That 50TP ammo rack tho! YEAH BABY! feel that satisfaction of taking out a Polish Defender, man if only i could see the actual Defender get racked.

  41. Playing on the ? all day, and virtually ignoring his entire ????

  42. GG Circon you are the best!

  43. I rarely have games like this but you seem to deliver on a regular basis, good job as always!

  44. I like how you posted this amazing “I Stayed!” video on the day you left twitch for a week #memes

  45. Seriously man – you gotta get rid of that fuckin Dr Phil sound bite. I love your vids man , but holy fucking shit that BS is soooooooo fucking annoying.
    Edit: couldn’t finish the video. Too fuckin annoying bro.

  46. Monster game!!! Luck and skill is a good frient 😉

  47. Who downvotes these? Like wtf

  48. TopTier stomping lower Tiers in 357 how amazing

  49. Uitstekende game…niet dat ik iets anders van je gewend ben 😉

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