THE LAST TIGER | Multi-Crew Tiger Tank | (Hell Let Loose Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Phellas in the VID!
@TheDevildogGamer @OperatorDrewski @Karmakut @OddBawZ

THE LAST TIGER | Multi-Crew Tiger Tank | (Hell Let Loose Gameplay)


  1. Day 31 war thunder dying q&a?

  2. Intro: phily did a warcrime or did he
    Stya to on the show …( Show music)

  3. iSAACCROL MartinezTorres

    Hello phly
    I would like that you play WWII ONLINE, i doesn’t have beautiful graphics but it has a little more realism in my opinion, its harder to understand all but sometimes its fun , i would appreciate if you play it please.

  4. I’ve never seen a game replicate so well what it’s like to break down in a tank on a training exercise and wonder where the hell the mechanics are to help you out.

  5. 10:16 GUNNER, AP, TANK, RIGHT

  6. Jules Lemuel Katada

    Man. Thats the most calm tank commander

  7. Enlisted noice

  8. OddBawZ was to quiet could barely hear him

  9. 14:08 – If getting exploded were an Olympic sport, then this guy’s legs just stuck the landing (his other half, not so much).

  10. devildogamer… now thats a name i haven’t heard of in a long time

  11. can you do a zero video or bmp-4

  12. Dude I wanna see so much more of this game. Planes tanks you name it. It looks sick

  13. Really fun to watch, its just sad when you realize you cant afford to play the game and dont have friends to play with when you own it

  14. I would love to see planes introduced in this game and all Battlefield, ArmA, War Thunder and DCS pilots arguing “no, I’m the better pilot!”.

  15. you can tell fly tanks the Damage models in this game, hell I know I do when I fucking hit something and it sure die they never do in HLL

  16. What is that IS reload time lmao

  17. what game is this

  18. Just Fury but crew survives gets repairs and move on (encounters another Tiger but gets yetted)

  19. Milsimps 🤝 phlybois

  20. Delirium Monstruozum

    This game is horrible.

  21. The German Jackal

    Phly my dog Willy just pasted it would mean the world for you to reply

  22. Best video ever well done

  23. Lovely to hear a tank commander actualy directing his crew and keeping aware

  24. I heard your voice on Drew’s video and got all giggly knowing you would upload this shortly after.

  25. I waited years for the Eastern Front to finally be realeased, now it is, and I love Kursk!

  26. playing on low graphic settings look like shit, everything is foggy

  27. Not my game👎🏻

  28. War Thunder sounds so good but there’s this one sound that’s just non-stop pounding and drowning out everything else.

    I really can’t put my finger on what that might be…

  29. If you want more of a game like first person war thunder, I cannot recommend Post Scriptum tanking more.. different ammo types, non pens, ricochet. I need more tankers to play with

  30. Ralphy’s Replays

    Day2: Hey phly could u play the I-225 Warthunder pls.

  31. So many HLL tanker rules were broke during the filming of this. 🤣 still great show and good fights

  32. That looks pretty fun to play with friends and a few beers 🍻

  33. I love you all played with Karma, want to see more! lol

  34. War Thunder really needs a WW2 mode like this , Im not talking about a multi-crew mode Im talking about a more realistic and slow mode , first person view

  35. man this games tank system is like world of tanks and it SUKS and it will become the next call of duty

  36. Please i beg you, make a video about the AMX30 (1972), i swear this tank is incredible

  37. game name ?

  38. It hurts me every time someone tells Phly look left or right because he still doesn’t know the difference between the two lmao.

  39. I love the fact that he tried to shoot a TIGER with anti-tank rifle from the front 😀

  40. Into idea: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to a kinked mainline of serotonin, today we are playing ……………….

  41. 1:33 phlee’s brain stopped working lol

  42. Devil was abu hajaar that game XD

  43. Post Scriptum Squad better than Hell Let Loose. Check those out for your FPS vehicular combat fix.

  44. With good team, playing tank in HLL can be fun. Going solo or team without mic you just gonna get blown up.

  45. Day 226: Play the J7E or the Q-5A

  46. this is way more entertaining to watch than War thunder…. right?

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