The Least Best Modern Tank

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  1. I hope it wasn’t because of my comment on the D point in the last video. If so, sorry, brother.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I just dont enjoy playing WT without watching your gameplays!

  3. The starships slapped the crap out of all the other m48 and M60 variance up to 9.0 tho

  4. SHAH-LAY-LEE … Wooden Walking Stick or Cudgel Club. Irish Gaelic word for a walking stick you smash idiots with.

  5. If the barrel was longer, I think I would find this the coolest looking tank.

  6. Play the m426

  7. Hey phly, kpz 70 apfsds round no more that 300 mm of pen

  8. They don’t actually review the entire video. You’re right, the bot does flag where it caught the issue. That’s when the person is supposed to go in and review the part +/- a minute.

  9. I would to see you trying the SU-100Y its strong big tank

  10. Ah yes, the video where he talks about rescuing animals get’s age restricted cuz he said cock……

  11. when your 152 reloads faster than my 100

  12. Phly play the zis-30 it’s great at 4.0, I had such a ball with it

  13. Degenerate friends lmao 🤣

  14. Day 82 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  15. Why don’t play with V-Sync? Turn it on and is good.

  16. “Worst MBT in the game.”
    He clearly never played the T95E1

  17. day three asking for the pallier d510 a french plane with a 20mm that also turns faster than biplanes at 1.7

  18. At least it’s not the AMX-30 ACRA

  19. Btw I’m not sure if it’s been said yet. But the round is pronounced shih-lay-lee. Love your vids. They never fail to make me smile.

  20. You gotta remember that YouTube is run by the cuck cartel

  21. Man i’ve been missing out on the starship i guess, its crazy to me how phly can make any situation entertaining. Love your energy phly!

  22. My m18 has
    “Flaming Fanny Cock Destruction on it

  23. The Shillelagh missile was actually really good until the recent atgm update.
    It was my favourite tank, they killed my boy

  24. just gotta play the French fast boi line up i just stack french light tanks and press W on a flank and then just ambush people honestly the most fun i have had in the game in ages

  25. well AMX 30 ACRA is the same pain trust me………..

  26. @Odd teach this man how to say sheh-lay-lee lol

  27. The reviewers live in India…probably Mumbai, Calcutta, etc. big cities.

  28. The first thing I hear when phly loaded up on Stalingrad is pee pee poo poo 😂 what timing

  29. Day 98, we’ve seen the Sturmtiger and ASU-57 at top tier, Now we want to see the RBT-5 at top tier WITH OddBawz and Spookston.

  30. Working on spading this and it’s a giant pain in the ass

  31. Youtube and Most people on the planet called Earth are very sensitive… so most things that wasnt Dirty back in the day are now considered Dirty in this day and age of Gen Z…..

  32. the people that manually review are cock hunters, too.

  33. Smacking TURM 3’s in this tank is so fucking satisfying

  34. Are these voices a mod?

  35. Honestly, I’ve had the best M60 experience with the Starship and maybe the AOS compared to the others as they’re over BR’d in my opinion. They’re the anti-meta, slow, big, and hopelessly outmatched.

  36. The 16:12 Air alert! was perfect tho.

  37. AMX-30 BRENUS has all the bells and whistles without the most important one a stabilizer at 8.7!

  38. Im so glad to see that part of my next BR for my main lineup is still so outclassed in the matches it gets put into lol. And knowing my luck of constantly getting nothing but uptiers, cant wait to get shredded non stop because I have to try and shoot through ERA with nothing but explosive shells options lmao. Gotta love the American tech tree between 5 and like 9-10 BR

  39. your mic is really clear. what is it?? love the vid btw

  40. I cant get kills with that heat round man, only crits

  41. Why don’t you stream… killing me

  42. Dat cupolá tho, like someone dropp’d a huge steamer on top of turret xD

  43. If FromSoftware makes a tank for war thunder.

  44. Gaijin be like “let’s make a 7.0 tank an 8.3 because it’s American”

  45. Least best > worst

  46. The French mbt that has the 142mm

  47. Your basically playing like me, if I don’t like the map I just rush into the middle and wait for something to happen 😂

  48. 🍆Coq=Rooster🐓in🇨🇵😂

  49. I like how TankDaily is pushing the limits on his videos

  50. Рудійко Михайло

    holy shit ravwnfield tank

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