The LEAST Played TANKS (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Least played tank is the german sherman

  2. The German tank with 10 rockets

  3. least played tank?
    Tiger. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. I like the T-80 its rate of fire is pretty fast.

  5. m22 locust

  6. most unplayed vehicle in game

  7. Baron can I be in a episode of war thunder or men at war… I have good
    tiers and my username for war thunder in yogurtyoda

  8. T-80 is inferior to just about every other Russian 1 tier, especially after
    T-50 Ferrari is unlocked. It’s nothing worth researching, buying or

  9. great video!

  10. Baron, I believe that last ping towards the end of the game was from a hit
    on a plane and not a tank.

  11. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    archer lol

  12. T-80 definitely isn’t the least played…. I always have it with me in low

  13. Baron, where’d you get the videos thumbnail?

  14. I actually see quite a lot of T-80s when I’m playing.

  15. The Fighter Royal

    jagdpanzer 4-5

  16. T-34 Prototype

  17. Me.I play the t80 :3

  18. Xavier Sweeney Cootes

    baron take out the geopard. they have updated the sound on the 20mm and it
    sounds sick!!!

  19. did you hear new german flak20 sound ? its awesome

  20. leat played British tank the archer

  21. I never see people in the t-60

  22. I think it is the Neubaufahrzeug…I never saw the tank in any battleI I

  23. “Hand cranked turret you’ll never gonna hit a plane” I sooooo expected him
    to shoot down the plane with a lucky one shot like it’s nothing!

  24. I use the the t-80. But, I’m only using it for boosted research to the

  25. *(**3**)*/ ?

  26. M3-lee pls

  27. I actually like playing the SU-57. Personally i like playing the truck guns
    because it gives a bit different gameplay style for me.

  28. I think it’s the Panzer 4 J… Cuz why would you use a handcranked turret
    when you could use the Panzer 4 H

  29. T-70, T-80, T-III and a light bomber
    Ideal low tier lineup.

  30. Baron it’s “das StuG” :)

  31. t-34 prototype seems pretty rare, i havent seen any , EVER, on my team.

  32. “Taladra a tu madre”. Good spanich Baron!! Greats from Spain!

  33. i play the su 57 very goooood soviet bear tank

  34. The Aussie tank, I forgot what it’s called sorry. I think it’s called the

  35. I can make the T-80 work by pouncing on unsuspecting tanks so i dont have
    to turn the turret a lot, for me the least played is the Pzj I. even fully
    upgraded i could not make it work.

  36. most rare tank = most unplayed = e100

  37. Thats actually an interesting question baron I never thought about that.
    what actually is the least played vehicle in war thunder?

  38. Least play is probably the German Sherman.

  39. least played tank hmmmmm……..

    UR MOM


  40. @BaronVonGamez Technically it’s “Das StuG”

  41. I think it’s the T-90A

  42. ‫קשת דגן יפת‬‎

    4M GAZ maybe. I rarly see it (im using it :))

  43. ThePenatrator 9000


  44. ThePenatrator 9000

    or su76

  45. I think the german closed beta Sherman is the least played tank because you
    just never see it. You see E100s and ZUT-37s but you never see the Sherman
    on the battlefield.

  46. E100 least played tank!!

  47. silvio santapaola

    4m gaz

  48. The T-60 actually makes a good anti-air with that 20mm.

  49. I’ve never seen anyone besides myself use the ZUT-37.

  50. Sebastian Craenen

    the least played plane last year was the wirraway

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