The Life Of The British 3 INCH GUN CARRIER – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

The Life Of The British 3 INCH GUN CARRIER – Tanks Gameplay


  1. fly the mig 17

  2. HD should be coming soon!

  3. Roope00 - (The Tweeter)

    The map is a real struggle.

  4. Phly how come you didn’t answer us in that one match on Kursk lol

  5. Not a single brits tank is at 6.7 or 7.0, and gezz those SABOT rounds

  6. and then they said the maus is slow lol

  7. Have you ever played world of tansk

  8. I’ll make some tea…

  9. dude you must have gotten some tea!!!whilst driving

  10. Can we expect a gameplay vid soon later today?

  11. Hah. Used to do this while climbing altitude as a bomber.

  12. Beautiful. Just pure beauty c:

  13. lol I can’t wait for the tog… it might take some time.

  14. Man that tank can move

  15. Hey at least you didnt wasted time getting there, You went full productive!

  16. what a shitty tank hahahah xD

  17. I saw that ending coming a mile away ;)

  18. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    Dat intro. Might as well put a pizza in the oven.

  19. This tank is so slow

  20. Super fast xD

  21. Thijs van der Sluis

    @phlydaily how do yu play those british tanks already? by my there stands
    there getting tested.

  22. Do the M10 GMC

  23. While WW1

    Hello Chap!
    The Frenchies have broken through the German Trenches and need support!This
    is our chance to test out the new Tetrach,carefull it looks cute and weak
    but it is deadly and quick!
    Oh and if you are in trouble by some germans just call us and we send you a
    bloody swordfish from our carrier near the coast!

    Good luck Chap!

  24. Still not as bad as a Panther in reverse.

  25. Too OP, needs to be nerfed

  26. Bruh you just made my day, my sides hurt after laughing so much! Great work
    Phly :)

  27. A ghost was playing your game when you were mowing your lawn and shopping

  28. Lol and the battle is over before you fire your gun XD

  29. CHARGE!

  30. You drink too much of that green stuff man… too much.

  31. Words cant describe how furious I’d be

  32. nice video bro

  33. Look at all that Mountain Dew and Doritos. Phly must really want to hit max
    prestige in BO3 with all that double xp.

  34. You are a true Mlg player m8, doritos and Mountain Dew are your best

  35. Of course Phly has a beautiful house

    Fuck you phly kappa

  37. Phly do the Blitz Krieg Combo!

    JU87 B-2 PZ 2 C and PanzerWerfwer.

    You are blitz Kriegs into Poland!
    (Extra Challenge if you choose to expect: With the Werfer you must not go
    in close quarters and provide long range support)

  38. Sooo, I guess its slow? But is it as slow as the kv-2?

  39. You’re killing yourself with those Doritos and mountain dews

  40. Thus us great.


  42. is this a tank????

  43. We need a race, what is the slowest tank/car in WT!!!!

  44. T-44-122 next “balanced” Russian tank

  45. it looks like a box

  46. queria star morta =)

  47. Erik Lundholm Ericson

    That lawn really need mowing so it’s nice to see you get time to do that

  48. don’t use slow tanks on large maps

  49. Realy funny man. but not realistic. you can’t get that far in the time it
    took you to wash, cut grass and shop lol

  50. imagine that, but with the T95!

  51. I finished two whole boxes of mac & cheese and 7 cups of coffee before this
    “tank” got to its target

  52. Phly the next combo should be the Archer the tank with the back mounted gun
    and the Jelly-Beef Welly

  53. Did anyone else grab mtn dew and Doritos and eat it with Phly? Cause I did

  54. Did you pray to Matt Damon before you started?

  55. Feels like tier 1 Germans on Norway, eh.

  56. Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger" Sonderkraftfahrzeug 181

    Is this some kinda of an advertisement?

  57. nicely done man! ,?

  58. Laura is the best camera lady ever.

  59. i love royalty free music too

  60. lol dew n Doritos

  61. Laughing so hard!

  62. I no how he feels,it’s happened to me!

  63. Joe Google Plus User™

    4:20 nice shopping cart

  64. Phly so MLG he don’t need no hands to play!

  65. Christopher Hurford

    its funny coz if u look at the map he is ahead of almost everyone else

  66. Your cameraman starts laughing when the Doritos fall off the shelf

  67. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Lol nice vid, one of ur best

  68. Christopher Hurford

    hey phly, can u take out the Comet tank next. its was the best British tank
    of WW2.

  69. I really love the extra effort you put in your videos. It really sets you
    apart from other youtubers.

  70. Churchill and Swordfish for ultimate slow combo xd

  71. I’m not kidding, I expected this end :D

  72. This is pain

  73. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Laughed my Ass off when u first walked away :DDDD

  74. this is what happens when i play world of warships (unless im in a
    destroyer or carrier)

  75. Well, it was fun and unique but I really wanted to see this tank in action.

  76. Lel! This fail!!!!

  77. hey phly what happened to your house in the country with all the land?
    where you had the gun?

  78. A 43 is even slower ;)

  79. Chancellor “Tankoncow” King

    A day in the life of phlydaily

  80. And there is why ground forces sucks… One shot, instant death. So fun…

  81. hahahahahh

  82. Poor Gun Carrier :(

  83. You have much to learn about the ways of the Churchill GC Kappa

  84. That feeling when you know that maus should be slower (but secret documents

  85. wait did phly move ?

  86. try driving this one trough the dunes in RB battles, took me hours

  87. Phly can use the force to play WT while he’s away!!!!!

  88. phly do you play world of tanks???

  89. Dat bounce tho

  90. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    you should do more of these videos. This video was so funny. Loved all the
    MLG u bought in the store like u know it u know how its supposed to be
    done. I wrote this from my Phone such struggle.

  91. Pt-76 the mighty boat!

  92. *Gets sponsored by Mountain Dew and Doritos*


  94. This is your best video to date.

  95. this is like signature vanoss music intro hahaha

  96. OK ich frag nicht
    ( i don’t ask )

  97. Was it my comment that got the uplikes?

  98. Evan Anderson-Navarro

    I know British stuff is cool (*cough* most of it *cough*)and new, but when
    are you returning to combined arms?!?

  99. Did he wash his hands?

  100. beautiful

  101. I’m glad that you don’t do my lawns. You really… rushed yours.

  102. Epic music= Epic Fail

  103. look at 15:36

    get rekt there is no 15:36 in this video

  104. the t50 is the most bs tank in the game!

  105. if he were to be mowing the yard and the video were to be speed
    up…wouldn’t the gameplay be speed up too? or am I just thinking dumb?

  106. Phly Its MLG!!

  107. vytautas astrauskas

    love your creativity but btw who was driving the tank?

  108. How did I know he was going to get one shotted

  109. good thing the tank is slow, that lawn really needed to be mowed

  110. Que sad voilin

  111. I feel the pain, the Black Prince is really slow too

  112. 3 hours later….TEA TIME!!!

  113. Man i love this video, pls do more!!

  114. Wow Phly, you’ve got a healthy diet don’t you? XD

  115. A day well spent XD

  116. Great video man!

  117. Yup. Slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

  118. I like when youtubers do this. It adds depth and character to their

  119. Why can’t I research any other British tanks apart from the first 4???

  120. thats a lot of dew

  121. Croatian Pranksters

    phly did Piper and Spida play war thunder while u were gone ?

  122. bahahahaha best fucking video ever!

  123. I think he lives in Florida

  124. Not sponsored by MLG

  125. 2:46 A GHOST?????

  126. Hyper mowing activated!

  127. buy everything from store :3

  128. Hahahaha i love these video’s!

  129. honestly this was hilarious

  130. This was awesome

  131. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    zis 30 op against british tanks

  132. nice funny vid .. the ending was relly 2000 years to get ther and 1s lights

  133. Nice garden.. :)

  134. Maurits van den Berg

    And you people are asking for the TOG II*

  135. tortoise please!!!

  136. Ohhhhh I hope he washed his hands cuz he touched his face…

  137. Sponsored by Doritas and Mt Dew

  138. This very bad day ! m8 :D

  139. Alright parents, want your lazy kids to do productive things instead of
    playing video games? Make them play the 3 inch gun carrier lol.

  140. GG, WP

  141. British tanks explained in some words:wow dude that stuff is sooooo
    cool,cute and frinkin’ weak

  142. lol best intro

  143. make a pt 76 vid damit!!!cheers!!!


  145. Phly you should be doing more of these type of videos

  146. Now do the Dew and Doritos shake!

  147. Who made a tank so slow AND look like that?

  148. This is Winston Churchill, and I approve this message.

  149. Please do more of these kind of videos I loved this video so much

  150. Good video, very funny :)

  151. Best war Thunder video i ever seen un my entire life ???

  152. 10/10 this video is so hilarious ahahahah

  153. Yo Phly this video is hilarious dude. It might also be because I’m drunk.

  154. Constantine Giguere

    I camehere to watch WT, not how to get a life

  155. I knew that tank would be rubish

  156. Are you F@?#*~g kidding me, A T-50 a small wee lil T-50 couldn’t be

  157. More time for tea, old chap.

  158. how did Piper hold the camera so high up?

  159. I can’t even comprehend how you can drink that much Mountain Dew. We have
    that drink for like 3 months now in our Belgian theatres and supermarkets,
    at first I thought oh waw finally something American! (us Europeans are
    attracted to anything typical American, hell we’d go crazy over some Oreos)
    But DAMN is this drink full of sugar! Like you’d drink pure sugar man I
    don’t even know how you can like that

  160. Its… hypnotic…

  161. Dim struggles lmao

  162. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    That’s a lot of product placement

  163. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    That was ALOT of mountain dew.

  164. and thats why i quited war thunder hate that shit happends every time

  165. Phly looks like the kid who stole your fruit rollup during lunch in
    elementary school

  166. What bothers me most about this video, entertaining as it is, is that Phly
    is wearing shorts in December.

  167. He cut the grass

  168. the x-wing geht’s shot down by a Tie-Fighter, now i spoilered the New Star
    wars muhahahahahajah….. Deal with it 8)

  169. how funny and awesome #phly daily

  170. Day in the life of Phly

  171. I’m finally here!! *dies* -_-

  172. I hope you dont drink that much Mountain most likely bad for your health

  173. Thats funny because its true… there is no sense to play british infantry
    tanks on RB or SB… 99% of battle are about driving..

  174. Thats funny because its true… there is no sense to play british infantry
    tanks on RB or SB… 99% of battle are about driving…

  175. beacuse logic its slow cause it has SO MUCH bad armmor

  176. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  177. PhlyDaily get a face-cam :)

  178. BrotkastenBoy #BB - PC Gaming

    omg :D…literally so good :D

  179. It only lets me play reserve British tanks. Halp

  180. It only lets me play reserve British tanks. Halp

  181. That’s funny.

  182. I think we get the point

  183. Here in the mountains of Africa with my new 3 inch gun carrier.

  184. Use the maus next time

  185. Mountain dew and doritos? tone down the 420 man shit

  186. Hey Baron can you watch my 3-Inch? I gotta go to my laundry, mow the lawn
    and go grocery shopping and stuff.

  187. It’s nice to know that no matter the game, the Churchill gun carrier still
    sucks :(

  188. MlgDaily420

  189. Why do you have air force basic boots? haha

  190. Erik Estévez Tejera

    the british dont knew how to build a decent tank in all the war

  191. you forgot to rinse out the fucking cap on your god damn detergent you
    filthy degenerate……… wtf

  192. could you please send a truck load of cheetos this way. 🙂 cant get there
    here in denmark. looks like you have alot of time. ;-)

  193. are you in Parish Florida… I’m positive that’s my grandmother’s

  194. Doritos and Soda for the win

  195. best video ever!!!? XD XD

  196. tbh i’m not liking brit tonkz much

  197. at 2:46 the tank turned right how did you do that while mowing the lawn was
    it Laura or spidA

  198. Nice socks… : )

  199. phly grabbed enough mountain dew to kill his kidneys XD

  200. 1 phlys shopping list is MLG, 2 can i hire you to mow my lawn

  201. lol great vid i was feeling your pain that’s 5.45 min’s ill never get back

  202. Need some Weed & Feed on that Grass…if that was grass. lol

  203. please try the archer ….tough tank to play for sure ;)

  204. Very nice video man.
    Freaking GG LOL…. ;-)

  205. Harrison Quilter-Clarke


  206. Pyidaily make a Battle gepard vs t17e2

  207. I gave the like because of the Dew. Best soda EU.

  208. Maximum

  209. Very entertaining phly :P

  210. this tank gave phly diabetus

  211. Lol thats what you get for spawn camping

  212. how the hell did you mannage to get my shopping list?

  213. I see you just bought the bare essentials. lol

  214. loled so hard xD

  215. There’s a reason why it’s slow, if you can’t make tea in time for battle
    how can you possibly keep morale up?

  216. Haha love u phlydaily

  217. that’s a lot of dew dude

  218. Um… Ok then. Next tank plz.

  219. what flavour are purple doritos?

  220. 10/10 healthy food choices

  221. hahahaha…..i’m falling from the chair from laughting;-) Phily i love u
    Vids!! Great stuff again!!So thanks to War Thunder that u can complete u
    housework;-) btw nice Audi convertible in front of u house;-) is that u
    car?Greetings from Germany;-) Can u test next British Centurion Tank? Very
    good Tank what is still used in some countrys today

  222. The Mighty GamerFTW

    just… just…… WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Psst guys, quiet now
    But Phly didn’t wash his had after he pissed..shh

  224. Lol best vid ever love u Phly

  225. phlydaily now sponsored by mountain dew and doritos…..

  226. try the tier 5 American t95 tank destroyer :3 it will be more slower than

  227. Makes the maus look like a f1 car

  228. 11 mins and 44 seconds to get up there and take one shot and die…. lmao

  229. eww you like mountain dew?

  230. Meanwhile, everyone judges Phly’s lawn mowing skill.

  231. han solo dies Hahaha

  232. This thing is like the t95

  233. I was dying loll

  234. No comment necessary…

  235. God damit phly Doritos and Mountain Dew

  236. Ph1y l1k35 d0r1705 4nd mtn d3w 50 h3 15 m1g

  237. hay can u get on warthunder

  238. Bruh well that’s for sure
    I Am Not Using This Tank

  239. 2:00 lol

  240. Call me psychic but I figured something like that was about to happen.

  241. Who wanted the Tog in this game again?

  242. Lina The Gamesghost™

    im earlys let make a Q:

    “So,What key make you here ?”

  243. so I feel like Phly isn’t gunna be spending much time in this thing

  244. yup… he most certainly lives in Florida

  245. so funny but so sad :(

  246. lmao this video speaks the truth of war thunder

  247. Cortaz cortaz Williams

    noooo the churchill GC noooooo run runnnnnnnn

  248. SajuukTheGreatMaker

    Meanwhile the T17 already killed everything. The end.

  249. Lol, that’s pretty funny

  250. This is basically every single british tank ever…. I spent 20 minutes in
    the valentine yesterday on el alamein driving around and didn’t see anyone
    then it ended.

  251. Best vid Phly has put out in a long time

  252. TiberiousThe Labrador

    like the house tour bro, +1

  253. Shit phly, you got some nice calves dude

  254. Nice auto pilot Phly

  255. 4:44 i remember this kid ksi olajidebt lol

  256. Do you want diabetes? Because that’s how you get diabetes….

  257. OMFG how many Doritos do you need in one day

  258. I have taken apart and put back together that same lawnmower engine at
    least 7 times in my Automotive class lmao

  259. 3:39, lol Mt Dew.

  260. ugh this makes dying a lot more stressful lol

  261. I hate the new desert maps for this soul reason. They’re too big for the
    new slow British heavies.

  262. Ohhh man.. I found myself in this video, great job and keep doing more
    videos like this, big hug


  263. In fairness, the regular Churchill would have exactly the same problem. Not
    to mention the Matilda. These maps are for Cruisers, and little else.

  264. Still faster than A.43

  265. So aparently war thunder is a Phly Daily Sim Simulator.

  266. HAHAHA

  267. Hey Phly,
    Are you a veteran ?

  268. LOL

  269. I have literally never driven a worse vehicle in all my time playing war

  270. no fukin way go phly daily

  271. Well that was depressing… ô.o

  272. Nice socks.

  273. Why did you buy 8 mt dew liters

  274. Shittiest WT vehicle ever?

  275. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Honestly, this tank is so shit. It’s slow as fuck, and has an alright gun,
    but it’s got flat as fuck, relatively weak armour, and a high profile with
    a low gun mounting.
    I don’t know what us Brits where thinking

  276. if you were properly british you would have made a mug of tea

  277. He got so far and lost it all but the end that tank sucks

  278. jajajja una eternidad esperando y lo destruyen que grande

  279. It’s good to know you eat very healthy Phly :)

  280. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    Never thought I’d ever see phly doing his shopping…

  281. Awesome vid Phly! xD +1 :)

  282. Your Pancreas called, he asked you to lay off the Dew

  283. You have the washer on the right instead of the left?! Unsubscribed!

  284. Dos gasoline pouring skills…

  285. kkkkkkkkkk

  286. pretty much describe war thunder in general lol

  287. Star wars spoiler: Darth Vader is Luke’s father

  288. I think that maybe we have the same car

  289. why is there another box tank!?

  290. lol!!!!

  291. TheGibsterofGibsterness

    Judging from the publix bottle and your house, im guessing you live in
    Florida. Am i at least close?

  292. Moutian dew deritos stug life

  293. at 4.13 you can hear a smurk

  294. Hehe… FOR NARNIA- CHARRGEEEH…oh wait…this thing is slow for tea….

  295. William Truitt (Willis)

    dang food, dat Dew. RIP teeth.

  296. i love the phly fitness diet

  297. Nice shirt :)

  298. Hope you get that Doritos/Mt.Dew check before Christmas Phly!


  300. Woot? proper door handles in america? thats something you dont see

  301. David “madindie” Dew

    Lol love it

  302. One of the most entertaining videos I’ve watched in a while phly ???

  303. The sad part about this it’s all true

  304. Hey hey hey! I know that street in the the video… Let the stalking

  305. This is why I prefer planes xD

  306. EDGE YO LAWN.

    …Uhhh…any minute now…any minute now and we’ll all be dead just you
    wait. …Uhhh ok actually lets just calmly saunter away”

  308. Yes Phly, you’re mlg enough :’)

  309. You made me want chips

  310. lol going outside, mowing the lawn, and coming back in sweating bullets.
    Bitch, i got 2 feet of snow outside my door.

  311. This has to be Phly’s greatest video ever!!!!! Again…..thx bro. Laughed
    my azz off :)

  312. 5/7 would tank again

  313. Red and white in the same machine? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? D=

  314. How about german manus tank or soviet kv1 .

  315. This Video is so great i like it very much :D

  316. Is this the Dev server? Because when I play it says that the full release
    is not out yet.

  317. Is phly getting ready for an mlg tournament??

  318. That was hilarious, thank you! xD

  319. i havve cancre

  320. What kinda serial killer type of person puts their clothes in the washer,
    then soap on top, and then the water last? Jesus christ, someone notify
    homeland security! We got ourselves a real life terrorist over here! You
    should probably be on some sort of FBI watch list.

  321. I hate it too….. get killed like shit by one shot after long trip……

  322. do the MA tilda next

  323. hey now i know where fhly lives time to be a stalker. and yes florida is
    still hot this time of year.

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