The Lion – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Lion is a T10 autoreloading medium that makes it's claim as king of World of and here's why!


0:00 The Lion Tank Review
0:27 The weirdest Autoreloader
2:27 The Statistics
9:12 Crew
9:57 Equipment
10:51 Field Mods
12:30 Game 1
20:14 Game 2
32:27 Results
33:06 Conclusion


  1. Hi and thanks QB!!

  2. Morning QB!

  3. So it’s OF-40?

    • From what I understand, the Leone (Lion) tank was supposed to be an Italian version of the Leopard 1 or something along those lines, and I believe that it did eventually lead to the development of the OF-40. I’m not a historian, so I might not be 100% correct.

  4. Nice

  5. op tier 10, realistically only purchasable with real money

    way to go wg

    • Just dont buy it then and stop crying. Wargaming is a company and also has to earn money. You can play the game for free, you can pay to progress faster or you can simply fuck off and do something else. Your choice.

  6. Wg hardworking on that players spend all of their remains from loot boxex

  7. Never use turbo on Lion !!! It’s the biggest mistake you can make. In thin tank you cannot be “there” first, cuz you’ll not be loaded, especially on smaller maps.. better use Hardening/vert stabs, Vents and Sniper Schnitzel device

  8. Talk about timing, just finished watching the last video to see this one popping up

  9. Was waiting for this video all morning 🙂

  10. Money wins!

  11. Random Roblox games

    not much to say really

  12. Quirkybaby

  13. Yay an auto loading OF-40

  14. I’m just not interested in yet another tank I need to spam gold in to be remotely competitive.

  15. Earl Christian Heruela


  16. awesome review! I will just keep playing progetto 65 lol

  17. Put a gun laying drive for aim speed on this and it’s just a leopard but better

  18. Am I the only one looking at this tank thinking it looks a bit underwhelming?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like that the tank they are releasing does not look too great. Just looks like a tank that won’t really cause any issues in terms of balance.

    Let’s all be honest here, I doubt this tank is even close to meta. All the tryhard players who only play meta are not going to be playing this tank over a Leo 1, CS-63 obj 907 and I think the proggeto still looks better then this tank.

    There will be a lot of good players in this tank to mark it but once they do I doubt they will be playing cause its the new go to tank.

    To conclude, I think this tank looks kinda average which I think is a good thing for a premium tank that Wargaming release, not every tank should be the new meta. It is kinda interesting and if people want to spend money to get a tank that is not overpowered then why does anyone care 😀

    P.s I’m gonna get the tank myself. Got 140,000 gold from Christmas boxes and I like Italian autoreloaders so why not 🙂

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