The little scout that could. – LHMTV – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

An intresting LHMTV game!


  1. Im starting to feel better every day, wil do a vlog explaining some changes and things in a couple of days hopefully! <3

  2. Hey Circon, where in The Netherlands are you moving? Because i live in Arnhem 😀

  3. Love Hate Music Television

  4. So, that comment about stopping the tank to help extinguishing the fire … Where did you get that from? I can’t google anything about such thing. Any pointers?

  5. This light is so much better than the previous tier, with the gun actually being effective – not some low pen low dmg ‘doorknocker’.

  6. This is a Hoes Mad type of replay

  7. it must have been isolated at home Circon 🙂

  8. When the marathon is over – there where the REAL hunt for Bourrasque starts.

  9. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you feel better soon. 😉

  10. I am still stuck in the Setter….just can’t make myself grind through it knowing how shit the tier 8 and 9 are

    • Idk why but I really enjoyed maxed out Setter, lhmtv on the other hand pisses me off in every game I’m playing with it (mostly because of the gun inaccuracy).

  11. Now that I watched gameplay on this tech tree it really makes me hate the wheelies. Is the tech tree gonna be reworked? I find it really unfair that its got more alpha and like twice the speed. They take like 3 shots to de track on top of being super small. I can see why the wheeled cars get so much hate they dont belong in a game like WoT I say they belong in the warthunder… Not to mention it carries more ammo than this garbage tree xD

    • they need to take the wheelie HE and give it to this line honestly. Give the wheelies the actual shit dpm they are supposed to have and the alpha these tanks were supposed to have.

  12. Is this tank having smth like 1300 dpm???

  13. See, EBR truning speed isn’t op! You can see at 4:12 that this tank can turn just as fast.

  14. Wait so if you want to take minimal damage from a fire then you should stop the tank? Dang I didn’t know that lol.

  15. Where are the highlights drrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  16. Whats wrong, circorona?

  17. Funky filter you got over your face there.

  18. oh c’mon i can’t stand it no more!! what does the subscribe voice says : ” i would give good money to see circonflexes ./§/§§/./§. WHAT ARE THE LAST WORDS OF THE SENTENCE? JESUS PLZ.

  19. Gotta love how a LHMTV did more damage than a Waffentrager and a SU-130 PM combined. :^)

  20. LHMTV… That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it. Money for nothing and your chicks for free.

  21. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Does Circon has his own discord by any chance ?

  22. Anyone else at around 5-7mins in it would be “noob” “l2p, uninstall, report the scout” being a light tank in any game especialy 6-8 tiers is toxic, if you move foward and they dont shoot you die, if you wait for them to kill anyone you have lit up, they scream your not doing your job.

  23. LHMTV souns like a Tv station for boomers

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