The long CON

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Gotta love them Malinovka games..


  1. love the youtube vids – keep em coming

  2. Big thinkus maximus

    Uno grande el bruh

  3. Is that a French title?

  4. Heey dude, I really like watching your videos and streams but you can tell you’re getting bored of this game. Or, at least a fatigued from playing so much. I know it happened to me after playing it for too long without breaks. Which you always do! Take a small break man, play some other games, relax for a bit, do some chat livestreams, I’m pretty sure all of your followers would understand AND love the change too!!! I just hope you’re alright man, in case anything I just said is way off, sorry. I just want you to know we’re watching for you, not what you’re playing!

    • I would love to see Circonflexes play something like half life Alex or black mesa

    • Oh its actually quite the opposite, have been enjoying wot for the last 4 weeks a lot more then usual, even (almost) playing off stream and as for other games, i stream other games all teh time and you sugesting it shows how little you watch that other content : )

    • Lmao Circon replied 10 seconds ago and his reply already has 10 likes Idk why but that’s hilarious.

    • @Circonflexes he must not tune into twitch. ive been watching your streams the past month and not only have you expressed the enjoyment that youve been getting out of tanks, youre also streaming multiple other games. youtube comments always miss what happens on twitch

    • Tbh, I’ve not seen any other game content from circon in my feed and I’ve been a subscriber for years now… YouTube must filter that stuff out. Rarely have time to watch a stream, too busy playing lol.

  5. where this skin you using is from

  6. That camo tho 😏

  7. lmao somehow people still remember this tank

  8. Keep you balls shaved. It’s common courtesy

  9. I bet that Steyr normally plays arty….

    • The Steyr prototype was an SPG though. There are photos of it with serious gun elevation.
      But, since it can’t function as arta in the game, you still have to get it into a position to do more than two shots worth of damage. That guy did not.

    • @Stark Raven I’ve done a bit of googling, looks like it was intended to be an anti-tank role.

  10. I bet the T49 was afk for most of the game 🙂

  11. ive noticed lately that people seem to hate on the t49 if they use the derp gun, and i dont know why

  12. Loving the WZ-120. Lucky had the 300,000 free exp for equipment so I didn’t had to grind it. Tank has everything except the ability to put the gun down.

    Tier 9 mediums are really where it’s at in the game rn.

    • WZ-120 is the worst of the tier IX mediums atm tho it has really bad gun handling it will troll you alot back in 2015-2016 it was godlike

    • Silver Torpedo or you play it like the brawler it’s supposed to be. Great base pen and phenomenal gold pen. The gun handling isn’t ‘that’ bad. I really recommend giving it another try. It’s great in this hull down and brawling meta as long as you can find a flat spot. (It’s easier since WG flattened all the maps in 1.0)

    • @Zeb 1904 yeah but in the old days you could create your own gun depression by wedging your tank up rocks and terrain but now-a-days you slip right off or start to turn uncontrolable

    • Lol wz 120 is shit, might asw well play the wz 11111114

    • WZ isn’t the worst (back in the days it’s the tank to go when I want a soviet meds with alpha which also doesn’t need to spam gold too much) but it’s definitely could use some buff now

  13. Oh god, this tank

  14. Man u gotta play this with the 122

  15. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    The long con, that’s how Circon calls his Fleischspeitsche.

  16. Syahareen Sha Rani

    He makes it look easy

  17. Not gonna lie, as much of a piece of shit this tank is, i had a decent amount of fun grinding the WZ120 in it by doing exactly what you mentioned in the video just by getting ahead and spotting. Usually I’d rush forward and post up on a ridgeline and even if my shitty gub depression was too shit to hit anything, I’d just light the enemies up and bounce everything off my turret

  18. That E 75 TS looks like such an abomination

  19. Holy fuck someone besides me uses the 100mm. I just couldn’t stand the abysmal accuracy and gun handling on the 122. Sure, the alpha hit is nice, but that’s only if it actually connects and penetrates.

  20. once u hear him breathing u cant unhear it

  21. That was even less exciting to watch than his excoriation of the clickers in the M44’s. Way to not engage, Circon.

  22. Barracks is crammed with premium rental crews and Twitch Prime commanders

  23. my crews are all dogshit like most of them have only one skill and my best one has 5

  24. I have learned so much over the years from watching you play Circon. Thanks mate 😁

  25. It’s not that heavy tanks are irrelevant in bad match making, heavy tanks are irrelevant in +2/-2 mm when they are bottom tier.

  26. Long con, more like “muh team did it all, but i lived.”

  27. You say you can’t spot in a heavy, but didn’t you just share a video of you spotting mid in a VK?

  28. What about a 100k penalty for drowning… I think that would bankrupt arty players

    • What if you accidentally drown?

    • When I am in his situation at the end of the battle (when I’m in like 1vs too many tanks), I usually give my ass to enemies so they can farm me and my team don’t have to wait too long for me to die

  29. Alunita Inghinala

    It T-34-2 Prince’s tank? I mean that is a lot of purple.

  30. Boy, you guys could have really used a scout.

  31. Judging by the title, I was half expecting a game in the Conway.

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