The Long Forgotten KING – Tiger II (10.5 cm) – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The long forgotten Tiger II with a .5 cm that (Almost) destroys everything in a single hit!

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  1. So sad there’s no more tiger 10.5 on gaijin Market😭😭😭

  2. It could be sold as a non-premium tank, I’d buy it for $40.

    There does need to be a separation between World War II tanks and Cold War tanks. I know life isn’t fair, but a tiger too isn’t going to face a type 59.

  3. Im so pissed that Im one of the first people that played GF, way back than in closed beta and I didnt have the Panther 2 and F341… but i got the 10.5 and Maus 🙂

  4. Lesson nr. 1: Allways carry some HE rounds. (Eland, SU-100P and their friends…)

  5. neeraj khandekar

    man that big ass forehead! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love your content tho 😆💯

  6. yo where’s the beard 😂

  7. That Tiger that doens’t suffer in uptiers.

  8. i have good winrate in this vehicle in Sim battle

  9. You should play the comet or the challenger. 2 great apds tanks at 5.3/5.7

  10. Beardless Justin hits Different Tho 😌😌😌

  11. I believe this tank will make a come back eventually but it could also not but for me I have hopes

  12. Su-100P

  13. i think there is a reason that they have not put the 105, panther 2 and flakpanzer 341 is that they never existed as a full tank and the 105 and panther 2 could not exist in the real world as they are modeled in game

  14. Louie George Destreza

    Is it just me or is the commander’s cupola and gunner sights on the wrong side of the turret? I’ve heard from a war thunder forum that the gunner and commander sits on the right side of the turret and the 2 loaders sits on the left, overall same crew position on U.S tanks. If we can’t have it, at least remodel the cupola, gaijin

  15. tbh i rather have hull break than overpressure when in my tank with decent armor all of my crew dies with i get hit on the strongest bit of armor by a APHE round without it even penetrating the tank lmao

  16. Not forgotten people just don’t have it

  17. Justin keep the beard

  18. I love how much better the mat’s guns used to sound from the 2020 clip

  19. The ZSU-57-2’s hull, despite looking an awful lot like a T-55 hull, can be penetrated frontally by .50 cals

  20. Low tiers are where stuff is mostly well balanced. My favorite is the 5.7 and my Panther A and G and even bringing the Pz. IV/70 since it has the same gun and weirdly, many players dont know how to kill it and frontally the transmission just souks damage

    • The 5.7 Panthers, especially the A and G, are NOT balanced. Nothing has infuriated me more than facing them with the T-34-85, IS-2, M4 Sherman (76), T20, T25, and even the M26, constantly getting screwed over by their volumetric mantlets that absorb shots they have no business stopping. The only saving grace of facing Germany at that BR is incompetent German players, assuming you get matched against them/their undertiered tanks don’t BS their way through the match.

  21. just for shits and gigs / proving that gaijin hates Britain / raising awareness to get it fixed, please can you do a stock vehicle challenge on one of or a line up of the challenger series, (preferably black night or the 2F/TES) but up to you, keep up the good work

  22. You should try the T-32E1 at 7.7 heat and Russian APDSFS is about all you need to worry about from the front

  23. jesse van der sluijs

    The barrel isnt that big right? Right guys🥲

  24. I love that gun so much. I prefer the 105 over the 88 honestly.

  25. Maybe take out a German spg? Like the pz4/70, Jadgpanther, or jagdtiger? German spgs require a highly unique play style and they are very fun once you learn what that play style is and are currently my go to vehicle when i want to clutch a game

  26. Eimantas Vitkauskas

    good vidijo

  27. Fun fact tiger 105 is E75 and panther 2 is E50 (yes it has different hull )

  28. My lineup is the Sla.16, Panther 2, Tiger 2 H, Tiger 2 105, and the Flakpanzer 341.

  29. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    I still absolutely hate Gaijin for not letting people get these vehicles anymore :*(

  30. The game had barrel collision in the very beginning of tank’s.

  31. How about a beginners guide to the Swedish tech tree, whats good and whats bad, I haven’t found one so currently going in blind.

  32. 0:56 this game may claim its very realistic but its far from that

  33. no justin, coelian is not bad xD. it has less pen than kugel but it has aphe not ap and it has no reload at all.

  34. Up tiers are theft

  35. please Updated video on the tiger HAD

  36. I have this tank. But I would trade it in a heartbeat for the Pak Puma.

  37. I feel like I’m the only one that remembers a time in ground battles where barrel collision was actually a thing(if I remember correctly it was only realistic and sim), that or I’m remembering incorrectly, I may be wrong, but it was YEARS ago when ground vehicles were first introduced

  38. I have all those 3 removed vehicles and I would argue do NOT get it. Why? 14 000 silver rep cost.

  39. CaptainFactoid386

    The ZSU-57-2 actually has much reduced hull armor compared to the T54

  40. More mid/low tier stuff! Please!

  41. Really Wish this thing doesn’t cost 14k just to repair

  42. Justin: “What was THAT?!?!”

    Me: “Justice served on 2S6.”

  43. Tiger 2 105, Tiger 2 SLA, Panther 2, Coelian, Arado B2 and Lekpz M41, hell of a lineup

  44. Long live the king!

  45. 10.5 version turret is kinda buggy. Its weak spot is much smaller and seems weird? I shot it on the perfect spot with T-54 1951 and round just bounced not once but twice?
    And 10.5 can go through turret of T-54 1951 too… And its 6.7 unlike normal tiger ll H

  46. Beardless Justin makes me uncomfortable

  47. Love this tank, hate the repair cost though.

  48. playing tiger ii 105 every day 7.3 is my favorite, then 7.7; 6.7 I hate the most and prefer not to use this tank.
    This along with jpz45(team slaughter), panther ii (clutcher), Jagdtiger (tank), Kugelblitz(assist + air control) and fw190 F8(assassin)
    unless you met those 7.7 built for downtier only (strv 103), you will have good time

  49. I don’t play the 10,5cm Tigor II because it has a 15K SL repair cost :/

  50. Play the AMX 50 Foch

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