The Long Game – Sherman VC Firefly – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The new matchmaking is here! https://discord./vnVP5FK


  1. yay finally caught a circon video as soon as it uploaded 🙂

  2. I just realised, look at the line up of tanks in both teams. So much for that ”variety is gone if +2/-2 goes away” argument. (Was not just this battle of course 😉 )

    • Pfft, it’s literally unplayable

    • But Circon you can’t look up to the bigger tanks that rape you if your teammates are bad

    • These same tier mm games are of benefit to players with skill and some understanding of the core mechanics. Plus you don’t get boned as hard if you have a team full of potatoes as the vehicle you’re playing is on par with the tanks on the other team (there are exceptions of course the 34-85m is super strong against other tier 6s). The new match maker seems to be working pretty well on NA, I’m not perpetually -2 when playing tier 6s and tier 8s. I’ve never really minded -1 matchmaking, as most tanks can find something to do against the enemy top tiers.

    • he was shooting tru the window

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Like the new Intro

  4. The Firefly is great at distance work with a decent crew. Just noticed that I’m the third comment but only one like (mine).

  5. @Circonflexes at 10:42 you got a Grafik Glitch. Looks like your GFX is dying or need new thermal Paste.

  6. Stop playing the VC – your stats in it are insane and I want to mark it. – PipeHugger

  7. Pure brand shitty grind to unite wot players and in the darkness bind them…

  8. Guusieboi de Mafketel

    He could he using a rammer improved aiming and binocs, the t34-85m, quite a few people do it

  9. 85M may well have had a stud 140 crew in it. Also … the Strv was carrying his ass off. You could have let up after your first shot and let him get a TG. But that’s, like, my opinion man.

  10. Gareth Fairclough

    Arty went for a swim!

  11. What’s the difference between the VC Firefly and the normal one? Just a premium tank or does it come with a decent crew like the Cromwell B?

  12. I understood that “that fuckin shell went hard white”, awkwardo for a second there.

  13. spot-mechs. – fuckedup , same as RNG (RUS)

    • Yeah, Russian camo ratings beat out almost every ones spotting ranges, or at least negate any significant advantage you might have otherwise. Very “balanced” Tovarish, lol.

  14. Come to Circons channel to find out what not to try and Mark this week…lol GG with the VC

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Fantastic, like ever.

  16. Good job to your Strv buddy following you around and shooting the tanks you spot.

  17. Hey man, why didn’t you go to the NW sooner, when you were near your camp circle ? Then there was just one damaged T-34. ? You could have saved your Artie and seen the upcoming enemy tanks through the west. ?!?? No blame meant.

  18. Did anyone notice a rise in arty in tier IX and X lately?
    I mean, 3 arty games where so rare at those tiers, and now it’s half the games.

  19. who the fuck fires full gold in a top tier 85M

  20. Balc0ra's Gaming

    10:56 And that’s just it. Equal tier games are fun on low and mid tiers. Fucking awful on high tiers for most tanks. Tier 9 mostly works. But 8 and X? Balance is way off for that to work. The worst example is the IS-6 in a pure tier 8 game HT lane vs the common targets there. 186 pen vs VK 100.01, Defenders, Patriots etc. As most of them have more effective lower plate armor than even the T-10 that is a common sight on tier 9. But on the other had my Progetto has had more fun of late.

  21. This is why the Fireflies are the best tier 6 TDs

  22. what is the best strat to get the third mark on the su12244? Is there a certain playstyle I should aim for?

  23. Typical world of turds

  24. Obvious Obviously

    Could not agree more about the matchmaking being single tier spread. At least you will know that the game is balanced based on vehicle tier so the game is more skill based instead of being plowed over in your T6 heavy by idiots driving Defenders.

  25. This is how WoT “Should” be. I’d probably play it more again. Used to play for hours every day, just cant bring myself to play more than 2-3 games in a row anymore with all the OP Objects, premiums and the crappy MM.

  26. got to love seal clubing.

  27. Same tier MM has made me enjoy tier 8 again. And I dusted off my KV-1 too!


  29. Double Double 4G

    Ivan: ‘Da, T-34-85M is pretty-good tier 6 Heavy Tenk, is totally not broken, we should put in loot crate on Christmas.’
    Yuri: ‘Excellent idea, comerade! IGOR! More wodka!’

  30. Firefly, made to counter German cats, in this game bounce bounce bounce on Nippon steel tiger.

  31. Kelly Constenius

    Hilarious. Akkk why did I not hit that cupola at super long range? Akkk how did that 85m out spot me? Fun to watch, but boy do you live in a different world than the rest of us mortals.

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