The Lost WTF E-100 Back as FOCH B? | World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B Field Modification Update 1.14

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World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B, New Auf. E-100? World of Tanks Field Modification in Update 1.14 Patch Review – Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, Premium Tank Rebalance, New Map Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Artillery Mission Changes and More!

Official Update 1.14 Patch Notes Article:

This time I am not on the Sandbox server, but instead on the Update 1.14s test server testing out Field Modification. This is a way how to improve our tanks how we want it, but while losing some other values. This time due to a request, I try to re-make The Legendary Waffentrager Auf E-100 as much as possible.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. I remember – years ago – before the acuracy nerf, when this kind of acuracy was quit normal on a TD…….

    • Fyi i think wot blitz right now kinda have the old wot accuracy and shot rng. It is much easier to hit your target in that game compared to wot pc

  2. Dez, that FV4005 shot was RNG BS…a exit wound in the ass, but no entry hole from the front? I had to look at a few times…still bs🤣🤣🤣

  3. It’s all cool but I still wouldn’t want field modification introduced into the game

    • Me neither not in the current iteration… Benefits of some modifications are way bigger than the drawback, i hope they will balance them better before they release this

  4. EBR 100 with maximum mobility. Would love to see how horrible the already horribly fast tanks can get. Use the thing that boosts engine power and damages the engine as well.

  5. 16:59 Hahahah, great “¡Ayayayayay caramba!” Greetings from Mexico!

  6. Hey Dez I would love to see you compare this with the same tank min-maxed with Crew 2.0…..

  7. Field Modifications still to strong and under the current game and the upcoming crew 2.0 is everything what boost the current tanks is really bad.

  8. Wt auf fochB🤣👌

  9. CosmicDistortion

    I would love to know how the WT auf E100 performs in current games, such a good tank lmao could either be devastatingly bad or devastatingly good

    • I honestly haven’t gotten that tank at all. On either platform.

    • Tank would be dead before it reloads. Would be bad. Be no different than the Foch B to the game. Foch B has armor(kind of) and Camo. WT had better clip and a turret. But next to no camo and well… That turret. They would have similar games specially with the small maps we have now.

    • Very very bad ,to big target without armor , reload time is too long and speed is same shit

  10. Field Modification is credit grab, WG’s way of getting peoppe to play more. As if Equipment 2.0 didn’t cause this to happen already. Especially for those new/fairly new to the game who liked taking advantage of free demounting and mounting of camo, binoc.s and whatever improved hardening/modified configuration replaced. Combination of Field Modification and Crew 2.0 is horrible for newer players. Will be too much of a grind.

  11. Wargaming could give us a chance to play 10 battles in waffentrager

  12. How about de same built in the Foch 155? I think it could be interesting 🤔

  13. Cap’tan Dez Nutz! xd

  14. The Sanity Assassin

    Gnarly Dude =o)

  15. The *concept* of field mods are good, however the buffs and nerfs effects need to be reduced a bit, and they need to balance it for each and every tank.
    Hence I doubt they’ll ever get it right.

    Edit: Oh and I’m not sure about the exp and credit costs.

  16. could u do a build on the most acc artillerty? OR the most accurate German sniper(make a build for the Jpz or JT wth FM, turbo)

  17. Video after video, you’re getting more clickbaity. Do you like getting clickbaited, @DezGamez? Are you ok with your viewers getting clickbaited?

  18. It’s about time to give FV215B some love again Dez

  19. Cesar Villavicencio

    WoT is turning into a mobile game. You know. Where every little thing you do will cost you time or $$$. What’s next gasoline to play your tanks. I feel like they are pinching pennies. It’s not a free game when you (gamer) becomes the product

  20. Field Mod 150k credits lol Go away

  21. never ever dab the 2 key. Dont do it

  22. how much did you spend to trick it out like that?

  23. TehButterflyEffect

    The craziest part of this is the camo. I don’t know of any other armored TD that can sit out in the open and kill tanks without getting spotted. Also, the HE in this one is stupid overpowered. I got killed in three hits by a Foch B while I was in my T110E4. He shot me in the rear 3 times and I was dead. Had full HP.

  24. Just say NO, to CREW2.0

  25. Hey there Dez and community, I’d love to hear your opinion on this:
    What do you think would happen, if Field Modifications AND Crew 2.0 would be in the game together?
    In my opinion setups like this would become even more broken and the problems with field modifications and crew 2.0 would amplify each other..

  26. Field modifications are fine. You can save credits and be flexible. Will not make a tank OP by itself unlike the builds you can do with crazy 2.0.

  27. Love your stuff man keep it up

  28. I wonder what Foch B 155 is capable of with Crew 2.0 now compared to his tech tree’s brother Foch B.

  29. Trung Trần Minh

    super dangerous Foch B!!!

  30. I try to reducate all my tank aim time. For 112, t34, t103, pant 8.8 // m103, wz 111_1-4, 111g ft, obj 705, t110e4, standard b and others. I think the most effective the reducated aim time on 112 and t103 to me. (Cuz most played) But its doin great job with my all tanks. I dont fear to miss the rammer just cuz aim time more important i think.

  31. Pfeiffer István

    How about testing the new Improved Bounty Equipment?? (Improved version of Bounty Equipment) It will come with 1.15 update.

  32. It’s not just the test server that’s been lagging. The live server, EU, has been crap since the last patch,even though the ping is listed s 50ms it felt like 150ms. WG haven’t been feeding the hamsters in the wheel…

  33. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Its a joke the nurf and delete tanks the are two OP butt the holt the 279E its a shit show game now . Butt Nice vids keep up 😉

  34. Ahh the good old intro!

  35. Vytenis Kajackas

    Try to fix Jegeroo or Flipvagen, I have lost all hope on those 2. Once in a blue moon you get a decent game, but all others you are lucky to get 1-2 shots in.

  36. Field modification is gonna break the game, but not as much as crew 2.0

    • People say that every time there’s an update and it’s never the case. I’ve been playing since May 2011 and every major update has people saying “ThIs iS GoiNg tO BrEaK tHe GaMe” and it never does.

      I remember when they implement realistic physics and people were saying it was going to ruin the game; that it was unfair for light tanks because they could now climb into position that no other tanks could. That was about 10 years ago and I doubt most people playing the game now even knew there was a time the game didn’t have physics.

      Same with Equipment 2.0, people saying it’s going to break the game but I guarantee 90% of players would say they don’t want to go back the old equipment system.

  37. Why why does WG want to destroy their Game so much?

  38. New field mods- I simply love it.

  39. Would be nice to see how much credits you lost on each game and the cost of setting the tank up in the first place. I think it might take the shine off al those new features.

    • 10k bonds for equipment
      3 mil and time for max bounty
      5-10 bonds per game for directive
      Around 30k per gold clip
      20k for food
      Large aid and repair gets handed out like candy

      If you make top 3 on winning team then you make 7 bonds per game so depending on directive cost you’re positive there.
      If you run premium account and make your shots count you should average around 150k credits per game, take away 90k for ammo and 20k away for food. That’s still profit in everything.

  40. Omg as TVP 50/51

  41. Day 32 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  42. how many times do you see Manticore in the first minute scouting enemy arty behind their base… how many time do you see enemy arty in the first minute relocating over the half of the map… here 13:36 it is combined, quite funny 😀

  43. stop clickbaiting

  44. WTF E-100 is ONE and ONLY!!! never ever more 😥…remember that…..

  45. Welcome back to an old youtuber witch popularity died long time ago

  46. Adalberto Santana

    Dez, in the 1.14 patch notes, Wargaming is talking about “Improved Movement Physics”. If possible, can you talk about it?
    Awesome video, my friend =)

  47. That ebr in the end, didnt like u at all, never the less u hited all 3

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