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  1. The fuel in the tank of other gasoline powered vehicles are more expensive than your whole vehicle

  2. I had this one, crapt.

  3. when’s custom battle dshk trucks vs an abrams squad

  4. Comrade Славянский игрок 251

    ah yes the 50mm dshka

  5. Still waiting for update release date

  6. Nicholas Fielding

    Yad is the luckiest player of war thunder

  7. The M16 is a pretty good SPAA… this thing is not. I use the quad 7.62mm SPAA at this BR with much better luck at least with taking planes.

  8. Martian Lives Matter

    Pressing the tow rope button can be dangerous mwahaha 😛 I went flying past a dude who put it on and I yanked him into barrel rolls haha. Though I once had one of those light SA vehicles tow boost me into a flank once and we tore shit up.

  9. wholesome 🙂

  10. Oh blessed DSHK, Remover of limbs, Deafener of eardrums.

  11. Was that toilet paper?

    I like how wheeled vehicles in the game have about the same off road capabilities as tracked vehicles.

  12. general montgomery productions

    Great, video your videos are always so fun to watch, I can’t get over just how small that little Italian thing is. But anyway can you play the centurion mk1 it’s an underused tank in my opinion, barely anyone has made a video on it.

  13. Phly is a type of guy that makes math looks easier

  14. 『句冊』Karam D.

    No this is a really good tank i have a game with 11 kills man i really like it


  16. 『句冊』Karam D.

    Day 3 of asking phly to play the khrizentema s again
    Hide behind a bush or an object and keep spamming the radar until u get a lock on a tank then fire and a kill without seeing your enemy

  17. Is that toilet paper LOL

  18. When are they adding the Toyota Hilux to the game

  19. PzII side armour is thicker than even Pz IV… they are designed to take small/medium arms fire from multiple angles, due to how they were used to spearhead the glorious and righteous Blitzkreig.

  20. Phly, I’m still new to WT. What I don’t understand about WT is why are the stock tanks so much worse than the tank you just left. What is the reward with buying a new “better” tank only for it to be way worse. There is no advantage in progressing unless you like banging your head against a wall?

    • DatBoi TheGudBIAS

      dats the philosophy of gaijin, G R I N D.
      in their head, u must grind for days to get a vehicle, and after u get it, it is nerfed with “stock”, so u gotta G R I N D more to make that vehicle as capable as others, gaijin dude said dat free parts and fpe is same as “free abrahams”,they just want to fuk u with grind and pull juicy $$$

    • @DatBoi TheGudBIAS That may be true however it’s also a great way to put people off what appears to be a good game. I’ve done the grind in WOT all the way to tier 10 & they do this as well but the drop isn’t this bad.

  21. Ilyasa Rahmadian

    Hey bro, i hope you add subtitle in the video, like the dollarplesi one🥰

  22. I’m not sure if you’ve covered any of them before, but the Swedish cheese wedge tanks are an absolute blast to play with. Hell, the entire tree is fun as hell to play with. Love the vids!

  23. The only gun louder is swedish milk truck (the 40mm?) one. Most of the 40s are pretty loud to be honest, LVTA4/40 and the French 40mm SPAA are loud AF. Cuts over everything.
    The 20mm puma gun is pretty loud too, louder than the flak38s, different sound sample used.

  24. Omg the tp hahahaha

  25. that was lol

  26. R.I.P Chat Feature, You Will Be Missed (2014-2022)

  27. Pilot66thund37 72

    Day 1 of asking to return to the P-47M-1-RE

  28. Hey phly can you do a follow up on the t114 light tank in the 7.3 premium line

  29. Are those toilet paper rolls by the gunner?

  30. I’m french and this part just made me smile 7:17

  31. Pxrisxo-changing banner soon #Save Ukraine

    Phly can you play Bomber crew again?

  32. Day 94 : Phly out the Arsenal VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the strenght of the wine powered Hispano Suiza V12 👀🇨🇵❤

  33. how do I lock turret position, Its shows the key bind but it doesn’t work. Should I rebind the control?

  34. Hey phly could you please Male a Video with the pz. II c

  35. Commissar Von Voldraxes

    so i just logged into my war thunder account haven’t played in 6 or so years and i realized i can get the panther 2 i just need 300k+ silver lions

  36. Very nice video👍

  37. Please could you do a video on warrior or t26e1-1 I would love that. Keep the content up I love it

  38. “germany at low tier is a littiral war crime.”
    you are playing as russia… who is performing a war crime right now.

  39. Hey Phly please make a video with zis-12 this is really a monster i playing with that on 7.3 and in single match i have 5 kills with it

  40. I was wondering why I was playing against an entire team of these today

  41. Alert Alert,,Alarm,, they everywhere and i Have only toiletpaper and pew,pew,pew 😁😂

  42. I wish the game had an African tree with some technicals in it. Dakka

  43. Slaposaurus Flex

    What purpose does the toilet paper have in this case?!

  44. Are you part of a cavalry regiment? Look at your gunner! He has legs the shape of a horse belly! Hillarious! 😀

  45. call of duty moments

    in real life the dhsk gun shoots a 12.7x108mm why the 50 cal or 50 bmg is a 12.7x99mm

  46. 12:03 kinda weird you had ammo after he shot you, but they dissapeared as you began shooting

  47. Play with Yad in the next video, plss

  48. 0:43 Live footage from Ukraine. Russian technical encounters problems as it retreats.

  49. next 100% discovered CHEATER aimbot 100% in replay clear!!!: =Gala= Be_perfunctory wnking sht pos bstrd cheating ahole 100%

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