The Lower Tier Experience – P43 ITA Tier 5 !

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. BTW i saw this game live after this one i got a taste for the italians Spagetto 65

  2. Wow riveting, I lived that game with you. Great Video.

  3. I like assault missions, Its 50% less time watching my team fail after my tier 8 has just been annihilated by tier 10s and concentrated on by 3 arty from the start.

  4. Remember the wild west game deaden sound……

  5. Did you call the P43 the T43 in the title on purpose or did you goofed

  6. Is it just me or does anyone hate the low caliber (75mm) gun sound?

  7. Michael Cartwright

    In the last few seconds there I was like “OMG! No way! He’s actually going to fo this!”… Annnd arty nukes circon 2 seconds later -.-

    Good try man. Really good game.

  8. Omg your so bad tier 5 loss, you think this is youtube worthy? Get good scrub.

    Lol jokes a sides that got intense at the end? gg

  9. not bad for a new player

  10. this tank is great when top tier, borderline OP, just lacks some mobilty

  11. Heartbreaker!

  12. 5:00 – For those asking for Circon’s theme it’s called: “A Show Of Blood” by Cliff Lin. Amazing ringtone and intro song! 😉


  13. Fantastic game, with such shitty tank (and I’m italian actually)

  14. The Alternative Hypothesis

    What do you call it when you do more damage than the rest of your side combined?

  15. So glad you posted this!

  16. This is so epic, so epic battle.

  17. Seal clubbing with a jack hammer… wish u had xvm on to show the disparity between Circon n the rest

  18. “Is it youtube worthy” Oh yeah boii

  19. There’s a 2.0? Holy crap!!! tells me the last time I played.

  20. #ArtyPreventsCamping

  21. Chandler Kristoff

    Next P.44 Pantera maybe? 🙂

  22. Matthew Vandermeer

    Tbh goldspamming the HE gun with high pen HE might be a good option I don’t think I even bothered with ap on the tier 4 and 5

  23. The lower tier experience: gold-spamming stat padders
    Higher tier experience: gold spamming try-hards

  24. Jingles! Lol

  25. Never have a gun made me say “Where the hell did that one go?!” more often than this gun has. I really hated this tank.

  26. 10 kills is so unreliable, it’s better to kill 15 every time.

  27. Ran out of luck

  28. The Senate of the Galactic Republic

    Fucking artillery ruining every fun game.

  29. That was very entertaining. Fuck the haters.

  30. You meant seal clubbing oh ok 😀

  31. What is that MoE mod? i cant find it on the internet.

  32. Always YouTube worthy, you know entertainment value !!

  33. Awesome job man!!!!

  34. Hilarious! 10 kills for a loss! What a giggle!

  35. Is the secret to being good not pushing too far? How does good

  36. At least he killed the T67 – those are almost as good as arty and IKEA kills 😉

    • Killing T67 is always satisfying. In my Tier 5 derp tanks (Pz IV H, Sherman) as well as in my Lefh18B2 the tank i killed the most is the T67

  37. Shelby Zachary Taylor

    Sixty percent of the time, the P43 gets matchmaking like this…every time! #sexpanther

  38. I’m surprised Circon runs the top gun on this tank. Most people I’ve seen playing it run the second gun because it keeps the high pen HE rounds.

  39. well done

  40. and what the actual f*** did the rest of your team do…? jesus…

  41. come on, artillery… oh, no, not you, mine… :))))) pure gold

  42. Lol, tough at low tiers too.

  43. clearly camping

  44. Cant wait till Jingles gets this replay!

  45. snowisthebestweather

    How does your team have a Hetzer and an O-I Exp that deal 0 damage, and a Lefh that only does 151 in a tier 5 game?

  46. Why put up videos on the channel where Circon does not even try to win 😉 After all all he needed was 12 kills 🙂

  47. Bloody well sharp shooting Circon !

  48. I was hoping for the win, unlucky!

  49. great game circon

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