The Luckiest & Craziest 225+ Loot Box Opening Ever! | World of Tanks Christmas Boxes 2019 / 2020

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020, Opening 200+ Holiday Ops Loot Boxes. New Premium Tanks – E-75 TS, Object 703 II and More. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2019 Luckiest Loot Box Opening.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps channel out!

Last year I was unluckiest CC to open all the boxes… In my first opening vs Skill4LTU this year, I also lost.
But now, when I decided to stream my 225+ box opening live, together with many beautiful people, my luck seems to be turned around, 180 degrees.
What you are about to see is crazy and luckiest opening I have ever done.

Loot box Content,Full list premium tanks:
1. Object 703 Version II (Double-Barreled)
2. E 75 TS
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46
4. SU-130PM
5. Sherman VC Firefly
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
7. Sexton I
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On top that, many new special 3D styles for some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. So, after spending 200€ at first on my own boxes, this is what happened with the WG boxes. BIAS confirmed? 😀
    Anyway, hope you had an awesome weekend, you beautiful people! Much Love and good luck in another event!

  2. Username: K0DOS
    Server: EU
    2019 was a pretty good year

  3. Username: AcesShpexx
    Too poor to buy boxes 🙁

  4. Can you move that volume to an appropriate number so I can sleep tonight please.

  5. User name aznat davies46
    EU server
    2019 was a good year for me I had a bad car crash and got told I’d never walk again but now here I am near the end of the year walking and even have a baby on the way witch I got told will never happen as the old chap wont work no more so 2020 is going to be even better I have my daughter to help me get through it all and she might turn out to be a better player than me even though I have so much time on my hands and spend hours on wot it got me through a tough time

  6. Username: thelight83
    Server: EU
    This year, the bonuses of WoT are crazy good. Bonus for credits, XP and a ton of blueprints for your favourite tanks. GREAT!

  7. Username: Sir_Tanken
    Server: NA
    2019 was a good year, i finally got the Obj 279 E.

  8. Username: SunK1sS
    Server: EU
    I’ve bought 25 boxes and got 15 days of prem and 9k gold.. So I think i’m the one.. the unluckiest one…

  9. Username: OFF5PRING
    Server: EU

    Marry Dezmas everyon!! <3 🙂

  10. Right now 2001 comments (who wants to win) but only 1350 Likes? Get serious guys!
    Last Christmas… I had all the luck: 3 tier 8 (IS-3A, Defender, Skorpion G) and an Imp for 20 €.
    This Christmas… no luck at all beside the Firefly.
    … that´s RNG for you 😉
    Gunny_Swagger, EU

  11. Username: igy100
    2019 was good year

  12. Username: Superted83
    Server: EU

    2019 on a personal level was a great year. New house and my son started school. As for WoT I just got back into it late 2019, so there is a bit of catching up needed.

  13. name: sQrczybyQ
    server: eu

    Merry Dezmas!

  14. 2019 was quite good year, not the Best, not the worst.
    Server: EU
    Nickname: ado7killer

  15. Username: Strasnomlath, EU server
    gratz, u did it, I opened 150 boxes and I get only obj 703 II after I opened almost all, bad luck for me this year

  16. User:EaglJr

    Thank you for great content.

  17. wow thats crazy dez !
    username: grinisagi
    Server: eu
    Would love to try that double barrel myself 😀
    Would even give 11K gold for it :p

  18. DonkieHodie
    Server: NA
    Hoping 2020 is better

  19. Merry dezmas!

  20. I wish I have your luck Dez
    Server: EU
    Nickname: Bertone_BG

  21. Username: spacegoatmf
    Server: EU
    2019 was a quite good year for me

  22. Username: MaCaoBre
    Server: Eu

    Congtrats on the unboxing bro and Merry Dezmas!!!

  23. Username: Su1c1deSquad
    Server: EU
    2019 is actually good year for me, i love it. Merry Xmas Dez

  24. Wow u a lucky boi


  25. Username:Togs_Of_War
    2019 overall was a good year, but it’s never all sunshine and rainbows.

  26. Žygimantas Petryla

    Merry Dezcristmas 😀 i am fee to play player. Over 7 years I spent most likely about 50-70€. And this year got from a friend 3 boxes and got just gold 🙁

  27. Username: LookashCZ
    Server: EU
    2019 = 6/10, counting golds was OK, counting tier VIII the year was very poor, only one tier 8 E75Ts, lowest tiers all of them. Opened 111 boxes this year.

  28. EU server, szoszo77 is the username.
    11 boxes omg sounds so good im f2p so if i get it then i’ll be the guy in the world

  29. I am just happy about you finally getting the 703 II. Congratz dez !

  30. Happy upcoming 2020 year everybody

  31. The most unlucky, and the most lucky guy at the same time. Enjoy your new 703 II 😉
    Username: 183mm_of_happiness
    Server: EU
    2019 has been an all rounded good year, new job, moved to another country, can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer!

  32. Server: NA. Username: Kagton
    Awesome to see your luck do an about face. Merry Christmas

  33. user: cireoj07
    server: sea
    merrry dezmas to all ??
    more power DEZGAME

  34. name: vroland1996

  35. at my age every day you wake up is good so a full year is great … deanwooddeano eu

  36. name: vroland1996
    hard year for me at university, but started playing wot again after a long time.

  37. 2019 was full of hardships for me aand a lot of us i think so lets start 2020 with a fresh start

  38. Username: Satanic79
    Server: EU

    This year was not that good as the others whats in the boxes, and its hard to get the whole collection 🙁 but hey no complain!

  39. Shitty year for me. I hope everybody will have nice 2020. Good luck. EU, 4u2b3

  40. User: SirWyx
    Server: EU
    2019 was a good year all in all. Related to wot I got a few new tanks plus the new double trouble barrel. Wish you all a better 2020


    Nickname: GoldNoobMaster_
    Server: EU

  42. I’m happy for you Dez 🙂
    Don’t want the boxes 🙂

  43. Username: Troll4Fun08
    Server: EU
    Answer: 2019 Was a good year, improved my playstile, researched many new tanks. Only bad thing is, I gave wg to much money.

  44. Username: KingBoberoCZ
    Server: EU

    I bought 20 boxes and I had double barelled tank and E75 TS. I love Christmas time!

  45. 2019. was good at some point, at something, i upgraded my wot acc, i am doing good at college, job is kinda good, could be better. Overall, 7.8/10.. ROSU EU

  46. These boxes are rigged for content creators, all creators get everything and the avg Joe blow gets FUCKALL. Oh no i payed $100 for a Tier 10 xmas tree.

  47. Hey Dez, how much cash do you think WG make from all these boxes?
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU

  48. DAMN ! so many gold !!!!! you are so lucky premium acc, credits and gold just lucky as fuck !! GG

  49. Username: Vgerman
    Server: EU
    I might have some free time this dezmas to play wot if I pass some exams :)))

  50. U: Onu_Heino
    S: EU
    Häppy DezMas/Tankmas everyone!!!

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