The M22 Locust

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

We asked streamers about their favourite in War Thunder.
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  1. Totally agree with you, I do same sometimes, I have a long time in 7.3 killing Leopard I that where camping with the Locust… So totally agree, no matter what BR, always funny…

  2. God mode is 20k btw. Not 30k

  3. You and I have different definitions of the term ‘viable.”

  4. i do the same with the daimler, it looks so damn goofy

  5. I do the same with the m18

  6. Weird when I was killing something from higher br i was getting max 5k and there was an achievement like David kills Goliath or something like that, probably got the name wrong

  7. M22 will match with Wiesel 1A2

  8. I ran a top teir match one time and engaged in 3 enemy locusts. I deleted them from existence, mainly cause they were annoying the shit out of me.

  9. I tried to protect an L3 33cc like a vip a couple days ago

    A plane shot him :/

  10. Lol thsi video made it on google you the recommendation when you search up M22 locust war thunder

  11. today at 7.7 i had a m22 on my team that got pushed by friendlies at spawn, once he got free he started shooting at me. what did i do to him

  12. Mako Reizei beach day pic

    M22 locust is the only american light tank bias for high BR

  13. unfunny, easy first kill because all you need is an inkling of a braincell to see it coming and occasionally the victim of friendly fire

  14. m22 is the oldest tank in 11.0 🙂

  15. I make that all the time with the L3/33CC


  17. I once killed a t80 with the locust and a Leo 2a7 with one shot

  18. Conscious Lasagne

    Asu 57 better imo


  20. I protect the child

  21. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    that is not how tanks are made

  22. Su122 Is also decent for the godmode badge or the zis30/su57, for any ruski memeworthy players out there


  24. Locust might be fun
    But L3 would always be the one

  25. FlugabwehrraketensystemRoland auf Radkraftfahrzeug

    Untill some salty person in a Mig27 hits you with a missle from orbit

  26. dont forget, its so small that the enemy team wont even expect it, so you can hide in a bush to contest the point or they’ll think youre a car and wont see you

  27. Fun fact: you watched this because of the 18+ sign on the thumbnail

  28. Very small and agile, poor turret rotation sadly

  29. As long as you spawn in again with a higher BR and helps ur team ofc..

  30. True chad take the strv m38 so you can actually kill MBTS lmao

  31. I do this all the time XD

  32. I get protected from my teammates and protected by the enemy

  33. 💖Bingusmylove💖


  34. I love taking my HE 100D-1 to jet fights lol, that thing was built for racing I swear to God… and absolutely DOMINATES on jets in turns… tho it’d slower by about 25-30 percent of the faster Americans jets n Russians… if you ain’t facing missiles… they get a nuisance on there ass peppering em till they go down or a tm8 comes to curb stomp there crippled plane lol

  35. It can also act as a medic, if a tanks needs to repair, you are small and sneaky, so you can help them repair

  36. The locust is the best mbt

  37. Sometimes ppl Bully m22 or locust

  38. I am now taking the locust into the highest br game possible

  39. politically inaccurate toaster

    Yeah but I’m tryna grind, not meme

    Plus every m22 at top tier spawns in, gets 1 critical hit, and then leaves, making the team one player short

  40. just a waste of space, could be a top tier in your spot actually helping the team

  41. I play M22 with at 6.0 and made the mistake of activating tow. Majority of my team attached that we glitched so badly we flew into the air

  42. Using M22 at high br is fun until KA-50 launch missile at you

  43. Данил Диванний боець

    It gives you only 20k if you not p2w actually

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